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My friend noticed that I have some excema on my right hand. He said that I should try peeing on my hand. Does?
this work? I know on the discovery channel you should from a jelly fish sting but what about this? Or is my friend being weird.

Big Dev

It will actually cure it completely.

Phil McGroin
of course I od it all the time

Harold IV
Hahaha no. Talk to your doctor about getting some topical steroids for that. Urinating on it might irritate your already sore skin more. Your friend is funny though.

Run Fast, Run Hard
I've never heard of that as a solution. Your probably better off going to the doctor to get a medicated ointment.

NO that does not help See a determotoligist and get some medicine before it turns into psoriasis.

People here want you to pee on your hand so they can laugh..it does not work.

eww...that sounds really gross, I have never heard of that.

I doubt peeing on your hand would do any good. There is something though in pee that is good for disinfecting a sore, like if you are on a hike or something.

I have always had problems with my hands. For me it
is too much water, harsh (everyday) liquid hand soaps, and of course chemicals. I have to wear gloves when cleaning house and washing dishes, and when I don't I pay for it.
Most lotions don't even help, they might temporarily but not not for long.
Vaseline is soothing at night with cotton gloves or socks but it doesn't cure the problem for me.
I'm suffering from it right now thanks to the added problem of a dry winter (high humidity in summer is my friend) and I have been trying new things and searching on the internet. I would suggest that you do a search and look up olive oil (liquid) soap. In the future I am am going to look into buying some. Right now I started rubbing olive oil on my hands every single time I washed them. Rub it on and then rinse the excess off. I could see improvement in one day.
Another thing to do is exfoliate with olive oil (I even used liquid lecithin a couple times) and either table salt or sugar and rinse.

Another good thing: soak in a warm bath with either olive oil or baby oil.
Also do a search on vinegar. I did this moning and several sights say to put some in your bath water. I am going to try that. Maybe the two together would be good.
I hope I helped you some. I am tired of having sore cracked hands myself.

I included a few links for you to look at for starters but I suggest that you look up vinegar, honey and olive oil for dry cracked hands.

E45 Cream.
This does work but only if you keep it on for a few hours or so.
Instead of drying with a towell, Slightly dab it.

Do this once a day for about a week and your excema should heal and be less irritating.

Have a nice day and don't pee on your hand silly!

John D
yeah i got eczema that sounds pretty retarded generally if its open wounds (all red and blotchy) you want to keep chemicals lik soaps and piss away from it hah i think he is trying to put you in pain
id reccomend e45 if it gets bad its a cream that basically stops it getting flaky and itchy

Emma F
you could try it but it probably wont work. you do know that they have special lotions and stuff for that, right?

It's a silly idea. Try herbal remedies from serenaskin.com, it's natural. I used ointment and spray on my skin and now take anti-eczema extract to prevent flare-ups. It works very well for me. My skin stays clean for more than 9 mo now.

never heard of that, doubt it would work

Don't bother with that. Go to the dollar store or Walmart and buy a tube of cortisone cream 1%. It will cost about $2 and work much better for your eczema than peeing on it. And jelly fish stings are much better cured with some vinegar poured over them. Always take a small bottle to the beach with you just in case.

I have excema or however you spell it and i will tell you that urea will only dry it out. Try cortisone cream or e45

I also doubt this would work. My son had eczema when he was a baby and we used Aquaphor or Eucerin lotion. HTH

Also sometimes it will flare up due to certain things you eat so you may want to keep an eye on it and see if eating certain foods seems to make it worse.

go 2 the doctor and they will give you some skin cream. you have to do it fast because if you don't take care of it early ,it will get worst.

back in the days older people say that pee helps clear acne and excema.i'm from the pld school myself and those things do work.

Shop Addict
Your friend is very weird. The acid in the urine WILL make it worse. Don't listen to her/him..

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