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Jeremy P
It feels like bugs are crawling and biting my skin?
Hey people

I'm 13 and I've been feeling like bugs are crawling on me and they aren't. I've been getting rashes and bumps in some places of my body.

This all happened after an infestation of small black ants came into my house and I think I am allergic I'm not sure

my answer is that u probly shouldnt be shooting up herion at the age of 13. because what ur saying is basically explaining what the symtoms of herion causes. or maybe ur just on crack either or u probly shouldnt be doin that XD my segestion is that u scratch ur rash or where ever u feel the itches until you scratch the skin off ur body. cause if u have no skin u cant have any itches. am i right?? lol

youre probably just really scared that they are all over you, but they most likely arent.
just put bug spray around your room and on your body and youll feel safer :)

Oh my gosh not that! do you feel like they are crawling in your hair but only when you sleep Oh I hope not. my hair is finally growing back the swelling is going down and I can finally hear. Oh such terrifying memories. Well you know we all swallow eight spiders in a life time how many things crawl upon us in the night we don't know about. We are just an insect buffet

take a shower

You gots da hives. It will pass. Take Benadryl and see how if it stops for long periods of time.

maybe it's just bed bugs.. inspect under ur bed if u see some orange or dark orange crawling.. bed bugs bite u when u are sleeping esp at night.. ad when u wake up in the moning it so itchy and it will make bigger if u keep scratching it..

Jason T
See a doctor.

Sounds like just a normal rash

curious me
It sounds as if you have an allergy. It could be just feeling creepy about the ants.
Don't scratch, put cream or lotion on your skin: aloe or ask parents about buying a stronger anti-itch cream. A soaking bath helps, too.
Good luck.

you should get a doctor to check that out or a school nurse

Get insect repellment/bug killer things and check with a doctor to see what type of lotion you need to buy.

Are you currently taking any medications? Ask your parents to spray insecticide in your house. Apply corticosteroid cream 1% on rashes.

Has to be Allergies. Use Eucerin lotion,that will help with the itching.But first, take a warm bath and use some Aloe Vera Gel (its cheap) If u take benadryl, make sure its the non drowsy one, because if its not....... ur gonna be asleep all day.Feel Better....

it might be bedbugs, which are very tiny

If your doctor can't help you go to a dermatologist

It's probably just your body hair, try it, smooth your hand along the surface of your arms and legs, it feels tangly but if it's not, you should see a doctor. There are bugs that live on our skin too but I don't think people can feel them. I feel like you feel sometimes too.

Hate to tell you this, but there might be some bugs there that aren't visible to the naked eye.

OTOH, you may have developed an allergy to something, like soap, dust, or even a food you are eating.

You need to go see a doctor. In the meantime, try hydrocortisone.

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