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Is there a natural cure for psoriasis?

Cut out dairy products from your diet & I guarantee that your psoriasis will improve (especially cows milk) Try it for a month

peter p
.a mate of mine had it he got some stuff from Germany i think they wouldn't sell it over here for some reason , sorry i forgot what it is called, try Answers international

exorex is one of the best things but i dont think it is natural as coal tar. was reading in mag today about something called Oregon Total Care Pack, costs £30 www.skinshop.co.uk was in woman mag dated 25 june. seems that is a natural product. noticed it as have friend who suffers was going to tell her. hope this helps.

valerie m
i wish i knew

Gaily Goil
I'm not sure if there is a natural 'cure' other that getting lots of sun.

There are plenty of lotions and potions out there, and you can become 'immune' to some products.

Try something like Zinc and Castor Oil cream, it worked a real treat for me!

natalie c
i hope so i have had it since i was 11 im now 21 i have the plaque type and lots of it on my elbows lesgs knees arms feet fingernails head you name it im covered its so itchy isnt it lol.i have recently been given a cream from my doc called cerataderme its brill and recommened it to anybody.my dad also suffers from it but only the occasional spot here and there my brothers ansd sisters have nothing.does anybody actually know the cause i heard it was stress???? well im very stressed i have a hubby in the army lol and 2 kids under 5 lol xxxxxxxxxxx

please try amvieve...it is a good cure i am told

Sorry but there is no cure for psoriasis natural or otherwise. I have suffer since i was 2 with this bloody condition and am now 27. There are obviously treatment and some people grow out of it but if not it will always reoccur. I found a fantastic cream called Exorex, its a coal tar based cream but it is a little expensive so best to get it on prescription. Sun light will help but not too much as sun burn can irritate and cause a flare up. I have started to take zinc and neem capsules as they help with healthy skin but unfortunately no one has found a cure, I am keeping everything crossed. I will be a guinea pig if they need one. Good luck, I know how miserable it is but try not to let it get to you.

I have seen some useful tips in the following site. Please refer.

ms. dew
Choosing the natural way to treat psoriasis is very wise. Natural cures aren't irritating the skin and are not toxic to the body, as well as help sooth the skin as well. Try http://www.skinoriginal.com/psoriasis/32-psoriasisnatural.htm for some natural treatment of psoriasis. Hope it helps!


Additional benefits for women include: improved brain function, diminished muscular aches and pains, improvement in skin problems including acne, seborrhea, rosacea, psoriasis and keratoses, and improved sleep pattern.
# # # this is at the end of the page

Psoriasis is in Miriam Brazel's list of symptoms of hormone imbalance

This is the link to my web page regarding hormone tests
http://uk.geocities.com/[email protected]/willim_001.html#W_180 and Miriam Brazel's page

1 do an on line hormone test http://www.johnleemd.com/store/resource_hormonetest.html
2 do an appropriate saliva test and obtain results
3 get results & discuss with a NPIS doctor or educate your GP/MD

search the web for "natural progesterone psoriasis" and you will come across web pages which hopefully point you in the right direction.

Natural progesterone is as natural as it gets I hope that is clear from my web page :-)

I found some good treatments at

Pauline P
There are treatments for psoriasis, but I don't think there are cures. The site below lists some treatment options. Outside of UV light, none would be considered "natural".

Note - cut and paste the link in your browser window and eliminate the space between the o and m in the .com part of the address to access the website.

www.healthy-skincare.co m/psoriasis-treatment.html

ozone therapy will be close

Bharat P
well it depends what sort ? there are lots of differnet ones it takes long time , BUT i suggest you try Homepethic medicine , depenindning where you are and you reallu need to find the right one .
I have psoriasis as well

Hi. I've had psoriasis for over 10 years and tried many different methods of therapy. I decided to stop using products than contain cortizone because my skin has thinned out. For the past 2 months I've been on a homeopathic treatment wich is accompanied by a nutrition plan.

I've been basically avoiding: milk & milk products, wheat, chocolate and the combination of egg and milk. It's tough but it's worth it. I have to do this for at least 3 months.

I've noticed that I have to take milk thistle all three months. This cleans your liver. Psoriasis is closely associated with the liver and peptic system and the lowered ability of the body to flush out toxins.

Both my parents have had psoriasis but are both now clear. They may get the odd flare up on the elbow that soon goes away. I on the other hand have had it for over ten years. I should point out that it's a mild case but very persistent. I live on an island in the Mediterranean, so luckily we have a warm and sunny climate and I have access to the sea on a daily basis.

My grandfather had psoriasis as well but he had a severe case (full body). He was treated for it at a clinic and cleared completely. He was given cysteine which is one of the things I have to take and good moisturising. Cortizone wasn't used at all.

Keep in mind that if you decide to follow a homeopathic treatment you should visit a homeopathy clinic or doctor. Homeopathy doctors will take their time with you and ask you various questions because they recognize the fact that psoriasis is a psychosomatic condition. Homeopathy treats you from the inside and tries to eliminate the cause rather than just treat the symptoms. Also you need to be patient and not get discouraged if you don't see results immediately. Also use a good moisturiser. I use QV which I get from the pharmacy.

I am pleased to say that I've seen major improvement since I started the treatment. The nutrition plan has helped a lot, especially the lack of milk and milk products in my diet. I used to feel bloated every time I ate cheese. The past two months have been the detox stage of the treatment. I'll be starting the cysteine in about a week.

Hope I've helped you. I know that psoriasis can be a very discouraging condition.

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