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Is there a more gentle alternative to Benzoyl Peroxide?

Shea Butter is a great and wonderful healthy non-irritating product. Mixed with Lavender oil will do wonders for blemishes. However you must avoid all chocolates and acidic caffeine drinks. Water (8 glasses per day) is a must. Work from the inside out, that is the solution.

Sky Watcher
2% Salicyclic Acid

tea tree oil works almost the same way as benzoyl peroxide. its not as harsh and its completely natural too.

some topic anibiotics are great!

Salicylic acid is the primary commercial alternative for acne treatments, but it's function is a little different. Both salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide increase the rate of exfoliation (which prevents pores from clogging up and helps reduce bacteria count). This is also how aspirin-based acne home remedies work; aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid.

However, Benzoyl Peroxide is also an antibacterial. Tea tree oil, which has also been recommended and is found in some skin care products is also very effective against bacteria. While pure tea tree oil can be purchased, most indications for the skin suggest dilution. Facial cleansers, toners, and spot treatments with tea tree oil are available from The Body Shop, brands like Dr. Bronner's and Burt's Bees available at natural food stores, and lots of other places.

The first time I used Proactiv Solution, which contains Benzoyl Peroxide, it made my face red, puffy, and itchy for days. This diminished with continued use and it was moderately effective against my acne, but I also felt it was too harsh. I now use a gentle cleanser that contains salicylic acid (Philosophy "Purity") or Cetaphil mixed with a little baking soda (a mechanical exfoliant) and when I get blemishes I spot treat them with Dr. Burts Blemish Stick (which contains tea tree oil). I also take cod liver oil to make sure I'm getting enough vitamin D, and if you find that your skin improves when you spend time in the sun that may help you as well, but don't take more than the daily recommended allowance.

edwin l
try the edible pills. Instead of topical treatments that may damage skin or is good for skin, but not effective for acne, the edible pills will basically prevent acne causing germs from forming in the first place, so instead of treating pimples and acne, you are preventing them.

[email protected]
Yes there is"An Product that would be useful
called Proactiv it cleans out dirt & heals pimples real well
vs Clearsil Medicated Pads
try http://www.proactiv.com
or visit http://clearsil.medicatedpads.com

I use Burt's Bees Blemish Stick. It doesn't dry my skin out, it's all natural, and it contains the tea tree oil other people have recommended - as well as several other antibacterial ingredients to help kill the bacteria that makes the blemish worse. (and it smells good).

Be warned that it will sting if you have broken skin because it contains some alcohol.

The Big Shot
Benzoyl Peroxide has different strengths. Much of what you buy in topical acne cream is 10%. Some soap is 10% or 5%. I use a loreal acne system (similar to proactiv) which uses a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide cream.

Check the label to see the % strength. Use a lower percentage (maybe one for sensitive skin) and use it less often if drying occurs.

You can also use salicylic acid at a 2% concentration which is found in most acne washes and in Sea Breeze and other cleansers.

yes, salicylic acid, and definetly tee tree oil.

Try some witch hazel.

liz m
im not sure technically but Philosophy makes a great gentle yet effective cleanser called "Purity".. it works great for mild to moderate acne, and is wonderful for sensitive skin as well!

Benzoyl Peroxide (BP) is actually not harsh if used the right way. A lot of the over the counter acne medicines use 10% BP, which is not good because it causes excessive drying. BP in large amounts but in less concentration has helped me tremendously. I've been using a product called clear skin regimen. It has 2.5% BP. You can check it out at www.clearskinregimen.com I use the BP once a day and facial moisturizer every few days if it seems it gets a lil dry. I've tried 50 different kinds of acne medicines but this is the only one that has cleared it up. Hope it works for you.

well there are benzoyl peroxide skin lotions if the liquid form is drying out your skin. it has about the same effect but doesnt make your skin dry out or sting, only tingles slightly.

i use neutrogena soap because my skin is so sensetive it will either break out or peel if i use benzoyl peroxide but i also use certain moisturizers for my face when its dry and oily check some mary kay products

I too was getting sick of Benzoyle Peroxide. I hated that it would bleach my cloths. A new thing that I have been doing for about a month and a half has renewed my belief that you don't have to use those harsh chemicals on your face.

Let's break the day up.
Fill a sink with HOT water. The hotter the better. Add a good amount of Epsom Salt.

I soak my face for about 90-120 seconds coming up for breaths about every 20 seconds. Your face will feel great, and won't be oily. I then jump into a nice hot shower.

Mid day or after work/school or whenever you have time:

Do another soak same as above, at about half the time. This soak is not as important, but if your face starts getting oily this is very good too do.

At night before bed:

Same soak as morning.

Also at least every other night I do an aspirin mask. Go to the store and pick up a bottle of UNCOATED aspirin. That's very important. Pick up a container of PLAIN yogurt and a lemon.

1.I have a little bowl/cup to mix in.
2.I take less than a spoonful on yogurt and place it in the cup.
3.You'll find out you don't need much yogurt.
4.I add 7-9 aspirin to the yogurt.
5.Just let it sit a few minutes and the yogurt will dissolve the aspirin and you'll be able to mix it really easy.
6.Cut that lemon you got into 4 pieces and squeeze some juice into your mixture.
8.Apply to face with small circular motions. This helps to start exfoliating. Exfoliating is aimed at unclogging a clogged pore before it moves into the pimple stage.
9.You have to figure out how long it's ok to stay on your face. I found 15 min for myself is a good amount of time. If your face hurts well then your leaving it on for too long. Moisturize your face if this happens with Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. Or something else that will not clog pores.
10.When removing the mask again use small circular motions to promote exfoliation.

Aspirin mask should also help dull your red pock marks. You can also add some honey or whatever else you would like to mix. Add anything that is good for the skin.

Yeah this is a little crazy regimen but hell my face has never looked or felt better in the last 7 years. Many other people reported a major break out around week 2-3 but after that it should be good. It took around a month for me to really start seeing the best effects. Just don't give up on it and I'm sure it can help you.

Diet. Change the diet. Reduce acidity in the body. Neutralize the body's chemistry. Eat neutral ruffage and boiled beans and neutral meats in smaller quantities....baked chicken no skin. Calm the war in your skin. That's my advice.

Acne is a skin condition that causes spots. Most people affected by acne are aged between 12 and 25.1 However, men and women in their 30s and 40s can also suffer. There are many treatments available to help deal with the condition

Topical treatments
There are several topical treatments you may be prescribed including those listed below:

azelaic acid (Skinoren) is an alternative to benzoyl peroxide and may not make your skin as sore as benzoyl peroxide7
topical retinoids (eg Adapalene) are medicines based on vitamin A, which are rubbed into the skin once or twice a day.7 They work by encouraging the outer layer of skin to flake off
a topical antibiotic lotion applied to the skin can be used to control the P. acnes bacteria (eg Dalacin T). Treatment needs to continue for at least six months. Preparations that combine an antibiotic with other acne medication are available (eg Benzamycin which combines an antibiotic with benzoyl peroxide)7



No, if you are talking about the 5% non-prescription stregth. (It comes in 10% and 20% but you require a prescription for it). Salicylic Acid is less irritating, but it's not as good as Benzoyl Peroxide. However, you can increase your tolerance to it, and make it less irritating by following these steps. One the first day you use Benzoyl Peroxide, apply it to your face half an hour before bedtime, then take it off before you go to bed. Each couple of days increase the duration you leave it on by half an hour. (i.e then leave it on for an hour, then an hour and half, then two hours) then take it off again before you go to bed. When you've reached four hours, you should be okay leaving it on your whole face the whole night with less irritation,

Another tip, always wear sunscreen, because benzoyl peroxide makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, resulting in a quicker burn, thus it will irritate your skin more. That's also why you want to put it on at night, versus the day where you have contact with the sun.

Tea Tree Oil. It's the best natural acne medicine!

Salicylic Acid works for me
try a cleanser with it and your skin will approve

DurbanBeauty D
tea tree oil is a more gentle alternative and is a far better choice than salicylic acid which because of its stimulating properties tends to aggravate acne. witch hazel could be used as a toner but depending on your skin type it may dry out your skin. lemon does have antiseptic properties and works on more resilient skin but i assume that you are young i wouldnt recommend it. cut down on oily foods and nuts and consult a pharmicist before buying any OTC remedies best of luck

More dilute solutions of Benzoyl Peroxide are gentler. There are 2.5% solutions of it. I think Proactiv is one, but you can search for "2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide" or any of these name brands that say 2.5:


Higher concentrations aren't found to be that much more effective, and burn your skin.

I have many allergies, and my skin is very sensitive. I would suggest using a gentle soap (like dove) then putting on the benzoyl peroxide ONLY where you are breaking out. After it dries, put on a facial lotion (it helps avoid redness and irritation). I recommend a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores) one like Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion w/SPF 15 (especially since the peroxide makes your skin more susceptible to sunburn).

It works great. I haven't found others to be anywhere near as effective, but there are other alternatives:

Tea tree oil (melaleuca oil), Jojoba oil (alternative medicine), Salicylic acid, Azeliac acid, Glycolic acid, or Adapalene (Differin gel).

Differin is probably the most gentle that I've used, but it is expensive (about $100). It also has to be perscribed by a doctor.

The skin care regimen I described above is from:

There is a product called "Acne Free". It has time released 3.7% benzoyl peroxide. Its a three step product. You can purchase it at several stores. I used ProActive too but I like this product better because its alot cheaper , its not as drying and it has a softer feeling to the skin. I should know I've had acne for many years until this product. Another thing I've found is watch your diet. Milk of any kind really breaks out my face as well as greasy foods,dark colored pops and chocolate which has dairy in its ingredients. Im not a ad for this product just someone that has experience with different products.

Back in the days when Benzoyl Peroxide was a perscription medication it came in 5% and 10%.The dermatolagist would have you use the 5% for a week or two then move up to the 10% if necissary. Ask a pharmasist to find you some 5%.

some of the other answers are good.. try a "natural" alternative.. I use coconut oil as a cleanser/moisturizer.. it's good.. but I still use my old stuff too.. nuetrogena foaming cleanser, toner and use a scrub every 3 days.. always moisturize! good luck

you can put a little tooth paste on the blemish and it will dry it up. it is better to do this at night.

A makeup artist told my daughter to use baking soda as a scrub every other day and on the opposite days to rinse face with juice from a lemon or lime...which ever one is one sale at the time. The juice helps bring zit to surface and baking soda help exfolitate your skin and dry up the zit. Be sure to use a oil free moisturizer too. The baking soda is a good scrub for the entire body about once a week...makes you skin really soft.

I like to use salicylic acid with a bit of a skin softener to make sure the solution doesn't dry out my skin. what you should do is use either the Benzoyl Peroxide or the salicylic acid at night when you sleep so that it could really repair your skin and kill the breakouts. In the morning, stick with lotions that have Vitamin E and sunscreen, because most of your breakouts come from the sun and the environment. Practice washing your face with a gentle cleanser 2-3 times a day.

TEA TREE OIL. It rocks. I am past my teens now, but I wish I'd have known about tea tree oil when I had "teenager skin." I used to use Oxy & Clearasil, and that stuff just SHREDDED my skin. Redness, flaking, sensitivity...and most importantly, it made breakouts WORSE!

I'm not a salesperson, I promise :). I'm just a fan of tea tree oil. It is wonderful for "troubled" skin. It is an ALL-NATURAL antiseptic/antibacterial that comes from the tea tree bush, native to, I believe, Australia.

You can find tea tree oil in its pure form in most health food stores, and many other places.

ONE WARNING: It is strong stuff! What I'd recommend, if you're using the pure oil, dampen a cotton square with some water, then add only one or two drops of tea tree oil.

Most tea tree oil bottles will warn against using full strength on the skin. It's natural, but it still packs a punch if used full strength.

The cool thing about tea tree oil, is it's NOT a chemical (like benz. perox & salic. acid) and it really and truly does help with acne-prone skin. (Incidentally, it's also good to put on cuts to help healing and reduce scarring.)

It's practically a miracle oil! It is a bit pricy, but it is very concentrated, and a little reeeeally goes a long way.

*Also* if you're looking for a lathering soap (sometimes you don't really feel like you've cleaned your face unless you see some SUDS!) there's a product made by Desert Essence, which I (and a number of my friends) have used for over ten years.

It has tea tree oil and awapui, and I believe it's called "Thoroughly Clean Facial Wash"

One last remark: tea tree oil is harmful to dogs and cats, so if you have pets, make sure to keep the tea tree oil away from them. :)

I am going to find a link for you, and add it below.

Good luck and good health!!! :)

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