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I just took my daughter to the doctor and they told me she has excema on her face?
What can I use on her face to help her? The doctor said a cream but I was wondering if anyone can recomend anything? Thank You so much!!

Rocky man
dunno but wuts excema and how olld is your daughter

Whatever you do, don't put cortisone cream on her face....DON'T.

It can only be used ONCE on the face. No more.

I would try using mild soaps like dermalab soap.

Use mild lotions like Clinique brand.

Best to call the doc back and ask him to write down some brand names.

Generally I say do what the doc says, but I'm guessing that since she/he didn't prescribe anything...perhaps your daughter's condition isn't bad enough at this point for medicated creams. Try anything without perfumes, dyes, etc. Check the pharmacy isle rather than the beauty isle. The last thing she needs is more irritants on her skin.

Vaseline has an extra dry problematic lotion that I find pretty good. Glaxal Base is a good cream too; regular olive oil can be a treatment as well in the bath, or oatmeal may reduce her itchiness. Gehwol is a skincare line wth a ton of creams for various conditions and worth a look.

Good luck to you and her. I hope it clears up soon.

pirate captain
Did the doctor prescribe a cream? Eucerin cream and Nivea both are pretty good. Look for a cream with no alcohol in it.

Marv S
Skin conditions are usually a result of an imbalance in your body. If you have an open mind, see an Herbalist or Acupuncturist. Natural herbs can many times put your body back in balance, your problem goes away and you do not have the side effects of Man Made medications and creams.

Last year I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my elbow that was causing me pain in my upper back and left arm. I went to a chiropractor, doctor and physical therapy doctor. They were talking surgery. I went to my wife's Herbalist and within a week of taking herbs, the pain was gone. He diagnosed me with a condition which is called Fibermialga and said it was a virus in my stomach and lower intestines. It worked for me. Good luck.

did he give you a prescription cream?
Any cream with cortisone in it is good.
Ask the pharmacist for more info and suggestions.

My Daughter has it too. Her doc suggested Eucerine.

Tar Soap... do a google search for a supplier... it is topical and you use it just like regular soap... my mother used it to clear up excema on people for years.

You went to a doctor and now you're second-guessing him on here? Think about that.

Your parenting scares me.

Mike Joy
It depends how severe the eczema is. If it is bad, she may need a mild steroid eg hydrocortisone half percent cream (use sparingly to avoid thinning of the skin) together with some emollient (moisturiser) like Diprobase OR Aqueous cream (which only has water).

If it is milder, only the emollient might do.


eczema. aveeno lotion.

Working Mom
A little girl in my daughters daycare has excema on the side of her forehead. Her mom uses over the counter baby excema cream. I think a few brands make it and it is sold at most stores where baby stuff is. This little girl is only 6 months old and it has been safe for her. It seems to help with the irritation and redness.
Good luck to you and your little girl.

JoAnn H
How old is she? It might be more of a question of what NOT to put on her face. Like for me, certain soaps cause excema while others are okay.

John M
call the doctor back and get a recommendation, or ask your pharmacist.

Mean Carleen
Eucerin is excellent...kinda pricey but worth it

Sarna is really great!

when i was younger i had excema too, but not on my face. that's really scary that it's on her face because you cant stop scratching until it bleeds sometimes. i ended up growing out of it when i hit puberty. the only thing i'd caution against with creams is that i used it a lot on my inner elbows and backs of my legs and it ended up bleaching my skin. it was discolored for years. the creams definitely soothe but they are strong. i dont know if they've improved creams to treat excema in the past 10 years, but i'm sure they have. go see a dermatologist and get their expert decision, but trust the doctors, they know what they're doing

I have eczema as well, I use Elidel..it's a lotion. It's on my face, arms, adn legs. It is worse in the winter time. It's not a major thing, usually with the creams you can't even tell its there.

Evening Primrose oil works for some,

But steroid cream is the best.

Random Precision
Get a face cream that contains Zinc. You will be amazed.

Follow the doctor's advice. I'm sure the cream the doctor recommended is good.


Jennifer, hello. First, don't panic. If your daughter is a kid she will most likely grow out of eczema like most kids do. Do not use steroidal creams on her (side-effects are worse than eczema). Watch her diet and try to determine if particular foods trigger or worsen eczema; avoid those. Use neutral moisturizers (Vaseline is the best moisturizer) ; if your daughter starts scratching herself - make her wear cotton gloves so she doesn't break the skin.
If it gets Really bad (and no sooner) try herbal anti-eczema cream from http://www.champori.com It is steroid-, and perfume-free and works well.

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