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I have these bumps on ym uper body what is it???
ok yes they are red itchy bumps all over my stumach

its under my arm and starting to pop up on my neck

id say the pumps are the size of the tip of my pointer finger

theu are poping up on my sholders bisep, and fore arm

at the top of the bump it dries out


?Jurgen Hoxha??
keratosis pilaris.I'v heard moisturizers and exfoliation helps.but have had little succes with it

try extreme heat.

Tod Teddy
I would say go to the doctor, if it is chicken pox you are highly infectious, if you were older I would say shingles ( if you have had chicken pox) but from your bio you sound young.
I have psoriasis and the bumps come and go and are not of uniform shape or size. Please get this checked out by a doctor

Sounds like chicken pox to me

are they recent and itchy?

if they are under ur skin and not on it and not red and itchy could be many things..id have to see u to really tell....
if they are recent u should see ur family doc man

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