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 I have LOTS of little red dry patches on my skin... I'm using the "fungus cream" but its still spreading!
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 How to get rid of a foot wart ?
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I have really dry irritated skin around my nose from rubbing it what can I put on it to make it stop...?
burning and itching?

here is a thought ,STOP RUBBING IT.

Chap Stick works even better than vaseline

I sometimes use a little bit of chapstick.

Lisa B
i have the same thing i just try to put on lotion that is for sensitive skin so it moistens my skin and wont make you breakout.


Try some vaseline that will help the dryness and itching :)

VICKS!!!! its cheap and soothes your skin on contact!

Why ask me?
If I can't eat it I don't put it on my skin...try olive oil

You need something with dimethicone in it (heals the skin).
Like "soft lips" lip balm, its like chapstick only not as greasy. It tingles, but it works on helping heal cracked skin. I reserve a stick of it just for winter time nose problems. You wouldn't want to use that on your lips after you put it on your nose. I know gross. LOL

Vaseline works well too

cocoa butter it comes in a stick at the drug stores it works for me

Camilla the First
You probably have an allergy - I get it all year. Apart from anti-histamines, buy honey local to your area and this sometimes gets rid of it. Put some vaseline around your nose area this is supposed to stop minute irritations getting further up your nose. Its so blooody irritating. My eyes itch so drops help. Check your Doctor to see if you have an infection, maybe anti-biotics is the answer, but only as a last resort. Keep well, good luck XX

stop rubbing it. Put lotion on it after you shower. Hot water will irritate the skin. So wash and rinse with cooler water. Keep it moist.

Always Curious
Hey There I can Relate to It as I TOO have Allergies..
I've Tried Expensive Creams But NOTHING works
as Well as Applying Olive Oil Twice a day..!

spirit dummy
Don't rub it.

If it is from a very bad cold. I used vaseline cocoa butter cream, and it helps cools it.

Try antibiotic ointment---it helps the soreness and itching and it helps the healing process.

Alex M
light facial moisturizer

100 % aloe vera gel.


vaseline, light coat

A mild over the counter corticosteroid cream, like 1-10%hydrocortisone.

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