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 What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree burn at home?
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I'll go to the doctor if I have to, but I'd prefer to try and treat it at home.

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 What would you use on a freshly peeled scab ?
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 Do I have a baby face? ?
I am 13 but someone thought I was 14 then someone else thought I was 12

 My nose is red and burns from blowing it all day. Any suggestions?

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yes, from wiping it all day....

 One of my friends used my lip gloss today...?
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 What do blackheads look like?
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 Do strawberries make freckles go away.?
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 whats good for really rough hands.?
My hands are usually rough cracked and they bleed. How do I get that to stop. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
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i also have add (NOT ADHD!!!) and i take medication ...

 why does my skin turn red when I run?

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I notice it on my legs, specifically at the ankles and above my knees....

 What's the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore?
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 I popped a zit right now?
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 there is dots on my nose?
there are skin colour dots all over my nose. im sure it isn't pimples because its been there quite a long time. almost 3 years at least. they aren't quite visable but when you go close up ...

 How to get whiter skin?

Yeah, so I'm wondering something. How could I get whiter skin? Please don't tell me to ask Michael Jackson; I don't have his number.
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 How many of you have a writing callus or bump of some sort?
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Christy V
I have black dots on my nose and they're not freckles. what are they and how do they go away?
I got them when i reached my teenage years. i really don't know what they are but I know they are not freckles because they are bumpy. I thought they were blackheads but I realized that I use blemish AND blackhead remover every day. You don't notice theya re there unless you look really close at me. It's really annoying. What are they and how can I make them go away?thanks!

think they still could be blackheads but what your using might not be strong enough. i would try something different. you could also if you really wanted to go to a spa. they do this thing called extractions. takes all the black heads out like one by one. im sure that would help you ;)

Moles or very dark freckles.

They are blackheads. What you want to do is use a medicine called OBSESSIVE BREAKOUT, to help them go away.

Hope this helps!

Sorry, but your blackhead remover is failing you. Go to a spa and get a facial. That can remove these and leave your skin looking fabulous. It's well, worth the money. Good Luck.

mez b
They're black heads. You can either pick them or squeeze them to get them out.

use makeup
please answer my question too: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090627194151AAbGtez&r=w

Wash your face often.
That will make it worse.

they are called blackheads and its a type of pimple. you get rid of it by washing your face every day with soap and hot water. Do this 2 times every day. blackhead removers dont always work the best

i know you said they weren't but they probably ARE blackheads, but really persistent ones =D go get a facial extraction, it worked for my sis (she had the same problemo) good luck

iLoveYu 7.9.10
these are called blackheads....therea not really a pain-free way to get rid of them fast....put yur thumb on yur nostril and push up really hard...they'll come out....just get clean and clear blackhead remover kit and they'll go away in about a week...but beware they'll come bakk....=0

Dr. Catloaf
They're blackheads. They come with the territory. Eventually they will go away.

Beth B
Those little things are called black heads they are a form of zits. Most skin care things work for some people or they just will make it worse or dry your skin out.
I was watching the ellen show and there was a lady on there who was very interesting. She said she puts elmers glue on her nose every night lets it dry and peels it off and her blackheads go off with it. Well i have done it and it works! It doesnt hurt like you would think it would and it leaves your face soft and blackhead free! Wouldn't hurt to try!!

their blackheads i have them and wash my face twice a day but those stubborn things dont go away i have some on my nose too

black heads....pop them all

they are black heads
u can buy a mask at wallgreens for about $6 or just wash ur face with 3 or 4 different face washes and scrub scurb sucrb scurb
it really works!
ik bcuz i did tht wiff mine
and they disspaered right aftr i finndished

blackheads most likely, use a skin exfoliant

You might be better off going to the dermatologist. The only things i could think of you have already ruled out. But to be safe i would get it checked out so u can rule out skin cancer as well.... That comes in many forms.


i got them to but im not sure if you actually can , we've got oily skin

squeeze your skin, definitely black and white heads otherwise known as clogged pores. Once the pores are clogged you cant just use a face wash. Go get a facial and they can probably get rid of them through microderm abrasion or buy a soft face loofah and every day scrub with face wash, they also sell blackhead removal tools.

Skunk B
Theyre black heads, i got um too if you got oilly skin that **** dont never go away.

Get a facial, it will clean all your pours. They are professionals and can recommend some cleansers.

black heads scrub your face

...well they most likely are black heads. those kinds of blackhead creams and stuff don't really work cuz their so hard to remove. just don't touch ur face a lot, and wash twice a day, go to ur derm if u need to.

they could be in-grown hairs but i think they're probably just stubborn blacheads, you should use a different cleanser or cream

They're blackheads. Look in the facewash part of the store for ones that specify blackhead control. It usually works.

~*Miss. E*~
sometimes oil just clogs the pores in the skin. Happens a lot to me. Try using some pore strips or astringent

Jason Cyril
Those are really blackheads unless you have some crazy skin disease. They're really hard to remove, however, you can remove them by scrubbing your face every day and taking a bath as often as you could. Its caused by dirt that stuck in your pores due to oily face. just continue washing and look for face scrubs or creams or the like that can help with that problem

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