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I have big (open) pores on my face. I know u cant shrink them but is there a makeup to make em LOOK smaller?
I know there's nothing that will actually make them smaller, but I was just wondering if u guys know any kind of makeup that will at least make them appear smaller. thanks.

God Bless America!~
use pore refining cleanser

Monica S
you can shrink them, I did that with mine by using a volcanic mud named: patchouilli mud from the coalpot products from Doninica. Trust me it worked miracles.


Try trublend by covergirl- The pump bottle.

Wanda L
no let them be open who cares oh i forgot you do am sorry!

They CAN eventually shrink at least in appearance. You should go to the makeup counter - Clinique or Lancome or talk to an Avon or MaryKay sales rep - you need a good EXFOLIANT. Swiss Ives sold at drug stores is excellent, too. My favorite line is Basis... cheap but effective!

info: http://www.docshop.com/education/dermatology/skin-flaws/large-pores/

Belinda Z
I've heard that make-up with silicone in it is good for disguising large pores.

i think loose powder helps

Answer Fairy
Yes, there are several products that WILL make them smaller.

Just use a toner every day.

As for makeup, there is a product called Supernatural by Philosophy. It is the best product I have ever used in my freaking life!!!!

Go to amazon.com

i can't give you advice for make-up....but i can tell you that I always used to do an "egg-white facial"

where you take egg-whites and smear them on your face.

let it dry for about 10 min

then wash off with warm water


and then put make-up on

you will notice the difference right away

i♥tokio hotel
well what you do is when you wash your face at night gently use a wash cloth to exfoliate your face. that will help shrink your pores. and also use mineral makeup. i thought it sounded dumb. then i used it and i LOVE the stuff!!! :D

Sexy S
They can shrink...not completely, but some shrinkage is a plus!!
Mdskinscare makes great products that assist in minimizing pores, and Oil of Olay has a pore minimizing line...both work pretty well with regular use. Makeup wise, avoid, oil based as they tend to sink into pores. Try a wet to dry full coverage foundation. These usually provide excellent coverage and a very smooth, even finish. The BareMineral line is a good makeup to try as well. You can get this at Ulta or Sephora.

There are specialized treatments that your dermatologist can perform or recommend as well...resurfacing, peels, etc.

Krystal G
Neutrogena Clear Pore Treatment. It is inexpensive, effective, and gentle. It is a salycilic acid gel that you leave on overnight. It cleans out your pores, no more blackheads, thus allowing the pore to close in on itself and "shrink" somewhat.
Also steaming your face and using a toner will tighten them back up.

Aloe Vera does wonders and it is good for your skin.

A quick tip, after washing your face, give it a quick rinse with cold water and it tightens it up.

Actually, I was just on the Clean & Clear website and there is this product that supposedly works really well. Due to your condition, I think you should try this! Good luck to you =]

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Jessi
Bare Minerals Rev. It's something that you put on before you put on your make up and it makes your pores appear smaller because it fills in the spaces on your face (whatever it may be) which makes for a smoother make-up application.

It works great! You can get it at Sephora. Or Sephora online.

Joyous Dawn in the morning
I do too, so you know I am also looking towards your answers.
I heard that after you wash your face with soap, and warm water, to splash very cold water on your face or use ice packs, pressing them where the large pore area is on your face this is suppose to shrink them temporarily.

Beth H
You could use toner every night before you go to bed and afte you cleanse.
Makeup also makes the problem worse, believe it or not, but clogging up the pores with makeup can force them to expand.
Try washing your face more carefully after wearing make up- so you're not wearing it over night and so that your skin is generally more healthy.
Eat lots of fruit and vege, because they help get rid of toxins that make you sweat and shiny skin makes your pores look bigger...

...Or so I'm told...

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