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 Does anyone get small clear bumps on their top eyelid?
I get very small clear bumps on my top eyelid next to my eyelashes. They are very itchy. My doctor believes they are allergy related, but I can't find anything about what they are or what they ...

 I have these bumps on ym uper body what is it???
ok yes they are red itchy bumps all over my stumach

its under my arm and starting to pop up on my neck

id say the pumps are the size of the tip of my pointer finger


I have an all over body rash, like little bumps - why ????
I woke up today and I have little red bumps all over me - and they are quite itchy - any ideas whats up with me ???
Very concerned !!

could it be chicken pox or german measles

allergic to something you ate last night?

Bed bugs?

probably a chicken pox. dont take a bath coz it will spread faster. its contageous to people that still hasn't got it before. becareful coz people will hate you if they know that your the one to spread it.

German measles, measles or chicken pox !!!!

Go and see a doctor,,,

did you change soap power/bubble bath etc

sandwell nurse!
sounds like an allergy to something. go to the doctors and he will look at it for you.......not chicken pox - they are little blisters. not measles either - you would be really really ill.

Do you feel ok in yourself?? If so, this sounds like a reaction to something. Like the person before said, have you changed your washing powder? I had a reaction like yours myself that was caused by changing washing powder a few years ago. Have you used a new body cream? Anything different that you have put on your skin? It could even be something you ate! If you can't think of anything you've changed and if your symptoms persist than just make an appointment with your Doctor, he'll get to the bottom of it!
I hope this helps!

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