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I have acne. After I wash my face, should I moisturize?
I have purchased a moisturizer that fits my skin type (oily). Would it be a good idea to moisturize after I wash my face (if I wanted to get rid of acne) and how would one go about moisturizing with oily skin?
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Gee, these answers aren't split.


Jack Nesky
my guess is no

No, I would just wash my face with warm water (to open pours) and wash your face with acne face wash (or soap if you dont have it) and then rinse with warm water, then rinse again with cold water (to close your pours).
Hope I helped!

Ravenna M
no all moisturizers have some type of oil in them

Wash your face at least 3 times a day, especially after a exercise where you sweat a lot. Rinse your face with warm water then cold water & repeat a couple of times. The moisturizer may not help remove the acne, but it shouldn't hurt.


Try without the moisturizer first. If your skin gets all peely, then try using the moisturizer.

use the Clean and Clear moisturizer, it moisturizes and helps clear/prevent acne

i don't think so. your skin is already "moist" if it's oily, right? i wouldn't.

id deffanitly moisturize still.
it depends on what you're using to wash your face.
most acne medicines will dry out your skin.
use the moisturizer that fits your skin (oily) and youll be fine.

proactive makes an oil free moisturizer.

I suffered with acne from age 12 to 15 i did every thing drying out your skin is the trick to get rid of acne but if your a girl dry skin doesn't look to good with makeup so i would try not to moisturize at night just in the day aveno is pretty good to

yes(: i think you definitely should. otherwise your skin will be dry.
hope i helped a little bit(:

yes, if it is oil free your skin needs lotion
without lotion, your skin thinks it needs to produce oil.
if you give your skin the moisture it will lessen the need to create oil causing acne.

i know its frustrating,
try Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
its for all skin types it is amazing
my skin is clear, my sister and best friend tried it and it works wonders
also it won one of the best acne clearing systems in Seventeen Magazine
hope that helps!

tara :]
i would wash with a certain face scrub, then put astringent on, then put moisturizer on or lotion. after about a week your face should clear up somewhat.

Bug ;)
Yes, moisturizing makes your face hydrated.

no ℓies just ℓove ♥
Moisturizing is always great. It doesn't mean you're going to get rid of acne, but some moisturizers have components that help prevent acne as well as treat it. Either way, moisturzing is very healthy for all types of skin. If you've found a good moisturizer, apply it to your face daily. Don't dry your face before you moisturize, though! Keep your face DAMP as you apply the moisturizer.

in my opinion i think you should because some face washes take out too many skin oils which can dry out the skin. Try to use it twice a day if u want nice soft skin, hope my info helps you!

satch boogin'
yessums :-)

Joseph W
Definitaly I do too

Colton R.
ALWAYS moisturize

Answer mine?

YOU CAN HAVE OIL IN YOUR SKIN AND STILL LACK WATER! So YES, moisturize. I do facials for a living and most people with oily skin are actually very dehydrated because they are lacking water in the skin.

And most people with acne don't moisturize. And when the skin gets dehydrated it tries to "fix" it self and over produces oil....which will make you break out even more.

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