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I have a dandruff problem and i need help getting rid of it?
I have dandruff and i use head and shoulders dandruff shampoo everytime i shower and it still doesnt go away can any one help me ? People that know about the scalp.
Additional Details

Head & Shoulders shampoo/conditioner. It works *nods*.

cole k
their is this really great stuff that helps with dandruff it is called selsun blue, also if you actually get all of the soap out of your hair it wont dry up. so use selsun blue and get rid of all the shampoo in your hair even if you have to scratch real hard.

Carl S
head and shoulders (Y)

Switch to Pantene Pro-V Anti-Dandruff, they also have Shampoo & Conditioner in one.

The Evil Avatar
Like everyone else is saying, use Head and Shoulders! It works for real!

my brother has it real bad during the winter, and he uses head and shoulders and it normally clears it up quite quickly!!!!


Use Head & Shoulders! I had the same problem and I used Head & Shoulders and now i have way less dandruff. But make sure you scrub and rinse hard and apply the shampoo twice every time you take a shower.

Paul H
Dandruff is caused by a yeast, so an anti-fungal shampoo will have the best results - Something like Nizoral.

i don't no where you live but i know a great clips in pittsburgh has this really good dandruff shampoo and it always worked for me the problem is that when i moved i couldn't find it in the city i currently lived in but if you go to great clips hair salon and ask for dandruff shampoo they will give it to you and its a blueish color or u could ask your doctor cuz i no they prescribe things

T-Gel by Neutrogena works great. 3 dermatologists I know have recommeneded it. I agree. Just follow the directions on it.

Jess F
dandruff can be a form of a yeast infection. Take "Acidophulus" it should get rid of the problem. You can find it in health food stores. Also drink lots of water.

Try Selsum Blue. You're not supose to use it everyday though. Rotate it every other day or so. Hope this help

Use a shampoo with tar in it, like T-Gel. Head and Shoulder moisturizes, preventing dandruff, but doesn't really get rid of it. All dandruff is is a dry flakey scalp, so keep your scalp moisturized.

t gel shampoo

Do you have any dry skin problems anywhere else ?
my brother has Psoriasis, he only gets it on his scalp, ears and eye brows. He uses T-Gel shampoo. I notice a lot of responses here say T-Gel too. It's a tar-base shampoo and total worth a try if it helps then I would not be surprised if you have scalp psoriasis. National Psoriasis Foundation for more info.
Also you should not wash your hair EVERY DAY, dont get grossed out but constant washing strips natural oils off your scalp.
Also if you use a lot of styling product gel, hair spray, ect. with alcohol base that will dry out your scalp.
Scalp message is a good way to stimulate blood flow and loosen up layers of dry skin .(sorry if thats a little graphic)
Hope you find something to help.

Head and shoulders does'nt work that well(At least not for me) If its really bad you can get selson blue or medicated dandruff shampoo and shower often

To help control dandruff you can use a mild acidic solution on your scalp, before shampooing, about twice a week.

-- 1/2 cup Water
-- 1/2 cup of White Vinegar
Combine ingredients then apply directly to the scalp. Use before shampooing. Apply twice a week.

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