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Calley G
I don't like my acne and need help on what to use to get rid of them?
my acne is not that bad but I still have pimples and don't like them I have sensitive skin and need to know what to use to get rid of my acne right now I'm using clean and clear but it's not doing much so I need something stronger but also for sensitive skin.


just dont wash ur face with soap....use..shampoo...and bodywash without any fat

use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball it will dry up your face and get rid of the oils causing acne

try soap and hot water

Use Proactive. It cleanses deep under the skin to restore the epidermis.

daddys gurl#1
acne free or proactive

sir shenanigans
differen. best topical ointment, in my opinion. but if you wanna get serious and never have acne again, go with accutain.

try making an oatmeal face mask (;
here is a link to a video showing you how to make it.
this is not me, its just a girl showing you how to make it.

Jenae K
I use Stridex and oxie they work really well for acne they helped me alot !!!

Miss Kim
It depends on your hormones, so it may be out of your control. I would actually suggest not washing your face at all except for with plain water in the shower. Avoid using washcloths on your face, as they hold bacteria. Then use a mild moisturizer, such as Curel - just a little - daily.

Proactive is a load of crap. Try Clearasil ultra and use it in the morning and at night. It will probably get worse then get better.

I have horrible acne and i use the alcohol pads and something else...I forget what it is, but it is very expensive. I only put it on while in the shower because it takes so much time to do, but whatever you use, dont over use it and don't let it dry your skin out.

use clearasil cleansing pads 3 times a day, and then use other acne cream

I have the same problem. Proactiv didn't work for me AT ALL - it's very harsh. I use St. Ives apricot scrub (gentle) in the mornings and Aveeno facial cleanser (mild bar) in the evenings (it's great for washing off the makeup). Those two are a great balance: one exfoliates and the other cleanses.

good luck! :)

Nick jonas
i know im using it to it is that 1 thing that vanessa hudgens uses on that one comercial 1 sec.........o its the nutregina wave thiing

Mickey L
There is this special Korean soap I use.
It makes my skin pure from acnes.
One use can make your face almost 100% clean.
When I used it the first day, I could not spot any acnes, at least noticeable acnes.
Go to a Korean store and ask if it has one.

yeah that happens to me too... ill get a few on my face and it really annoys me. anyways i used oxy rite before i wen to sleep and literally they were all gone in the morning : ))))

There's many things you can use switch it up! Neutragena had many things that could help clear your acne but if you want prof. help, you should go see your dermatologist=D

Amy B-G
I would strongly recommend Proactiv, I've been using the 3-step program for more than a year now and the stuff really works. I used to have very bad acne but now I don't have any at all really, the one thing I would suggest though is that you also get moisturizer for your face, if it gets really cold out your face will get dry and t's a really weird feeling.

go to http://www.skinid.com/econsumer/clearskin/index.view
it is a neuttrogena website that
finds your needs and
personalizes tham into a skin stuff!

if you dont like it,

go to a dermatoligist or a facialist.
they can reccomend
a bunch of stuff.
just make sure it has benyzol peroxide!

myranda .
a couple of my friends get prescription pills to take for their acne and theirs was really bad but now it's completely gone, it works really good.

There are quite a few different creams available that guarantee to clear within 8 hours, try talking to a pharmacist and seeing what they recommend.

The other option if these don't work is to speak to your doctor.
There are contraceptive pills which are VERY good at clearing your skin

origins plantidote is fantastic for getting rid of senstivity on your skin and it does help pimples too. i would try it. it works great for me.
they sell it at macys and on the net www.origins.com

Is the Clean & Clear you are using have Salicylic Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide??

I find the Continuous Control Acne Cleanser By Clean & Clear w/bensoyl peroxide works best for me.
Just make sure you don't get it on your cloths and use a old towel and wash cloth because it can discolor them.
Also use a facial non clogging face moisturizer after.

For you I would use the CCAC once a day.

*k is kool*
The new oxy face wash is spot treatment is really good i suggest trying it! ♥♥♥♥♥

All of the stuff mentioned works pretty well. You should also look into controlling your acne with watching what you eat as well. Avoid things that are high in sugar and fats. Try to stick with eating wheats, brans, and whole grains as they do not cause a spike in blood sugar. I found out that when I started paying attention to those things my acne cleared up a lot sooner.

I've heard that Witch Hazel clears you up extremely well. But it dries out your skin a little, so use some Morning Burst face wash to keep your face clean from oils and look for a mosturizing lotion in the skin care aisles of your grocery store.

Me Myself and I
A trick my father taught me that WORKS. Go to walgreens buy betadine topical scrub. Its an idione scrub used by hospitals for surgical procedures. Use it once a week in your hair. Meaning put a little in with your shampoo. Also ever other day or no more than 3 times a week use it in your facial wash. DON'T get it in your eyes. Just add it to your normal soap. Will kill all the bacteria that cause your problems and not dry you out. It does smell a little (like a hospital smell) but it works great!

who actually likes their own acne?

The acne cream from fangocur gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin, and this allows the acne skin to heal. The Mineral Mask contains pure volcanic fango, a volcanic clay which is naturally high in beneficial minerals. This healing clay draws out the bacteria, small dirt particles and oil residue. This is only the beginning of the fangocur cleaning process – our acne cream also increases circulation and activates metabolic processes in the skin and that promotes healing. Through encouraging these natural processes, the skin is more able to rid itself of waste products and toxins – they are transported to the surface of the skin and then eliminated.


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