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I accidently burned my face with hot oil and rubbed some of my skin off. is there any way for it to get back?

John Marston
Cover it up with makeup and skin will come back in no time ;D

Get a nice idol and pray to me. I require 15 prayers a day and a legal sacrifice monthly. Only then will i restore your skin to you.

Or use cocoa butter to help the scarring you will get.


ouchhh Sorry to hear that....It really depends on your age if you are young and your body is still strectching and growing then i'd say yes you will get it back but not if your like over 21 then probably not. That happened to my son he pulled the lamp down and a lightbulb burned some skin off his cheek he was 2 at the time. The doctor said he is a growing healthy boy it should heal he is 6 now it looks normal but I can tell that there is a spot there but I think its because I know what happened no one can see it really......You may need a skin graft because your body isnt young and still growing probably...you should go to the hospital immediately

that happen to my wrist.
uhm it will scar over. you can get burn cream, and stay out of the sun so it doens't get worse. you can go to the doctor. and you should keep it wrapped...well if you can (: overall take good care of it,

I heard that aloe vera can help, but you need to treat the area every day. But i would use it right from the plant.

You need to see a doctor immediately, If layers of your skin are missing, you will be highly prone to infection. The doctor can also prescribe something like Flamazine to help you heal and soothe the burn. Once your skin is healed, use Vitamin E oil to fade/reduce/remove the scar.

There will probably be a scab. Run it under cold water. I'm sure the skin will grow back soon.


Oh Snap. It's Marie,<$
Moisturizer helps renew skin cells and will make the process faster.
Or contact your dermatologist

............skin kinda grows back.......atleast mine does........AM I NOT NORMAL!!!!!!!

tsk, surgery....
tsk tsk...

The body is an amazing thing. Just take care of it, and your body will repair itself. Just put some anti-bacterial cream on it or something (yes it will sting a whole lot, but it's worth it).

put poop all over ur face it will grow back

your skin will heal but i suggest you call a doctor or dermatologist because people don't know the severity of your wound.


Karo Miyuki
Ointment might help if it's not a severe burn, it should help heal the damage quickly so it doesn't become infected. If alot of skin came off, seek a dermatologist. If it's only a tiny would you may be fine. Try not to play with it, matter of fact.. don't touch it. You may get a scab. That's how you know it's healing. Watch for any redness or swelling that indicates inflamation.

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