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I've recently been diagnosed with pompholyx ezcema (on hands & feet). I've tried all sorts. Any suggestions ?
I've tried the strongest steroid cream but still symptoms persist. Can anyone suggest a cream to help or any other tips, at this stage I will almost try anything !! Thanks.

Have you tried the cream Unguentum Merck ?.
It's kind of an all rounder, I had a friend who had chronic psoriasis and eczema on his hands and it cleared that up.
It might work. And no I'm not taking the p**s, that really is the name of the cream.

pepzi_bandit 2
sun beds are meant to help

Just use some stuff that helps hydrate skin such as: lotion, oil, oatmeal, soaking in baths, and using the right kind of soap.

oatmeal baths- I don't know if this is stronger than the prescribed meds but Eucerine- gentle enough for toddlers, maybe that steroid meds is too strong for your system. Any skin soothing baths will definitely help you.....no perfume or scents. Good luck.

Ask an aromatherapist about this. I have a seriously dry skin condition and have found that certain oils are great. I'm 42 and have had this problem since birth. All the creams the doctors have given me are no good.

Rebecca W
ive always found that a hot bath n cream i got from the doctors works have a hot bath n put on the cream but put socks on to and dnt touch its always helped me i think the cream is calle fucibate im not sure ill get bk to you on it xx

My mother swore that using an oatmeal lotion like Aveeno did wonders for her dry, itchy, flaky skin.

my friend had ezcema on her hands....she rubbed raw lemon on them! Yes it hurt but after 3 or 4 days she was a lot better!! Seeing is believing

You might want to have a quick look at this web-site
it might give you some tips on what might help.

Good luck...

Yeah, it's amazing how irritating this can be. I was tired of putting the prescription cream on, and it not doing "anything! One night while in Wal-mart, I was looking for "anything" that might help, when I noticed a woman with ezcema right next to me. I asked if that's what she had, and she said yes. She had been sick, so she hadn't been to the store to get what she's used for three years. I asked what it was, and it's called "UDDERLY SMOOTH".
I bought a tube of it at 1.99 per tube, and it's more relieving than the junk the doctor said to use! Yeah Howdy! Also, whatever you use, only apply it in one direction, because when you rub back and forth, it actually makes the excema spread! So, you might want to try this and see. It doesn't cure it, but it works a lot better than anything else I've used so far. Good luck.

Toon Tigger had a good suggestion. My eczema hasn't acted up that bad in years and I forgot that I used to do that too. Before bed: For my hands, I would put on 1st steriod cream. (I always thought that "Triamcinolone Acetonide cream" always worked best. My brother has problems, too, and that is his favorite as well.) Then a good layer of Eucerin cream. Then put on vynil gloves (you should be able to find these at the store where the cleaning gloves are. These are not latex gloves. They have more of a heavy plastic feel and don't have the powdery substance to them. ) Then put on some soft cotton gloves. Leave them on all night. I would notice a significant difference after a day or two. I don't know why this worked best or where I got the idea from but it did work for me.
You could do the same thing for your feet. (I only break out on my hands.) Put on the medications and then wrap your feet in cling wrap or something (not too tight) and then put socks on.
I'm sure you know to keep your hands out of cleaning solutions and use a gentle soap like Dove.
I hope that helps. I know it is miserable!

Elidel is a non-steroidal cream typically used for this condition. Self-recommend it to your Dermatologist if you haven't already tried it. I hear it gives out remarkable results.

Before you go to bed put lots of cream on your feet and wrap them in cling film. Put a sock over your foot to keep the cling film from sliding off ........ this will soften them up and give up a bit relief but I am afraid there is no cure

you want to buy an alo vera plant and cut a leaf off then slice it open and use the jelly on sore areas also really good on sunburn and the best thing is once youve brought it it wont cost u another penny!!!

I keep reading in Dr. Peter Gott's column in the newspaper that many people are having success with Vicks Vapo Rub. Haven't tried it yet.

sudocrem helps me :)

try properly hydrating yourself first... 1oz per pound that will help!

jeff k
I used to get eczema on hands and feet, and the discovered that I was allergic to wheat, stopped eating wheat, and the eczema went away never to return, try a gluten free diet.

dr h lecter
never heard of this sort of eczema.
well cures /treatment seem to be different for everyone - one persons wonder cure seems to do nothing for the other person.

my advice - go to the bother of getting allergy tested. (it might be a pain but it could save you alot of energy in the end)
if you cant be bothered then try taking acidophilus capsules, you can get them in health food shops.

maybe try this link.

my wifes got this, she uses and oatmeal scrub, (porridge oats in a nylon stocking) and she adds sage water to her bath.

get 1oz of sage, boil and then simmer in 2pints of water and reduce gently to around half. seperate and keep liquid, add a couple of glugs to the bathwater...

its as good as free..and theres no side effects. youll see results within a week..

mikey d
15 years ago i had this condition on my feet when i was pregnant, i went to the doctors several times, but every time i went my feet were scabby and he kept giving me cream for dry skin (this wouldn't work with the blisters) eventually after about 8 years it went .until last year when i was pregnant again it flared up on my hands. i went to the doctors and the same thing, cream for dry skin not blisters.
someone told me to wrap my hands with cotton wool soaked in calamine lotion then bandage them up, this is what i done at night and put the ointment (dermovate) from the doctor on my hands in the morning after a bath.i didn't do any washing up for a few days and when i washed my hands i used dermol cream instead of soap, it's quite expensive but you can get it on prescription. i found that this worked for me, that was last year and i still use the dermol cream as a soap, as long as i remember to keep my hand out of any cleaning products I'm fine,( i use cotton gloves under my rubber gloves for cleaning)

Automation Wizard
Stop eating foods that make your body acidic.

You'll have to start from the inside out. "Note from Shirley - I am all too familiar with the debilitating pains of skin disease because I suffered from life long severe eczema. It wasn't until 1998 that I achieved a complete cure with natural means. The reason that a skin disease like eczema and psoriasis can cripple a person's physical and mental aptitude is not understood by most people. Holistic doctors view eczema and psoriasis as symptoms of a "blood disease" which occurs when eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, etc.) malfunction, causing toxins to accumulate in the blood which can affect mental clarity and aptitude.

The body attempts to compensate for faulty eliminative organs by excreting these toxins through the skin which is the largest eliminative organ next to the liver. (In his book, Healing Psoriasis, Dr. Pagano explains how build up of toxicity leads psoriatics to expel toxins through secondary systems, namely the skin.)

Elimination of the symptom is NOT the same as elimination of the disease. I was on cortisone (steroids) for 9 years in an attempt to suppress my eczema. Its side effects nearly killed me in the process.

The fastest way to restore wellness is to stop putting into the body the things that have caused the physical problem to develop in the first place, and then give the body the nutrients it needs to repair and rebuild itself. The holistic approach treats the whole person, ignites the body's internal healing force and stimulates the body's natural abilities to heal itself.

The two major steps I had to take to ignite my internal healing forces:

1. Eliminate from my diet and environment all offending elements to which my body was susceptible to. Mainly, I had to eliminate starchy foods from my diet (flour, rice, pasta, potatoes), as well as dairy products and most cooked or processed foods.
2. Provide my body with vitally important nutrients that it required to begin the healing process and to strengthen its immune system. Such nutrients include tonic herbal formulas, flaxseed oil and other important oils, wheatgrass juice, seaweed, fulvic acid, therapeutic clay, live foods, etc."

You can read the rest at: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/psoriasis.htm

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