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 Do strawberries make freckles go away.?
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 How to get whiter skin?

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I know many people ask this question but I need some answers. And if you dont know of any none prescriction products, do you think I should just go see a derm.??? Thanks!...

 What kind of acne do i have? (Pictures Included)?

Greyed Out
How to get rid of stretch marks?
I've had stretch marks on my arms for a while now an I really want to get ri of them. I'm 99% sure they're from growth as I am a teenager an tend to have growth spurts. Help is much appreciated.

Have you got stretch marks? Aren’t you sick and tired of them? Don’t you want to have a beautiful body again? It is a blessing to have children. But what happens with your body after you give birth to your baby? Your body gets covered with lots of stretch marks. These stretch marks will become an obstacle for you, if you want to go to the seaside for example or to a swimming pool, where you can feel frustrated watching the other woman’s perfect body shapes. You will feel the need to hide your body, because you like it or not it looks kind of hideous. It is known that after a pregnancy the stomach is the most affected area. It is so important for a woman to feel attractive. Those stretch marks shouldn’t stop you from feeling good about yourself. Stretch marks are a serious problem.

We wanted to come up with a solution. We are very pleased to present you our new product, Barmon Stretch Marks cream, the remedy for all the women across the world, concerning stretch marks. You are not going to believe how easy it is to regain your “old” body back. It seems hard to believe. No stretch marks? Well, believe it. You can now, thanks to Barmon Stretch Marks Cream. It is ideal for the stretch marks from your stomach. It is so easy to use. You have to apply it on your stomach every morning and night. Yes, that is all, no massaging, no traces on your clothes and no smell.

It sound almost impossible, but it is not. You can only find out on your own by using this cream. How it works? Well after about a month you will begin to see how your stomach stretch marks are starting to fade away. You don’t have to do anything else. Just apply the cream and before you realize they will disappear. You must be thinking now that since it is so miraculous it must cost a fortune. You are wrong; the price is accessible to everyone. It is a tough fight eliminating stretch marks. You can make it easier by using Barmon Stretch Marks Cream.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should trust this product. You have tried many other products and they didn’t work. To prove you that this cream really works we will present you some of the women that have tried this product and they were very pleased with it.

I heard a physician saying that after she had her baby her stomach was full of stretch marks. She heard about these cream and she decided to try it .That was a decision that she didn’t regret having made. Now she can show her body again without being ashamed.

Another woman said that from all the products she had used, Barmon cream really worked like a miracle. She is pleased with her stomach now.

And any customer would say that she didn’t believe it at first. Still she used it because nothing else helped her and she really wanted to have a nice stomach.

This product is totally natural and it really deserves a chance. You deserve a chance to be beautiful again. Barmon’s cream gives you this chance!!!! Try it!!

Tim R
Use Sharpie.

Cocoa Butter, Rub it in!

Jorges McTitties
Use some bacon grease and rub it all over your body.
next apply foot cream. This should work.

use cocoa butter.

holly h
put lotion on EVERY night. its worked for me

keith c
go to walmart or any drug store or supermarket get the cocoa butter with shea and if they have the one for pregnant women get it it has more moisturisers than normal cocoa butter.

if you have the stretch marks that are actually raised skin, there is no treatment to lighten them or make them dissapear.

but if you just have the scarring, try cocoa butter. it doesnt remove it completely but it lightens them up significantly=]

Pellumb K
boi oil, cocoa butter and anything with vitamin e

good luck :)

dont try to bend ur arms as much then..or find a creme to
im pretty sure they have one that can get that away

After a shower use losion and CoCo butter

Go to a dermatologist for a prescription like Retin A for the best effects. There are over the counter products that claim to fade stretch marks, but in my experience, coco butter for instance, is much better at preventing the marks than fading them.

They may never go away completely, mine never did. However, they faded to a smooth, faint, white mark rather than red/purpley rough etc...

There may be laser treatments, but I never opted for that.

The best way to get rid of stretch marks- to not have them. Unfortunately the buggers are really hard to get rid of. Several things help:
Moisturize daily
Use self-tanner to minimize the appearance
If it's in a small area, or the marks are new, try Mederma. You must use it 3-4 times a day on the area for about 2months. For older marks you may have to use it longer. It does work though, it just takes forever and you have to be very diligent.
Wait- time will allow your stretch marks to fade.

there is no magic cure for stretch marks. sorry!

Me too, haven't found anything. Mine came from working out too much, too fast. Live with them, they do add character. Girls dig imperfections like that anyways

you can use cocoa butter. or there is this lotion/ cream from avon that works bc i am a teenager and i have stretch marks. but you will always have them. they will just get lighter

Baby #3 due 3/3/2010 its a boy!
to be honest with you there isn't anything that can get rid of it as it is stretched skin. The only thing you can do is try toning it that way it looks tighter and not as loose. hope this helps

You really can't get rid of them completely. There are ways to help prevent them by keeping your skin well moisturised so it maintains a good elasticity and when your grow or lose weight your skin won't form as many if any at all if your lucky. But there isn't any way to completely get rid of them once you have them.

StriVectin-SD® is a multi-action skin perfector enriched with Striadril, a key compound containing patented pentapeptides that significantly improve the appearance of facial wrinkles, stretch marks, and minor skin imperfections by aiding the build-up of collagen. Unlike many other anti-aging treatments, Striadril is more stable (longer shelf life), better tolerated (causes less irritation), safer, and more effective.

Can be found at Sephora counters!

exercise and tone , and there are creams you could look into.Both work well together ,, my wife did it and i dont see stretch marks no more

I have stretch marks too for some reason and I have never been fat or anything--always skinny. You will never get rid of them. If you're self-conscious about it, pass gas and be self conscious about that or something else

Mrs. Hooah
The brand Palmer's make some cream for stretch marks, that helps them fade. I would suggest that.

Try Brenese Cacao Butter Cream (www.bcpcreams.com). It is the best cream out there for stretch marks and it is natural. It is about $45 but all worth it. It is so concentrated that you only need very little. I have used it for three months and after three kids I needed all the help. It reduced my stretch marks and as I continue to use it, my stretch marks seem like they are actually healing. I think it works so well because it has Cacao Butter, Shea Butter and Jojoba oil as the major ingredients. I also used all over my body, it works as an anti aging cream for the body. Who would have thought that I would get rid of my stretch marks and look younger at the same time. You should start seeing results in about seven days. Let me know how it goes.


They will lighten with time but the only way to get rid of them is surgery. Once the skin has been stretched to the point of a stretch mark the damage has been done.

unfortunatly you can't get rid of stretch marks and coco butter won't work, it helps prevent them

if you go and get Bio-Oil it will diminish the look of streth marks in about 2 to 3 weeks

Jenn V
There's no real way to get rid of them unless it's by plastic surgery. You can fade them a little by using over the counter creams found in any drugstore, but you can't get rid of them by yourself

Joanne J
I know it's easy to want a quick fix or just rely on one method to fade existing stretch marks but your best plan is to do everything you can to improve your marks rather than focusing on one method.

Here are a few things - a healthy balanced diet will provide your skin with the vitamins it needs, keeping your body hydrated will help remove toxins and moisturising will help improve skin tone and elasticity.

There are more tips below.

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