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How often do you put body lotion?
i do it almost everyday after shower.... is this ok?

yepp thats what i do ! :D

i think you should limit the lotion since the bathe soap you use most likely has moisturizer in it already...and by the way...I LOVE DBSK!!!!!!!!!

Elaine V
I use it 5 times a day... spread out evenly ( the hours not the lotion LOL)

Katie P
erh yeah i use it every time i get outta shower to keep skin nice and soft it stops it drying

Yeah it's fine, i don't put it on that much though.

Beth R Βƒ
personally at least twice a day . its good to after showers to replace mositure taken by the heat. its up to you how much really : )

Ketchup Monster
In the summer not often at all! Only when I need aloe after crisping myself in the sun. :3
But in the winter at least once every two days, if not more frequently. I get dry patches on my legs, so those need lotion constantly. Moreover it is a if-I-remeber-I-will-put-it-on kind of thing.
Although, since I have sever O.C.D. I constantly need to rub lotion on my hands, especially in the drier months, because I so my share of damage with just washing them!

Leyanna (:
as often as every day cuz you dont want to be dried out and ashy

but when u stop using it
ur skin going to b dry
cause ur bodys use to it
i only use it on my face

in winter once a day in summer just wheneveri feel the need

Once a day. i'm not sure now (smile).

sierra alexis!
yeah, that's fine. i do the same thing. i think i herd something about if you do it right after you towel off after a hot shower, Your pores are still open a bit so the moister will sink in more. so yes, keep doing what your doing.

chelsea t
I Apply It At Least Once A Day. I Take Showers In The Morning So I Usually Do It Then Hope This Helps But i Would Say As much As You Think You Need. Like If Your Skin Is Feeling Dry Put Some On.

sldkfjlkjsdf. :)
everyday :o
you should put lotion on everyday- makes skin look nice n smOoth :D

ya sure.. also it depends on what type of skin you have.... if you have unusually dry skin i'd be putting it on all the time if were u. i have dry skin so i use it pretty often, and i always have lotion in my purse =)

Only after a bath or shower, but I use hand lotion all day long.
I see no problem with using body lotion every day. You must have very moist skin! :-)

As long as it's just a normal moisturizing lotion, it is fine to use as often as you need it.

I usually use some after I shower in the morning and before I go to bed. It's nice to use it at night because that's when your skin can lose a lot of its moisture.

the sweetest sour
drink water too. that'll help with hydration, otherwise your body will depend on lotion to keep you soft and hydrated.

yea, sounds fine

Denise S
I put mine on after the shower too...definitely that is the best time, when your pores are open and can "drink in " the moisture

I use it everyday after i shower, too. It's fine :)

Susan B

Kenneth Alexander born 6/5/10 <3
I used it everyday after showering as well.
It's definitely okay for you to do that, it keeps your skin moisturized and healthy! :)

i do it everyday after my shower

yes thats fine

At least daily for me!

It's fine, but your body might stop producing the necessary oils. Though I hardly ever use lotion and I don't produce much oil to keep me hydrated anyways.

I put lotion on every night, otherwise my hands get really dry. I've never had any problems with it.

Frankie B
yes. using it after the shower is especially good because you get extra moisture in your skin.

Depending on your skin type; some lotions make your skin oily or block your pores...

I use an inshower lotion (By Olay) and I find that this works better and doesn't hurt my skin.

I would assume by you asking that you've run into a skin issue or someone commented.

If it's a skin issue; knock back to every 2 days... if it's an off comment; show your skin and say "Hey; I do it so I can have smooth soft skin; unlike yours" smile and walk away.

I should do it more often but I am too lazy, but it is very good that you do it after shower.

Mark K
I only do in the wintertime when its dry and I get flaky, yes everyday use is OK they test it on animals to make sure its safe

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