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 Why don't asians have acne?

Additional Details
It's just everytime I see someone who is Asian, their skin seems to be pretty clear....
And they even get spicy food and still get no pimples T_T...

 how do you lose black heads on your nose?
what do i do i have black heads on my nose......

 Why don't animals get acne?
Seriously i want to know >_>...

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 i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
my arm pit to be exact... it started with a deodorant that i use all the time.. but i switched any way and its still happening.. some times they will be huge pimples almost like a boil.. i sweat a ...

 how can u get rid of sunburn?

 What's wrong with my face?
So, I noticed something earlier. I keep griping because my face is broke out, I've tried everything, blah blah blah but I just realised. My face isn't broke out with pimples. I mean, they�...

I know many people ask this question but I need some answers. And if you dont know of any none prescriction products, do you think I should just go see a derm.??? Thanks!...

 What kind of acne do i have? (Pictures Included)?

 Does coffee age your skin?
I will be 29 next month and I am starting to be concerned about aging flawlessly. Anyway, I just wanted to know if coffee or caffeine will age my skin faster than normal. I drink one cup a day....

 I have a little problem that is really embarassing...?
I dont know how to say this but... I have an eye one my nose!...

 How do you get rid of FOOT ODOR?
i liek wearing flats,sandles during summer and at skewl and i hate when my feet smell its so emabrassing! any way to prevent this?...

 What is Puss made from?
no essays please, just short and simple answers ...

 What can you do about dry cracked skin?
My skin is severly cracked to the point of bleeding. I use lotions but that does nothing. Could this be a vitamin deficiancy or are some people just suseptable to dry skin?...

 Who doesn't use sunscreen?
I don't because it causes cancer. I know the common answer of .....no, the sun causes cancer...but it doesn't!..will probably but your answer.

New studies show that sunscreen may ...

 how to get rid of feet odor?

Additional Details
No stupid answers. Like really GET A LIFE....

 how do you get rid of acne?? plsz help!?!?
hey everyone does anyone have any idea how to get rid of acne??...

 How do you deal with cracked heels? The hard skin on my feet is worse than ever. At 50 years old, it is causin

 can I pierce my ears safely at home with a needle?
I talking about ear ...

How do you get rid of mosquito bites?
I went camping recently and happened to get my legs completely covered in mosquito bites. They swelled up and turned into big red bumps all over. Being summer time, i'd like to be able to wear shorts and capris, but i'm too embarressed by the big bumps to wear them, its so ugly :( Any way to get the swelling and redness down quickly?

I've heard banana peels help? Does that actually work?
And i've heard the putting an X on them works, but I'm afraid that will cause them to bleed, and then make scabs.

chances r u will die of infection

potato slicer

Benadryl!!!! It makes you sleepy but it really works!

scratch it like crazy [:
it'll make you feel betterrr!

put this stuff on called burts bees it rly works!

this might sound really wierd but
to ice them help the swelling a little bit and also is a little relaxing!

theres nothing for it .. it naturally goes away!

I put alcohol on them and that at least stops the itching. I put it on a paper towel and hold it there for 5 - 10 minutes.

Guy in crowd
use anti itch cream so u don't scratch then leave them until they're gone

bug bite medication and treatments can be found at our local pharmacies. Don't itch them though when using the medication though, or else it KILLS.

idk but i want to know too=)

use rubbing alcohol.

i use alcohol

Kapooka 2
i would love to know too, but all i've heard was that it would go away by itself.

BTW..answer mine!

To get rid of them use Cortisone cream for bug bites and rashes.

Slightly Dark Francis
Insect repellent. Citronella. Pyrethrum. DEET. Picaridin. These are the ingredients to look for.

Muffin M
Before you go to sleep take your nail ( nail of a finger) and press hard on one so that it would like make an indent

Use to do it when i was smaller and it seemed to work back then...

Don't itch them because that just makes them worse.

If you have aloe vera in your garden, you can also use that as a natural remedy for your insect bites. Peel it open and apply directly on the areas. It instantly provides relief from itch and pain. This remedy is ideal if your insect bites start to cause a burning sensation, especially when you have scratched the insect bite and welts have already formed.

Johanser V
im not sure about the banana .. iknoe u heard it b4 but try not to scracht it .and may be some neosporing. look in your nearest drugstore for medicene to realive the itching. And some merderma to remove scarring..

good luck :)

ice and an anti-itch cream.

I am from Alaska the greats place in the world if you like Mosquitos and my dad used to sell mosquito repelent
Here is what you should do
First of all don't scarcth them what
so ever that makes it worse
I know this sounds gross but spiting
On them works the next time you do
go camping don't use OFF it is sugar water
Try citronella oil it is an all natural repelent good luck !

Cut a lime in half and rub it on the bite and it will feel better very soon and it leaves a rather pleasant smell compared to the bug sprays.

Hope this helps.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice when rubbed on the bites will head of itching and swelling. They will also aid in them healing faster.

I know a great product you can try. After Bite The Itch Eraser. It removes the itch but also helps the bites heal. Here`s a website that you can order it from, but you may want to research it too. It treats bites and stings.


What ever you do, don't scratch/scrape off the skin. This will prolong your healing and could lead to infection. You can try over-the-counter hydrocortisone (a topical mild steroidal cream) that can help with the swelling and itching. You can also try caladryl or calomine lotion (again, over-the-counter and topical). Ice, staying out of the sun, and getting plenty of fluids will help too. The less you fuss with them the sooner they'll heal and the sooner they will be gone.

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