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 what is inside of your eyeball?? i always thought it was blood:)?

 how to get rid of acne as quick as possible. Help!!!?
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 What is the best face scrub?
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 I just took my daughter to the doctor and they told me she has excema on her face?
What can I use on her face to help her? The doctor said a cream but I was wondering if anyone can recomend anything? Thank You so much!!...

 I've recently been diagnosed with pompholyx ezcema (on hands & feet). I've tried all sorts. Any suggestions ?
I've tried the strongest steroid cream but still symptoms persist. Can anyone suggest a cream to help or any other tips, at this stage I will almost try anything !! Thanks....

How do you get rid of FOOT ODOR?
i liek wearing flats,sandles during summer and at skewl and i hate when my feet smell its so emabrassing! any way to prevent this?

febreze :]

Gina Lake
put deoderant on ur feet

have you washed your feet lately? :]

we're not the same i'm a
take a bath

Shamika S
Buy some foot perfume or mist.

Wash them...then...learn how to spell.

me myself and i
w3ll i think u should [email protected]$h ...................your ffeet 4 @ [email protected] long t!me that should h3lp..........

I have that problem. You can buy odor eaters in your shoes along w foot powder. It's also good to wash you're feet with soap when you take showers.

You must do daily. good luck ;D

there's this new stuff out called soap

You can put baking soda in them when you are not wearing them, make sure to only wear them with clean feet too :)

try washing your feet with soap that doesnt have a strong smell dry it really well and put some baby powder!! try thisssss you gonna remember me 4ever :)

live for the moment
Dr Scholls deodorizing foot powder - cheap - wal mart - sprinkle in your shoes and between your toes! They also make sprays.

wash your sandals and and a Little powder

Just wash your feet with soap and if that doesn't do the trick then shove them in some type of herb liquid for about 30 minutes. The herbs should help to replace the stench. Worst comes to worst, there's always febreeze....

lovely lullaby
get a pedicure every other week or so. idk how it helps but it definitely helped my husband.

Odor is caused by bacteria from your feet sweating. Wash your feet often with antimicrobial wipes. Wear good quality shoes and sandals that let your feet breathe, not hold in the moisture. You might have to put out some money for a good pair of shoes, but it's worth it. When wearing shoes, use odor eater insoles and good medicated foot powder that absorbs moisture.


Very useful stuff.

take with you a little bottle of rubbing alcohol and a little bottle of body lotion that smells good. after you clean your feet with rubbing alcohol, apply lotion to your feet. Your feet will feel refreshed and no bad smell.

spray feet with mix. 50% water and 50% (3% strenth) hydrogen peroxide, every day, allow it to dry(do not wipe away)

okay this is old remedy but IT WORKS
kind of gross but it is the best i have ever heard that works
so here's what you do:
1. get a small tub like container or foot wash basin
2. buy either LEMONs or LIMEs or one of those bottles that already have it squeezed
3. pour it in there
4.put your feet in and splash it on your feet for like 10 minutes maybe longer
5. get a towel and pat it

this not only makes it go away but as soon as you can smell it again do it again
when you are only doing it when it is starting to smell again yo don't have to stay there for so long

hope i was of help iand i warned you that it was kind of gross

if you really only want to PREVENT then try foot power some it doesn't have to be the gross kind some is perfumed
and for flats you can also try those little socks that have the long hole

ok some baby powder works wonders but b4 u put it on your foot make sure to wash and dry realllly well like dead dry then put the powder on
~hope i helped

*Love Conquers All*
get some foot powder and rub it on real good so the powder won't she and at school if you wear tennis shoes or something then put it on then cover it with socks. But get the kind that say it eliminates odors hope i helped!!

The only way to sure fire kill 99.9% of germs on your feet is to dip them in vodka. Believe it or not, the chemical reactions from the alcohol in vodka are a natural germ killer.

Keep your feet clean and dry. Try a wetness absorbing powder on them. Don't wear the same shoes every day. I'm sure there's a foot deodorant out there as well.


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