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del monte man
How do you deal with cracked heels? The hard skin on my feet is worse than ever. At 50 years old, it is causin

Joe Bleu
Yuck mine got that way soak them and that stuff can be filed off and you can even use your nails to scratch it off.

It's from not wearing socks and shoes and at the time I was into sandals which I won't waer any more.

Mine are nice and soft now and feel great.
I love my sneakers.

Oh yeah and put some healing lotion of some sort on them.
I used Jergens Ultra Healing for extra dry skin I bought at walmart for around $4 and it's a real big pump bottle about 30 oz.

Go and get a professional pedicure to start with. Then moisturise your feet, especially the heels, with Heel Balm...every day.

Nothing worse than uncared for tootsies!!,

Shoba N
I recommend True Blue Spa Heel of Approval Cracked Heel Treatment. It is a wonderful product available at Bath & Body Works. You should slather it into your heels every night before you go to bed, and if possible, sleep in cotton socks to "seal in" the moisture.

For absolute best results, use these 3 pedicure steps:
1. Soak your feet for about 10 - 15 minutes (try footloose & fancy fizz)
2. Exfoliate to rub away dead skin (try the toe the line foot scrub).
3. Moisturize (this is where you use the heel of approval cracked heel treatment.)

miss gorgeous
Soak your feet in warm water with bath salt then scrub the soles of your feet with a Pomice. Make sure you dry your feet then use a moisturisng cream. Do this everyday and you will definately see results.

If you have tried all of these good suggestions and nothing else has worked, it could be a form of athlete's foot, or a sign of thyroid dysfunction. Ask your doctor.
I shave mine-you can get a callus shaver at the drug store. It will shave it right down (after a shower is the best time). But unless you take care of the underlying problem, it will keep coming back.

Try Flexitol Heel Balm its wonderful! Available from good chemists and on the net.

You can soften and heal the skin just using good old Vaseline. Put a heavy coat on your cracked heals right before going to bed, cover with white socks. If you do this for several nights in a row your feet will become really soft and than the skin will heal. It's always worked for us.

Scholl cracked heel repair stuff.

Can't remember what it's called, but as the instructions said, in 3 - 5 days there would be a remarkable differance - & there was. I honestly didn't believe something could work so well without a downside.

Nancy B
Soak your feet in warm water for at least 10 minutes. Then use a pumice stone or another commercially created item for removing callouses. Almost any pharmacy department at Walmart or Target will have those items. they are also available at stores like Beauty Brands and Sally's. Get a good foot cream and apply liberally. Repeat often!

[email protected]
I have the same problem and nothing worked UNTIL!!!! I found this foot scraper thing at Target, like one side sands and the other side scrapes, it looks like a parmesaun cheese grater but it works wonders and then follow with sally hansen cracked heal cream....Trust me, I hqad disgusting cracked heals that would bleed if they got to dry and it was horrible and then I found this stuff and I am so happy now (about my feet) and its under 8 bucks for both of those things together.

Ugh, I have that, too, and I hate it!! At my podiatrist, they told me to exfoliate my heels and they have cream and specially made pedicure brushes at the store to take care of that problem.

friend had something simlar..peppermint minty something cream from Body Shop seem to do the trick.

have your pharmacist order Carmol 20 for you, available without Rx, use it 2tx daily

First, I'd get some bleach, and add a bit to a pan of warm water. do it in an area where you don't have to worry about the floor. soak your feet in it for awhile and use a pumice stone or large Emery board on the area, The bleach softens the dead skin and promotes healing . After you have removed as much as possible rinse feet in warm water and rub vasaline on them and put on some white socks. May need to be repeated if you have allowed them to get to the stage where they crack and bleed.

put coco butter on your feet a night with socks on for about two weeks,or else soak your feet and rub it with a pumice stone.

ok..everybody who has answered so far has suggested everything I would except one thing...go barefoot as much as possible because I have to stand on my feet every night at work and my sock and shoes do sweat and that does not help the heels at all. Also..I have this weird indoor/outdoor carpet in my back porcj family room and it can make little skin splinters come loose on my big toes and pads of feet..I simply clip them off when I feel them and keep using whatever moisturizer I have to help. Good luck!

Real people do not have beautiful feet!!...(I am 53)

not far off my age and no wot you mean , and thy can get sore too , wot i done , a nice foot soak with moisturising oil in and leave in for half an hour and your heels will be ready to scrap off the dead skin with your if you can your nails or some think you use your self than dry , than massage any moisturising cream all over every night when getting in to bed, put socks on to keep the moisture in and every morning the same as long as it has a moisture on the jar that was fine by me ,i even used hand cream it works , the £1 ones just as good .

proud walker
Boots Advanced Footcare Intensive Cream is very good, although a reflexologist would probably tell you that it is a sign you have a dysfunction in the area represented in that part of your foot, probably the gut, which needs to be attended to.

hiya love i have this problem at only 32,,,saw a top specialist a few weeks ago cost me 150 pounds for appointment,,,,,gave me some (unguentum m) cream which you can get from pharmacists or you doctor,,,,worked wonders in just 3 weeks hard skin now very soft,,,,,

What you can do is get a pumice stone and exfoliate, it will take a few days to take off the excess dead skin, oh don't do it too hard, it will hurt. Moisturize, a lot! If it doesn't clear up in about a week go get a pedicure and they can take it off for you. Also Mary Kay makes some stuff called Satin Hands....it works great on your feet too, that is what I use.

emily m
a nice long foot bath :)

Your drugstore should have this stuff called Callex that worked very well for my wife in taking care of a similar problem. You have to apply it a couple times a day for a while, then once a day after that. Takes the dry skin off right away.

Oh, and a pedicure once a month or so would certainly not hurt.

lots of vasiline

Preferrably see a chiropodist/podiatrist for good solid advice. If this is not possible for say financial reasons then:-
reduce the hard skin with a foot file (be careful to rasp only the hard skin not the soft tissue above) take a bath and with a pumice gently remove any residue that is ready to come away. Please do not use the cheese grater style foot rasp as misuse can make your feet very sore. After a good soak towel dry the heel area and rub in a good quality thickish heel cream (vaseline tends to be a bit too greasy) do not use body lotion/cream it is not man enough for the job. Cover the feet immediately with socks to help retain the moisture leave overnight or at least for a couple of hours if doing this during the day.
dry cracked heels generally occur when we wear the wrong type of shoe, i.e, sling backs or sandals, flip flops are very popular where the person walking will not actually walk back into the heel of the flip flop but flop over the side. The skin around the heel is then effectively pinched between the outer hard surface and the bones within the foot which aggravates the area and causes hard skin. Also if shoes have a stitching line etched into the insole this can also cause problems for some. Unfortunately as we get older the natural oils in our body diminish and we get dry skin conditions much quicker. Weight also plays a part in this problem and if you are carrying a few extra pounds it would be better for your feet to wear socks and an enclosed shoe such as a trainer with a shaped insole.
If however the cracks on your heels bleed then I do recommend a visit to the chiropodist as some of the really hard skin will need to be treated with a scalpel or drill.

Donna M
Take a pumice tone to them, get off all the hard skin, then cover in some foot moisturiser.

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