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 I have an all over body rash, like little bumps - why ????
I woke up today and I have little red bumps all over me - and they are quite itchy - any ideas whats up with me ???
Very concerned !!...

 Pityriasis Rosea?
1. anyone had it
2. is there anything to make them less scaly
3. anything to make them go away or not be red
4. how common is it
Additional Details
thanks, but I already ...

 How do I get rid of scarring? or minimize it?
I have a really bad back and after one of my surgeries, I was told to do Physical Therapy, so I did. At the office I went to, they had a big whirlpool for rehabilitation. I exercised in there for a ...

 microdermabrasion at home kits?
are the results noticeable? my skin has been damaged by the sun, also i have chicken pox marks... will it help?...

 how to get rid of scars on legs?
i have scars when i tried to remove the ingrown hairs on my legs! I would scrap skin off to get the hair out and before i knew it, my whole leg is full of little scars!!!

What do i do!? ( ...

 tell me about the treatment for piles with out operation?

 i have a boil on my side thigh ?
I AM A VIRGIN so it has nothing to do with diseases.
i just had it today since i started walking after school it was hurting and its like a lump and its a little bit hard and warm when i touch ...

 Why does the sun?
lighten our hair but darken our skin?...

 Does spearmint get rid of acne?
just wondering becuz my mom has spearmint oil and it is real strong.......

what causes it and how do i make it go away?...

 Does anyone know whether they've found a cure yet for Vitiligo?
Vitiligo - discoloration of the skin Your skin turns white So you have two-toned skin......

 Does anyone get small clear bumps on their top eyelid?
I get very small clear bumps on my top eyelid next to my eyelashes. They are very itchy. My doctor believes they are allergy related, but I can't find anything about what they are or what they ...

 I have these bumps on ym uper body what is it???
ok yes they are red itchy bumps all over my stumach

its under my arm and starting to pop up on my neck

id say the pumps are the size of the tip of my pointer finger


daniel g
How do i get rid of acne?

rip it off

*?* Q&A Girl *?*

I have used this product for about 8 yrs. and I couldn't live without it.
I tried the dermatologist before and it was of no help. I just left with a big bill.
Try Proactive. I know that it is a little pricey but it is worth it.
Make sure you stick with it for at least 2 months and don't over use it if you have sensitive skin.
It is the Best out there! Trust me I know. Good Luck!

shocka r
proactive gets rid of it or some sort of wipes and wash your hands and face 3 times a day keep your self healthy

Arbonne Clear Advantage


Also, cleanse and moisturize (yes, even for the guys) daily and nightly with GENTLE SOAPS, not harsh products, they make acne worse. wearing SPF protection can also help, as the sun can encourage break outs.

Kevin A
http://acne-cures101.blogspot.com has good information and treatments for fighting acne.


Proactiv works for me...but it took me 6 weeks to see the result.

♥ Emily ♥
seing as how your avatar is a guy i cant tell you to get a 'scrip for a Birthcontrol pill ... so id say just wash your face regularly and keep from touching it alot ... cut back on the greesy foods, fatty oils, and eat more veggies. prolly some cranberrie juice would help a little too. hope you get it cleared up =)


try toothpaste. or go to a dermatologist. Mine gave me a gentle face cleanser call metrex. it works great.

Island Girl
You need to see a dermatologist. Proactive doesn't work for all skin types. And I have seen my friends buy loads and loads and realise later its not for them.

There are different types of acne and your dermatologist will tell what type you have and recommend a product to you.

The answer is simple enough: You have acne.Acne may be the scourge of the adolescent years,but it can follow some people into middle age and beyond says dermatologist James E.Fulton,Jr,M.D.,PhD.,founder of Acne Research Institute in Newport Beach,California.
Acne is really a catchall term for a variety of symptoms such as pimples,whiteheads,and blackheads,says Peter E.Pochi,M.D.,a professor of dermatology at Boston School of Medicine. " It is a condition where the pores of the skin become clogged and the person gets inflamed and noninflamed lesions."
The prescription drug Accutane will take care of severe acne very well,says the above mentioned doctor.

Import Car Salesman
start cleaning your face. i had bad acne mostly due to greasy foods and smoking and improper washing. take some anti-biotics like tetrocyclene.

be careful with stuff like proactive. it works but it can cause severe breakouts initially. thats what sacylic acid does.

letting your face get a sunburn once in a blue moon is good too.

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