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How do I get rid of scarring? or minimize it?
I have a really bad back and after one of my surgeries, I was told to do Physical Therapy, so I did. At the office I went to, they had a big whirlpool for rehabilitation. I exercised in there for a little while and then got out, dressed and went home to shower. On my home I noticed my skin smelled dirty from the water in the pool. Not long after that (maybe 2 days), I got a staph infection. It's taken me a really long time to get rid of the infection, but it's finally gone. Now, I have horrible scarring all over my arms and my dermatologist says there's nothing he can do about it. Does anyone have suggestions? Anything will be helpful: home remedies, dermatologist suggestions in Austin Texas, over-the-counter meds. Help please!

hey hun, im 27 weeks pregnant and i have LOADS of stretch marks. i asked a similar question and everyone said get bio oil, so i did. ive been using it twice a day for about 3weeks and my stretch marks are totally fading! ive also been putting it on old scars here and there too and there also fading. hope this helps! ox

I hope you are suing the facility you got the staph infection from. They should pay for any plastic surgery to help you.

Pure Vitamin E Oil

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