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I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

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Mike H
How do I get rid of razor burn?
I've never had it before and its only on my neck at the height of my Adam's apple. I'm using the same razor and shaving cream as before. Anybody know what could be causing it?

lightly slash your neck tell it bleeds and put peroxide on it so it feel better :) ive done it before it works good i give it 9 out of 10

Infinite Integral
Stop shaving or use another type of blade.

it could be the way you are shaving, you know like going against the hair or with the hair. try baby powder to get rid of the bumps.

Erica L
buy a new razor or better cream to shave with,or wait 2 days so it cn go away

Aloe vera creme-gel or vitamin E ointment is good.Then use softer razor types--Bic has several kinds

I love you Lawliet <3
maybe yu shod try geting a nw razor XD

Ice Cream Man
You can try wetting a face towel with hot water (not scalding hot) and holding it on your face for a minute to soften up the whiskers. Be sure not too press too hard with the razor when you shave. It also might help to skip shaving at least one day a week.

most likely an old razor blade.
also dry skin.
try putting some after shave gel on afterward...
the irritation should stop.

if that doesnt work try using a new blade on your razor.
hope this helps!

change blades/ razor

PB n J
use better shaving cream... if your shaving... err... "below the belt" try using shampoo...

my grandmother always said to put alcholol on it .she also says to use vicks save on everything.maybe this will help.she is usually right.and you can try a creamy vaseline lotion for that sorta stuff.let me know

Joey V
the same razor gets brittle after time so use a clean blade and dont shave in the same spot dont push down when your shaving the erea

Tinker Bell
use ointment on it. it will heal. do not use baby powder it will clog ur pores.

Mark A
Stop using the same razor. They are 5 for a dollar at Dollar Tree for a triple blade.

Seriously you need a sharp razor every time and don't press so hard around the curves.

well, theres a few options here...you could be allergic to the shaving cream, you're razor might be dull, or you might have sensitive and dry skin...but after you shave you should always put a little bit of vaseline on it to keep it moist and help prevent razor burn.

My brother use to have the same problem the answer is get a nice well-investing razor and some good after-shave that should do the trick.

♥ Hunter's Mommy ♥ is TTC
Have you tried a electric shaver? Your skin could be too sensitive for the razors blades or the shaving cream. Possibly both. You can buy a men's sensitive shaver or the electric. Just make sure you buy products for sensitive skin.

sheila f.
you may be applying more pressure than necessary

I get razor burn on my &*&#!&. I use coco butter lotion, 100%. It doesn't sting and it stops the itch.

A7x ftw
use lotion

Andrew A Chi
your razor could be getting dull, so you might want to consider replacing them more often. you might have somehow put a little more pressure on your skin than usual.
try using some after-shave or lotion to soothe the skin.

The best way to get rid of it, is well...allow it to heal before shaving again. Make sure the blade is clean!

.Splash cold water or run an ice cube over your freshly shaven skin to close up your pores. Ice works just as well as alcohol and will not dry out your skin.
Apply an aloe vera or tea tree oil balm to moisturize, soothe and cool your skin.

Well, i've had a similar problem with my razor too. You see ads for Gillete fusion and you wonder why 5 blades right? The truth is that those 5 blades spread out the pressure, because pressure is force per area, if you apply the same force but have 2 extra blades, that pressure decreases.
What i did to solve my problem was to switch from a 3 razor to a 5 razor, and after i shave i use the after balm (gillete makes a good one, it is soothing like after shave lotion, but it is thick and lathery like a shave balm). THe name of it is Gillette After Shave Gel - Skin renewal. It solve my problem instantly.
I guess that's all i can tell you for now. If the problem persists i would consult a dermatologist because it might be your skin's sensitivity to certain products.

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