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Demos V
How can i get rid of acne/zits in a week?
Does the Clearasil acne spot treatment work? What do I have to do, buy, or need to get rid of it? Its not severe acne just a couple bumps and redness here and there, mostly on my cheeks and temples.

-Its for my birthday and I know everyone is going to take lots of pics (:

pop goes the pimple.

Lime Socks 12
Stridex pads. You can get them at a grocery store of pharmacy. Works on most acme.
G' luck and happy early b-day!

Simon M
i dont know if i can help you get rid of them in a week, but i know i found out that the ebst way to not get spots in the first place is to wash your face with just warm water, dont even use soap on it, clearasil and similar products always seemed to make spots appear on me more often i found, but just warm water every morning and night helped keep me spot free i believe :) i still do this routine now and my face always feels nice and fresh and spot free ^^

Nick H
Hey I had the same problem. The clearasil spot treatments do work, but only on one or two pimples. And in general wash and scrub your face twice a day or so.

Lauren M
avoid clearsil and grocery store products.

try this:
it worked for me in about 3 days.

monique h
the best product is clean and clear acne spot treatment, it gets rid of zits in 2 days. :)

please answer --> http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiVMotmo7GEUOGGWiJiwuo_sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20081113162245AAFeLYv

change u'r face!

Bil B
I will grantee the below formula to get rid of your Zits in two to three days, keep using it and you will be zit free.

First - get some cotton balls and some rubbing alcohol 70% or better.
clean you zits with this three times a day if possible at if not it will take longer.

Second after Rubbing Alcohol you will need baking power or flour,
mix powder or flour in water till it's a thick formula then rub on zits leave on for 30 min to on hour till dry.

Third - Wash off with a clean wash cloth and pat dry with towel.

A Leo _n_ [email protected]
Try drying the areas out!! And keeping them clean !! see the acne is just your skin having an allergic reaction to the OIL/DIRT build up IN not just on your skin !! some of that dust/dirt oil mix can & or will irratate the skin/building up under the skin & with the oil,dirt,lotion etc build up will cause an illergic reaction !! possibly causing the skin to rise/pimple up !?! USE LEsss OILY PRODUCTS ON YOUR FACE !! g/l~!!!rRr

use anything twice a day
clean and clear
normal soap
anything works

Nicole B
sure do that but the best thing ever ever ever that i found is to drink as much water as possible its perfect oh gosh just try it while doing the face wash garentee it will hep!

jacqui b
Rubbing Alcohol works great but everyone's skin is different. PRO ACTIV is great!!! You shouldn't have waited til only a week before though.

Steven K
i read a book called cure your acne condition in 7 days and it worked
i recommend it
stuff like proactiv and such works for some but not alot. lots of chemicals

Jay S
Acne products work on some people and not others. Clearasil is a good general product. Lemons also work for some people because the juice kills the bacteria that cause acne.

mixed chocalat13
you don't need to pop zits because it can spreed on to other spot on your face. i would ask my doctor or use some kind of acne stuff. proactive does not work just to let you know.

Franklin P
to get rid of them in a week might be pretty hard, but in like 2-3 weeks you will start to see real improvement. clearasil works great, for spot treatments.

drink lots of water, wash face constantly, don't eat any fatty foods, eat fruit. Give your face some sunshine and moisturise

There are alot of product out there that will help, but you still have developing acne under the skin that will make it's appearance for the big day. My suggestion is start on a regimen now and you can reduce the number and size by your birthday.
Start by gently cleansing with a facial cleanser. Follow with an astringent with anti-inflammatory properties to remove any residue left behind. Use a moisturizer daily. And exfoliate twice a week to remove any dead skin that might clog your pores.

TERMINATOR 10!!!!!!!! ITS FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! 11 out of 10.

i have a sure fire rememdy for acne, handed down from my grandmother to my sisters. Get ready, this is gonna blow your mind. First, stop eating so much. Second, wash your face every once in a while. Thank u, that is all.

i'm personally a neutrogena fan.
i use the anti stress acne foam face wash
and then the moisterizer.
and then for those zits that just appear out of nowhere over night i use the spot treatment.

I would say probably proactive or that other zit stuff it says it garuntees results but think, results dosen't mean it will go away so be very careful choosing your product ior just try normal washing every morning and night nobody ever does that anymore‚ô•

Hope this helps!!!

Ashley S
pro activ!!!!!!

i'm all the way with clean and clear.
i just got this Clean & Clear Persa-Gel 10 (I'll include the link (; ) three days ago and i swear, it works wonders! but it can dry the heck out of your skin. I got mine at my local CVS, but you can probably find it at Walgreen's, Target, etc. I apply it at night, because once you put it on it dries white. So not suitable to go out with - lol. I've used it for three days and it reduces the size and redness, and it gives good results. It's a spot treatment, so if you have rather severe acne, I don't suggest it as your skin would probably get itchy and dry much quicker than just spots.

All of my zits are gone as of now, three days after using it. But this morning, when I woke up, my face burned like I had stood in the sun all day! Since I'm a C&C freak, I have their Oil-Free Moisturizer on hand already. It's a white bottle with a purple nozzle, I'll include that link too! It is also used to prevent acne and breakouts. So together, those two products, they're totally unbeatable.

Good luck!

Persa-Gel 10 :

Moisturizer :

*I suggest using the gel (it's not actually gel.. i don't know why they call it that.) at night, and then after you wake up and wash your face (I use, yet again, another cream cleanser from C&C xD) you apply the moisturizer alllllll over.

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