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How can I get rid of stretch marks?
I have large stretch marks on my lower back, and sides, and on my shoulders. Is there a way where I can get rid of them?

i found 'bio oil' lightened mine when i used it regularly after my second pregnancy. it is really reasonably priced too thank god and available in chemists, price attack eve the supermarket i think ...... good luck

Alex Mason
Stretch marks are caused when the skin is stretched and torn during periods of quick growth. (Puberty, preganancy, body building etc)

It is a lack of collagen in the skin which means that the stretch marks show up, as the skin is thinner and less plump than the surrounding area. To get rid of the stretch mark, you need to increase collagen levels.

Collagen is produced naturally by everybody. When you cut yourself, your skin manufactures it to heal the gap in the skins surface.

So to boost collagen levels you need to stimulate the process as well as provide the right environment for it to form. Use something along the lines of bio oil / vitamin enriched moisturiser.

At the same time, use something like a Dermaroller. These devices are a form of collagen induction therapy and can be used at home. Results take up to a month to show so it might not be the fastest (Still quick tho) but in terms of cost, it's much much cheaper than going to a beauty clinic or some other approach.

This method is pretty much guaranteed to work.

Good Luck.

You can put a light shade of Make up on it so nobody can see.

I have a health business which involves using drug and chemical free patch technology to promote youthfulness, burn 600 calories extra per day from your fat cells, increase your energy and vitality, reduce food cravings and detox your entire body. This new technology (TGA approved), will assist enormously with your stretch mark problem. You can contact me via my email [email protected] and I will provide you with my phone number to further assist you. PS the cost is comparable to the cost of a hamburger and a milkshake each day.

k G
This may sound silly but try Rectinol, a hemorrhoid cream. It works, really it does!

Karyn H
Hi, Not sure you can get rid of them, but they will fade over time. Try rubbing creams on them specially formulated for stretch marks, I have them after my last pregnancy, they are still there but you cant hardly notice them as they have fadded

Stop stretching & mark time instead

It depends, if they are still pink you can use bio oil or similar stuff and it might work. When they are already silver or white, you need a more aggressivee treatment. I did my own research on the internet and designed my treatment. I started with a pre treatment with retin-a cream to exfoliate the skin. I did the retin-a for about 2 weeks, then started the trichloroacetic acid peels, I used the acid at 50% concentration. I don't know where u are but in the USA is sold over the counter. I used a cotton swab and painted over each of the stretchmarks and let dry and re painted until it looked frosty. It's kind of stingy but in my case worked. After you do the chemical peel don't use the retin-a as it impairs healing. The peel can be redone weekly in wich case don't use the retin-a because you won't heel for the next peel. If you are doing the peels further apart, like say, monthly, do the retin-a 2 week pre treatment. The importance of the retin-a is that it does a slight pre peel on your skin, evening it out, making it less likely that the acid will stain your skin. Anyway, I have done the chemical peel without the retin-a pre treatment and got a little darkening of the skin, but it's temporary, it eventually faded away.
Now I have few stretch marks left, almost all that I treated dissappeared and the ones remaining are so faint that I won't bother.
If you can't get the acid over the counter buy it on ebay USA, I bought it there, they shipped it fast.
Excuse my english and good luck.

Almond oil & Vitamin E oil. GREAT!!!!!

Sorry, you can't get rid of them. However, their appearance will lessen over time.
To help with this there is heaps of cream on the market all varying in price.
Palmers cocoa butter cream is cheap and Strivectin is expensive! I did get some of the Strivecton on Ebay cheap in a trial size.

Lesley D
I asked my plastic surgeon this question last week and the only answer is, is to cut them out..There are laser procedures you can get done and creams that will fade them to white but they are there for ever.Im contemplating a tummy tuck to get rid of mine..

nothing, and i mean NOTHING can get rid of strech marks. Once you have lost the elascity in your skin, thats it - you cant undo it. Much like stretching a rubber band until it breaks!!

You can however lighten them up so they are not as noticeable.

Contrary to what one person said, getting a tan is the worst thing you can do for your stretch marks and it will actually highlight them even more!!

Bio-Oil is great at fading them - be persistant and patient and it will pay off. It will take about 6 months to see results - its worth it. Use it twice a day.

BIO Oil is supposed to be really good for this problem. Anything that maintains elasticity in the skin would also be helpful.

Georginas H
Nope! You've got 'em for life! ,,,, There is the possiblity of surgery if you've got nothing better to do with your money, but even that doesn't last. ,,,,,,,, All of the creams & treatments 'to gid rid of' them can do, is 1/ Camoflague your stretch marks. (but makeup can do as much). & 2/ They can have a 'placebo effect'. By that , I mean that using creams has the 'psychological' effect on a person using them, so that they will "think" they are working, even though they do nothing but empty your purse. ...... Sorry to be the one to break the news to you. ......... You just Cannot "Unstretch" Stretched skin, which is what 'Stretch Marks' are.

stretch marks don't go away they just fade I got them when I was having my children 26 years ago and I still have them they are not red they are white and I used stretch mark cream then

Jenny H
They will fade over time however Bio oil can assist in accelerating that process either that or the Cocoa Butter, I would use the Bio Oil though it has minimal smell so you won't smell like Willy Wonka!

i onlly got them from pregnancy but i can tel you that the oils and butters etc on offer really only alleviate discomfort, itch andhelp to reduce the tear of the skin as they grow. they dont actually heal or hide the marks.
stretch marks dont happen to everyones skin. your skin type really has more t do with it than anything. the thinneest of people can have them.
if you are having a really hard time with them physically, mentally and emotionally, see your doctor, naturopath or ohter alternative physician. they may be able to come up with a solution to the discomfort, embarrassmetn.
for me? when i had the babies, the marks faded but never disappeared. i call them 'roadmaps'! lol! because they are! the road maps of my body's experiences... :)

You will never completely get rid off them, unless there is some expensive medical way, you can lighten them use coca butter, and vitamin E, rub in 1-2 times a day, then a nice gentle tan will help hide them a bit, i got stretch marks from having kids, i have used this method and the are still there but not as noticeable, not as red.
The skin needs to be tighten, so the cocoa butter from palmers have a brand just for stretch marks that should do the trick.

Yolanda b
Try Bio-oil it is very good for fading scars and suppose to get rid of stretch mark and age spots too.

You will never get rid of stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks should be worn with pride!!

My GP told me to use turtle oil on my tummy whilst i was pregnant. I think it may have made the marks worse, by softening the skin and allowing it to break.

I have had the same thing when I was younger, Doc said I grew to fast and my skin couldn't keep up.
Now you wouldn't know.
If they are really noticeable laser surgery as already mentioned but doesn't reduce so well.
It was on a episode of "What's good for you" try looking it up.
Showed you a few ways to manage them.
Good Luck.
Remember will fade in time. But I guess its hard to deal with at the moment.

get fat.

James C
Try Bikram Yoga. Not necessarily easy, like popping a magic pill, but results through time can be extraordinary ... and there are many other benefits as well: physical and mental. And you'll like yourself so much for doing it, that you'll be carefree about whatever marks remain.

Sorry Hun, stretch marks are for life. They occur when the skin is stretched so much that it is no longer elastic and little "tears" form between the cells. It is a little like a scar. Tightening the skin will not help as that part of the skin is no longer elastic. The creams that the others have mentioned will help reduce the redness of the marks. Eventually they will fade to "silver" and will not be as noticeable.

Hope this helps.

I am lucky not to have any even after 3 kids but my son has some under his arms from lifting weights so beware gym fanatics! Try cocoa butter + Vit E creams; it wont get rid of them though. You can have the largest ones permanently removed with laser. Check out the Fraxel Laser which is more gentle. It is expensive but if this bothers you, go for it; it is better than living with something you hate. Good luck and let us know the results.

I suggest bio oil, it does not totally remove them but it will help make them less obvious.
I also used bio oil when I was burnt with 3rd degree burns, now a couple years later you can't even tell I was burnt at all.

Vitamin E cream does wonders (or anything with vitamin E in it). However they cannot be eliminated completely, especially if they're large. Everyone has them don't worry so much. I'm skinny and I still have them.
I'm very fair, like white as a sheet, and scars really show on my skin. If If I'm going to wear a bikini, or something that shows them I just cover it with make-up.
Like someone said before they do fade from red into a silvery colour. But like I said before don't worry so much about them.

strech mark cream cocoa butter or bio-oil is really good for reducing strech marks

Christie S
I was pregnant last year and spoken to my obstetrican about stretch marks. She said coco butter is useful to prevent and lighten stretch mark. But, you should apply it before the stretch mark a couple of times a day. So, applying it after the stretch marks applies may not help too much.

Although there really isnt anything that will get rid of them completly you can try bio oil. That will help speed up the healing process. If you wana quick fix a SPRAY TAN will dramatically reduce the look of stretchmarks along with any other imperfections.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter is a really good cream. There are different types but most of them have Vitamin E in them. I've been using it for months now and all of my stretch marks are hardly noticeable. You'll smell edible as well.

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