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 My ribs are showing through my skin. How do I make it not show?
Whenever I take off my shirt and raise my arms, you can see my ribs there. I am not skinny or anorexic, I go to the gym a lot and I have a fair amount of muscle. However, My ribs still show...any ...

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nose can i get it amputated on the ...

 How can i get rid of acne/zits in a week?
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 Can anyone give me the name of a lip balm that really works to "cure" chaped lips? Chapstick isn't working.
I have a serious case (for me, anyway) of chaped lips (red and hurt). I've tried chapstick (medicated and moisturizing) and it's not helping to clear up the problem. I'd be greatful ...

 uhhh i need help someone please awnser?
ok in my forehead i have 2 bumps next to each other. They dont hurt, they wont move, their rock hard, and they wont pop. kinda scars me does anyone know what they are
Additional Details

 How to cure acne naturally in 3 days?

 ugh, i'm so sick of acne medicines CLAIMING to work. ):?
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It's so gay. Man, I've tried almost anything you can think of, except accutaine.
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 Werid question about zits?
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 if i have a scar on my face will neosporin help?
or will end being worse....

 blackheads on my??????????????
vag...no inside but like below the surface of the skin...i saw blackish stuff under the surface and squeezed...i thought they were like black heads but what came out didn't look like the dirt ...

 does anyone know anything about eczema?
i have eczema, (for like 6 months now) and i tried the steroid cream and it didnt work at all. I wanted to try a pill for it, does anyone know what kind of pill i should take? i know there are pills ...

 Why would an adult start getting acne all of a sudden?
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 i have a mole that keeps growing and growing?
i have a beauty mark on my forehead. it is getting bigger as i have gotten older. i want to hack it off! i wonder if i will really bleed to death....

 I have acne. After I wash my face, should I moisturize?
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 HOW CAN I GET RID OF LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I tried the special shampoo but that didn't work. I also used mayonaise that didn't work either. I need help. PLEASE HELP??????????...

 how do you get stretch marks?
im jw i just discovered i had stretch marks...how did i get them?

im 15 and 150 5'' 7'
Additional Details
do a lot of people have stretch marks?...

 why are my hands cold and purple?!?
Why are my hands always cold? my girlfriends hands (and pretty much everyone else's) are always warm it seems like. My hands are also always red or purple; they are never white and warm like ...

 How do I get rid of poison ivy on my infant?

 I have had Acne since I was a teenager now I am 26. I am desperate?
Well i have tryed everything from creams, proactive, demitologist, home remedies? I am really tired of having ugly skin. i have scars and black heads white heads acne. They wont go away. there was a ...

 my face looks disguisting?
i have a pet cat who has fleas.
so i imagined that my WHOLE face is covered with flea bites!!
can you help me with it?
and how long do you think it will go away?
what products ...

Help!!!!! bumps on the back of my arms??

For as long as I have remembered I have had these tiny little bumps on the backs of the top of my arms, they are so small they look like goose bumps. I went to the doctor and he said its just your hormones (I am 17) and that they will go away and gave me some cream but they never have! (This was a few years ago) They don't hurt I forget they are there most the time and nobody has ever commented on them so they are not very visible. But does anybody know what they are or have any advice of how to get rid of them?

Additional Details
Violet- I am 9 stone 5 and around 5ft 8 so I don't think it is a weight problem.

it seems to me overweight people have them more so...
( i dont know if you are)

but if you are, maybe just lose weight.

it probaly just a rash

You might look around the website http://www.webmd.com

That is where I go when I want to read up on medical topics for general info before visiting a doctor.

Claire A
Oh i have them too and i'm 17. they're a bit annoying but i just use an exfoliating glove and shower gel or whatever when you're showering, worked really well for me :]

i have the smae thing and so does my mum..it really helps (you can barely see them) if you use a scrubby thing when you are in the shower or bath...and an exfoliator
hope that helped

now answer mine

Do they itch? It could be a allergic reaction to something or it could be a rash. My daughter gets the same thing. and it won't go away. Try using over the counter creams and see if any of them work

I've had them my whole life too... and I don't think there is anything you can do to get rid of them.. sorry. But as you get older it will become less and less of an issure and you won't be as insecure about it... I promise!

o my god i have those too! they irritate the hell out of me! but i have noticed that no one ever notices them, and mine have been slowly getting better. I have noticed that they go away more when you are in dry climtes and you really just have to wait for them to leave. i have longer then u prolly! I'm only 14! so urs should b gone soon!

Ali V
Its over production of skin cells, it has a name but I can never remember it! Try Google. I have them too. Some say to exfoliate some say to moisturise. Personally i do both x

i have what you describe, my doctor told me i have eczema i have had cream ever since i was 8 or 9. im now 30 and i still have it just not so much. try E45 that can be bought anywhere, well not at Micky D's or pet store hahaha. good luck in your search of a diagnosis.

Kaitlyn M
Sounds to me like dry skin. lol .. but maybe its something different.

Don´t know what they are but my husband has always had these and so does my daughter now.

i have those too.
they are only there bc. of hormones and skin thickness.
so i was pescribed differen.
i have been using it for 3 years and they have never come back.
but the thing is you have to use it every night before you go to bed or they do come back.
and don't pop them. they probly won't even if you squeeze super hard, but if they do they scare

Taylor! =]
idk but i have them too.

Hiya,, yeahh i know where your coming from i had them i told my sister who's a nurse and she told me they're called milk spots and its not anything to do with skin thickness or STD's or hormones lmao ,it just means you need some more vitamin b12 in your diet [:
Hope this helps it helped me ;)

Gianna's Mommy
i am 25 and have the same exact thing. Mine are still there as well. All the doctor ever told me is that is something hereditary and just keep moisturizing. I would definitely like to know how to get rid of them too.

Wow...someone else that has the same thing as I do. There is a technical name for those, but it is beyond me what it is. I have read in many different articals that you can use a coarse loofah to scrub them with in the shower. Not too hard though, you don't want to irritate the sensitive skin. After you shower use an alpha hydroxy lotion to cover the area with the bumps. I found a skin bump remover lotion that Avon sells that works great. I still have a few, but they are not anything like they used to be. I also have them on the back of my thighs and use the same thing. Try finding an avon rep in your area or order it online. You may even be able to find it on Ebay pretty cheap. If you can't do that, go to a local pharmacy like Walgreens and check out their facial creams, they usually have an alpha hydroxy lotion for removing dead skin cells. I also used baby oil on the back of my arms & legs while in the shower to moisten the area really well which help them from looking so rough and "chill bumpy".

Hope this helps!


are they red, because then it could be exima?? if not, keep using your doctors medications and exfoliate gently using an exfoliater

Super Nothing
my sister and i have them. we use nivia cream or something like that i cant remember the name. they have like a little white on top sometimes? the nivea cream helped. the doctor told us to get it. i just pop out the white sometimes. the white stuff isn't like huge nasty stuff.

frαηcεscα ღ
it's keratosis pilaris. sometimes reffered to as 'chicken skin'
me and my mom have had them our whole lives too no cure. sorry. but what i do, is i take those bars you can scrub on your feet. and i rub it on my arm in the shower. and when i come out i put lotion on it. it makes them go down.

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