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Health Problem! Embarrassing! HELP!!! ?
okay so, i have this problem....and its embarrasing to say but, i have to ask. Im all sweaty...liike all the time even when im cold? is this normal? I always have to keep my jacket on in class because of my problem and now i cant even bring myself to raise my hand!! please help! :( its really gross and i hate it!
Additional Details
p.s. i know im not pregnant cuz i haven't even had my period yet....like ever....in my life.

I had the same problem. At any grocery store get a brand called "Certain Dri". It's a roll on that you put under your arms. You put it on before you go to bed at night. It does not completely 100% stop it all the time, but it's been pretty decent I have used it for almost 2 years. If you find anything better let me know!

use antiperspirant deodorant or medicated.....take off ur armpit hair u'll see an effect.

i have the same problem.
i've tried the clinical strength deodorant thats put out by dove, and it works as long as you put it on at night.

and i also have "Certain Dri" which works WONDERS!
i bought it at walmart. its around $7. but definately worth it.

Dove Clinical Strength.

medicated antiperspirant.

talk to your doctor and see if he can supply some kind of special deoderant for that. or, you could just look at wal-mart.

hope this helped =]

Ask your Doctor for a prescription deodorant. They have a few over the counter that work well. The prescription strength secret isn't bad.

Consider changing your antiperspirant/deodorant and see a doctor ASAP.

go to your doctor and tell them, theres a prescription for it. my dad and bf both use it. You may be dehydarated and your bodys trying to fight it. Or you may not be eating the right foods and they cause you to produce more sweat, but your doctor will help you and prescribe something if its something other then those

skater chica
im not sure what you have but u should either go to the doctor or at least try the ultimate clear like prescription kind of deodorant

Jungle J
I think it's probably normal for you, but see a doctor if you're really worried.

that happens 2 me all the time, try changing deoderent brands and types, that usually helps

bring sum perfume and deoderant 2 school...maybe keep it in ur purse or sumthin...and whenevr u get sweaty ask if u can go 2 the bathroom...once u get in there put it all on!!

I have the same problem too,I think its genetic,
just try getting deodorants that have anti perspirant

Are you looking for how to stop underarm sweat? Sweating is a normal process of the human body. Without sweating, our body will be unable to release the excess heat accumulated in our bodies. Some of us, unfortunately, suffer from an excessive sweating condition called underarm hyperhidrosis. Besides sweating in the underarms, hyperhidrosis sufferers can also sweat excessively in other areas of the body, like on the face or feet.

Excessive underarm sweat has been known to cause many social problems. Besides making the sufferer feel embarrassed around people, employers are also less likely to hire people who suffer from excessive sweating, if possible, because the sweat stains created are usually unsightly. On top of that, sufferers may start avoiding social contact, to avoid getting embarrassed at all. Body odor is another effect of excessive underarm sweating.

Underarm sweat can certainly be treated, but the right treatment method will depend on how much sacrifice you are willing to make. Some people prefer to use deodorants and antiperspirants, but what they are really doing is masking the symptoms of underarm sweating, instead of treating the causes directly.

More effective treatment methods include surgery and botox injections, but they can be expensive and painful. Most people feel that these methods are not worth it, and I certainly agree. If you really need to treat underarm sweating, I would suggest you use natural remedies first, as I've personally used them to great effect. This method involves using readily available products at home that are applied every morning and night. I also changed my diets to avoid food that will worsen my excess perspiration, and instead choose diets that contain food to reduce hand sweating. You can follow the link below to find more information about how I managed to treat my own underarm sweating problem.

Get extra-strength deodorant.

Tt G
this is normal when going through puberty. but in your case i believe you are either stressed about something when can cause excess sweat. or maybe it's just your genetics. if i were you i would go to the doctor, have them run a couple of tests and see what their diagnosis is. if you are younger, tell your parents i'm positive they will listen to you and act upon it.

it's nothing to worry about sweat is natural for everyone.
just put on some deodorant!

Shane J
You should probably get it check out by a doctor. And try not to feel to embarresed. I can think of a hundred things worse then being sweaty. =) Good luck!

See your doctor to see that its safe

that happnens to me to sometimes...when your cold and still sweating you might have a fever...idk how ofeten it happens but you can buy special deoderant that can help with that...hope that helps =D

♥Proud Momma of 3 in TN♥
this could be a gland problem or hormones. talk to your doctor and see what they say about it.

Music is for life
this happens to a lot of people. like my friend her feet sweat so much that if she took one shoe off it would stink up the whole room in 4 minutes. but im thinking you should get a prescription deodorant. and maybe see a Doctor about it. but its not that bad.


Solution No.1

f you get in the habit of eating grapes or drinking grape juice, this fruit has been known to have cooling properties which help your body regulate it's temperature and thus sweat less. Also you want to avoid spicy/hot foods as much as possible as eating these on a regular basis will aggravate your sweat. This is one of the ways to stop sweating that is often overlooked, especially by those who have a penchant for Indian food, or other spicy dishes.

Solution No. 2

You wouldn't think this would be one of the ways to stop sweating, however try this out. If you tend to get by on 5, 6 or 7 hours of sleep, try getting a good 8 hours. There is something about having a regular sleeping pattern in place which helps to reduce sweating. I believe it to be in part due to reduced stress and irritability from lack of sleep.

Solution No 3.


What I'm about to tell you comes from personal experience. I enjoy swimming and what I like to do after a good swim is hit the sauna. It's really therapeutic especially after a grueling swimming session and yes of course you sweat a lot here. I then follow this up with a bath before heading out of the fitness center, but what I notice is that following this routine I have significantly reduced sweating. Like I said, these are unorthodox ways to stop sweating, but this method works for me. Perhaps it's the chlorine in the water, or the high temperature steam in the sauna, what matters is the end result is reduced sweating

Please try to read all of this. 65% of the population of the world is having that excessive sweating.

tim g
Low blood sugar? Eat regular meals. Have your blood sugar checked & your blood pressure.

Don't worry its normal.
You just sweat a lot, trust me it happens to everybody not just you, it's just that you might not notice it.

Eat salty chips, they reduce sweating.
Also there are tons of medicines and odors, cremes, to reduce your sweating.

Don't worry perfectly normal. LOL stinky =p

Good Luck!
hope your "Health Problem" is eliminated (FOREVER) :-)

Okay there's no reason to be embarrassed almost everyone gets this problem sometime, after taking a shower wipe your underarms alot until completely dry then put vitamin e oil or some kind of not that much liquidy lotion like dove, aveeno, or currel, then when dry put deodorant! If your face is oily I suggest using Nutregena oil wipes.

Tony G
you might be drinking too much water, you sweat more if you drink a lot of water, cut out water and drink either juice or milk, but i think milk has some water too. if this doesn't solve the problem you should go to a doctor. and don't listen to people who say its not a big deal, if i put deodorant on i don't even break out into a sweat running the mile. and that might be your problem you might need to wear deodorant if you don't (but i hope you do :P) and maybe if you have a doctor appointment ask your doctor for a deodorant that is made for sweaty people, like degree clinical prescription

No problem. see i have that to and i am always a mess so i bought the dove clinical strength and it worked! If you don't want that then try putting tissues under you're arms under you're clothes.

Psssst....this is absolutely normal.

Natashia S
you might have a horomone issue see ur dr

Excessive sweating can be caused by many common things including:

* Alcohol
* Caffeine
* Certain medicines, including thyroid hormone, morphine, drugs to reduce fevers, and medicines to treat mental disorders
* Emotional or stressful situations (anxiety)
* Exercise
* Fever
* Infection
* Low blood sugar
* Menopause
* Cancer
* Overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism)
* Spicy foods (known as "gustatory sweating")
* Warm temperatures
* Withdrawal from alcohol or narcotic pain killers

If you think your thyroid my be overactive or if the sweating is disrupting your daily life, I would make an appointment to see your doctor to discuss treatments. Excessive sweating is pretty common and is usually not dangerous to your health, just bothersome.

put more clothes on.. reverse psychology? idk

My older sister has the same problem. Try the Secret Clinical deodorant. that is what she uses. :-) it isnt your fault either... its just your body... How God made you...

hope i helped. :-)

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