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HOW CAN I GET RID OF LICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I tried the special shampoo but that didn't work. I also used mayonaise that didn't work either. I need help. PLEASE HELP??????????

Roxanne G

use coconut shampoo

Lavender V
Do you use conditioner? It helps.

stop listening to these people who have no idea what they're talking about.

rub peanut butter alll over your head, leave on for about an hour then wash out.

I promise you, your problem will be over.

you need to use Mayonnaise
and leave it in your hair over night,
then rinse it out with vinegar in the morning.
it works,
i promise.

I had lice a few months ago and they were a nightmare to get rid of. Here's how I finally managed it: combing. Buy a flea comb. Yes, for getting fleas off your pet. It's about $5 and it has tiny metal tines that won't warp like the plastic lice combs. Then some lucky friend or family member gets to comb EVERY SINGLE STRAND of your hair EVERY SINGLE DAY until you stop finding nits. (That's the eggs, if you didn't know. They're tiny and pale grey, and they stick to your hair down by the root.) You will never get rid of the lice until you get rid of every last nit. It took me about a week, I think, and boy was my sister sick to death of combing my hair (it took over an hour every day--I have long, thick hair) but it was the only thing that worked.

Thomas H
Repeat the "special" shampoo as many times as needed. Plus if we are talking about a child here especially a boy then just buzz cut him and treat. If it is for you and you have longer hair then the most important aspect of treatment is the "combing" of your hair thoroughly to insure that the dead louse and eggs are removed completely.

You need to do a lot! Use the special shampoo exactly how it says on the box. And if you have any stuffed animals put them in the dryer, same with sheets, pillow cases, clothing...everything because heat will kill the lice. Spray lice spray ALL over the house especially on furniture and carpet because they will lay eggs in their and breed. Make sure no pets have lice now. And take all the hair brushes you use and put them in boiling water to kill any eggs or lice in those. Lice also hate hairspray because it is hard for them to move around, so keep your hair up and use gel or hairspray on your hair everyday. Also blow dry your hair when you get out of the shower because the heat will kill them. And use the lice comb in the kit to get any nits or lice out of your hair. And if you have long hair I would recommend cutting it a few inches. No one will do it at a salon so you will need to have a friend do it or just do it yourself.

Briana K
ok i have had lice to and here are some ways to get rid of it use some lotion and keep it on for eight hours or you can keep it on over night that works better then rinse out an ddo it again in 10 days and do it agian or there is this thing i heard with listern and the mouth wash and you put that on your head and put a shower cap on that works to good luck o and remeber to spray everything down really good ok good luck

you have to leave the shampoo on for a long time, did you leave it on long enough? also, it helps to have another person help you with that special comb thing. it is important to use both, so try it again and pay real close attention to the directions next time. it's the best way to get rid of them.

This sounds crazy... Kerosene. Not kidding. It works. Sometimes you have to do the shampoo 2 times. Sometimes it takes 12 hours with Mayo. Good luck

The ONLY safe way to get rid of head lice permanently is to use a totally natural alternative to the chemical shampoos then use prevention methods such as hairspray and tea tree mixed with water in a spray bottle every day to ensure they never return.

The shampoos didn't work because the head lice have become immune to them. Sorry you had to find that out the hard way.

Luckily there are quite a few totally natural remedies available that readily kill head lice.

Remedies containing Neem Oil are known to be highly effective as Neem interrupts the growth and reproduction of the head louse. Neem’s insecticidal properties are widely recognized now and the oil is commonly available at your local health food store.

Feel free to check out the articles at the following sites for more advice.

Good luck.

go to doctor

Robynn K
tea tree oil..

shave your head and stop dating scrubs

Ahhhh! Too gross, honey. Use the NIX or whatever it's called as many times as necessary.. You also need to clean all your linens and carpet if you have it. Eeek! Good luck!

Alysa G
um first off DONT GO TO SCHOOL! LOL

um hair dye works. vinegar works (also loosens nits)

use the comb thourghly.

also! this sounds weird as frickk buttt special dog shampoo made for lice and ticks works too.

DONT use shampoo or conditioner after washing out the lice shampoo.

if none if this works see your docter. he can presribe special stuff.

oh.. and to let you know.. dont use too much lice shampoo.. the bugs can grow immune to it. oh and go through your head with a lice comb all the time..

boil all brushes /combs ect. in HOT water. dry all blankets sheets pillow teddys ect.

(or put them in a trash bag for 72 hours)

get some lice spray for couches bed chairs ect. thats all i can do to help. sorry

A great way to get rid of lice is to use eucalyptus oil and conditioner. Apply this to the hair leave for about 30 minutes and then comb out with a fine tooth comb, but preferably with a specially made brush. The secret is PERSISTENCE! You need to do it for a couple of days - weeks depending on how bad your case is. But if you want to be extra safe you can always go to the chemist to get lice removing treatments. When you get rid of your lice, try and buy a shampoo brand that repels them or. you can buy lice repelling spray.
My advice to you: Stay away from people's hair e.g. hugging or kissing because they can;t fly, but they can jump and run and enormously high speeds! So be careful

Hope I helped


Shave one side of your head, all of the lice will run to the other side. Set the hairy side on fire, and get a friend to stab the lice with an ice pick when they run out.

Try undiluted conditoner with some lavender oil added to it - leave in then comb with fine comb and then wash as normal - you may need to repeat
Have you washed your bed linen, towels etc in really hot water and dried them in the sun?
You also need to wash your combs, brushes etc in really hot water and dry in the sun to get rid of sources of reinfection
If you are a fella you can have a number 1 crewcut to get rid of them but make sure you get rid of the cut hair too
Here is a good website with some good ideas for you

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