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Saraa :3
Going to the doctor,My arm full of cutting scars..?
am going tot he doc with my dad cuz,and they well take blood,and i have big big cutting scars on my both arms..ughh what to do?..i really dont my dad to see or something..how can i hide them?

hivesforums.info <- new community to explore prescribed and otc medications that could help you out to treating/controling hives. thats of course if your getting them same red marks around the body then its hives. you can also google image hives to match the disorder you have, you can also join that new community which again covers prescribed and otc drugs to help treat/control hives.

put like.......a scarf on...like its a fashion or something and......good luck, if the doctor see's he has to tell your dad im sure....some law/

Emo Pet.
Say you had to grab something you dropped in a really thorny bush and got really cut up or you tripped over some brick that messed up your arms. My mom goes for that all the time. she thinks I'm clumsy. :/

OR! Do you have those type of gloves that go up your arm that you can get at Hot Topic or Spencers? That way it will cover up the cuts but not cover up where they need to take blood. :]

The people above and below should know its not nice to asume the worst of others so quickly.

Answer mine please: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsDcJqs6NWrGG_N4UG2LS.7sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090509003041AABd4KB

this happened to me over spring break. my mom wanted to take me to the doctor but i had scars all over my arms. i just cut then again like i fell and got scraped because it hide all the scars and falling and getting scraped happens alot to people.so just do that but remember what it has to look like. good luck

cover it with alot of makeup or use a tanning lotion like Jergens natural glow or a spray tan

well for one how old are you. number 2 your going to the doctor , does he office allow patients under 18 to go in the room without a parent. my suggestion is to tell your father because this is not normal and you need support from your family to get over this. he will be upset but he will know that you want to get help by being truthful. But if you prefer he hear it from someone else ask the doctor if you can talk to him or her alone about it and ask the doc what to do. But either way he will find because if the doctor finds it he will tell your dad. so I would be up front about it with him because he would rather hear it from you.

There is not much you can do. I am not sure how old you are hon but if you are cutting yourself, you really need to each out to someone. Maybe your doctor could be the first step if you are afraid of what your dad might do. Just reach out to someone because cutting yourself doesn't only hurt you, you are hurting your family by hiding your problems. Check out the website I attached.

Cut em' off.

narcoleptic llama
you cant they are there, i use to cut myself alot when i was a teenager it released like my anger for some reason but its not a smart thing to do looking back on it find another vice to occupy your anger or sadness or whatever you have I turned to music. Music can always get me better hope you stop cutting yourself.

Read the following articles, & seriously consider the advice in them:

"Why Do I Hurt Myself"?
- A Diverse Profile
- “A Mechanism to Cope With Stress?

"How Can I Stop Hurting Myself"?
- The Value of Confiding
- The Importance of Prayer
- Helping A Self-Injuror
- When Additional Assistance Is Needed
- Two Things to Think About

Your dad needs to know your crazy sooner or later

Well, You can't hide them.
Unless they're taking blood from somewhere else on the body.

Future References: QUIT CUTTING!!! Seriously, how bad is life, really? Be as passionate about something as you are about cutting! Once you have passion about life, you'll realize that cutting is for people who can't stand life!

I'm sorry to be blunt! But life is meant to be beautiful. Cherish it. Realize it. Live it!

Hun..hiding things is what started the cutting in the first place. I hate to be harsh but you really only have two options with this..
1. Tell your Dad straight up and take the consequences.
2. Go in to the Doc's office without your Dad.

It seems like a horrible thing to go through to face your Dad with the truth but when all is said and done you will feel great because it will no longer be something you have to hide.

Either way, you will be fine. Don't stress over it! Good Luck! :-)

uh...emo much?
Just try using special cover up. like the kind that hides tattoos if you have any, if not just try regular cover up.

phillip b
admit to others you need some help
not druggs mind
but healing
like reiki or spiritual healing etc
the quicker you seek help the better for you

You have a serious problem why do you want to hide them! You have a sickness and need Professional help ASAP! Don't worry when the doctors will see this they will force a intervention on you! Maybe even put you into a physiological ward. This is sick and your damaging your body! You need serious help!

I cosign with Tevin R.

You pretty much set your self up for criticism. Dont your realize that cutting yourself is the most cowardly thing to do?

You should be concerned about this bad habit, not about how your scared that your daddy will find out.

Answer Dancer
This is why you need to go to the doctor -- so they will take care of you. And that includes seeing your scars and getting you help.. It isn't healthy, and it's a sign of obvious mental turmoil. Ask them to refer you to a counselor. It can't hurt any more than cutting yourself, can it?
Good luck.

Tevin R
Welll...you should stop ******* cutting yourself you whiniy *** emo."wah wah"i live in the suburbs were is my razor?"Do you realize that htere are children starving in africa?i bet your biggest problem is finding something good to watch on tv...ill be so happy when this whole emo trend dies down...

meka g
Thats the best thing that could happen to you. Let your dad see your scars and chew you a new bumhole and let your doctor see them and label you crazy and send you to a shrink cause apparently thats the kind of attention you want. You have kids ages 8 and 9 in other countries being sold into prostition, you have kids your age homeless on the street no where to go some in foster homes dont even have parents that love them enought to take them to a dam doctor and your life is so bad you feel the need to cut yourself???? GROW UP CAUSE YOU GET NO PITTY FROM ME YOU UNGREATFUL LITTLE BRAT.

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