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Tamore Fariad
Elbow crust..suggestions neded?
Hello. i have some white crust on my elbow..its like patches of red irritation wit "crust" on it... ive tried peelin the crust..but it just comes back.. any suggestion...remedies..etc thansk
Additional Details

Kelly B
Try rubbing lotion for extremely dry skin on your elbow. You may have a skin rash called eggsama try going to the doctor and having it checked out. Best of Luck!

Mikahla L
that is just fricken gross

Mr. Skittlesz™
Lotion, or go to Florida xD Humidity helps, It's basicly just dry/dead skin.

You should see a dermatologist. Could be anything from psoriasis to eczema. Skin conditions need to be examined. It's very difficult to diagnose a skin condition based on descriptive words.

Scot Wallace
orange peel .... banana skin ... are very good for dry skin :D

That sounds like psoriasis. Go to your doctor and get a prescription for something that can help. Until then moisturize like a maniac. i would recommend sesame seed oil.

http://dermatology.cdlib.org/DOJvol3num1/zinc/psoriasis1.jpeg does it look like this? If it does it's probably psoriasis. The thing about eczema is that it often appears in areas with sensitive skin or in moist areas such as the inside of you elbow or the back of your knees. The skin on the outside of your elbow isn't exactly sensitive you know..

The pic is a somewhat bad case. You could have a milder version. Anyway, go talk to your doc about it or a dermatologist, and use the sesame seed oil.

It sounds like you might have psoriasis. You will need to see your doctor, they can prescribe a special cream that the pharmacist has to mix.
My son has this problem, too.

Sounds like you just have dry skin. I would try just applying lotion a few times a day. If that doesn't work, I suggest seeking a dermatologist. It could be eczema which is treatable.

Do this every night. Wipe with Stridex, the rub with vasoline and wrap with plastic wrap..

Hold half lemons on them for 5 minutes at some point during the day. This will clean them out along with teh stridex and allow the vasoline to soak in.

I think you may have vit A deficiency.
("God's Medicine Is Best" by Linda Wise, home remedies)

Buy deep moisturizing lotion. Bath n Body works has good deep moisturizing lotion as well as vaseline and jergens. Put it on your elbows as soon as you get out of the shower, this is the best time to moisturize because your pours are opened from the warm water. Also, put it on as much as you remember, at least 3 times a day. It should go away soon enough.

Josa C

I get that all the time, it comes and goes but dont try picking it off. It is probaly just dead skin or you irritated it from something you did or touched.

oil of olay applied 3 times a day and make sure to rub it in good


Could be allergies talk to a doc

It sounds like you have either eczema or psoriasis. My guess would be psoriasis, and if it is, then you are better off seeing a dermatologist because nothing over-the-counter works for that.

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