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Does putting toothpaste on your face really help get rid of acne?

It doesn't get rid of acne, but it dries up the spot its applied to. The toothpaste has bicarbonate of soda in and dries up the acids and white blood cells in the spot, making it smaller and then fall off. But if you have acne, your doctor can help you.

Toothpaste only works on the hormone spots you get when you're near a period or something

QT Pie
For some people with really oily skin, yes, toothpaste does work. Oily skin usually causes acne, and the toothpaste will dry out all oils in the pimple, therefore healing the acne. Don't apply all over your face though. Just dab a liitle toothpaste on any pimples. If you have sensitive skin don't try this! Toothpaste is kinda harsh and will irritate sensitive skin. don't use toothpaste on dry skin either. We already know that toothpaste is great at drying oils out of your skin, so it is obvious that putting toothpaste on really dry skin will just dry it out more!

Erikka Mccracken

I don't know about that but you could try what i do It helps me out alot when i have acne problems. You can try spraying perfume on it or wash your face in warm water and then rub an ice cube on your face (clean ice cube)

i say no. it just dries on your face and crustes on there

it dries it out.

but what does help is the aloe vera plant.
the plant looks like this http://www.rastaseed.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/aloe_vera_rasta_poster.jpg

you just peel it and rub it on your face. drink the aloe vera juice for two weeks and you should see a change. you might find the plant at an asian market, and you will definately find the juice at an asian store.

Mr. Sonny
No but you won't get cavities.

no actually just washing ur face regurlurlay helps or just rubbing cream normal dove or watev cream helps no pro activ works so just be urself but rub NORMAL CReam but first try thAT IT MIGHT WORK sorry caps but dont try everthing cuz that can damage ur skin

Yes it does, it might burn or sting a little though. Toothpaste isn't the ideal product to use on your spots though. Try a type of facial wash/scrub. I recommend Clearasil. :]

No, I've tried it before and didn't see much of a change.
Proactive works though.

it didnt work for me

I've tried it and it didn't work for me.

it burns some say it takes the red out

♥♥ (:
no, all that toothpaste does is make it less red. eat healthily,drink and wash your face day and night x

sweet coco
no huni it burnt me when i tried that....use aloe vera or tea tree oil, just remember to dilute the tea tree so it's not too strong

yeah it does also put taurine it made mine go forever

Dee D
Ok, here's the answer from someone who suffered from acne for 12 years that tried everything and finally found the cure- Im not sure how old you are but if you're in the 20's or older then I suggest a liver flush- Its takes 24 hrs of ur life, a couple grapefruits, olive oil and epsom salt= less than 7 dollars for everything- pills or topical treatments may work for some people but if its an ongoing problem then tackle the root cause- Liver flush is a simple procedure that literally flushes out deposits of fats, toxins, bacteria and gallstones from the liver. Acne wise liver flush is the most beneficial detox. It is possible to get clear without liver flush but you can expect acne to reappear quickly after eating unhealthy foods. As liver is so critical to the health of the skin it's almost impossible to really break free from adult acne if the liver is not functioning properly.

Yeah it dries it out.

VS pink girl
No. get something with tea tree oil in it at vitiman cottage.

I've tried, and it didn't do much. Now I use tea tree oil.

i don't know but at least you know your face won't get cavities!!!

Yes, because it dries out the acne. If you've ever seen the proactiv commercial, you may have seen the ad for the refining mask? Well toothpaste does the same job as the refining mask. Just put some toothpaste on your acne before you go to sleep, and when you wake up, your acne will be dried up, and will go away quicker.

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