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 What is best for Incect bites relief! I can't stop it itching!?
I was bitten on the leg at rugby training on Tuesday and the bite has swollen up, almost half my leg is red and it's hot! (I've been told by a friend it's probably a horsefly bite!)

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Whats the Best Acne Treatment/Cleanser?

like for example Neutrogena

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okay, i got one yesterday put ice on it this morning && it turned purple! please help!...

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Is it a sign of a liver problem? Has it something to do with what you're eating?

What would you do ...

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 Get rid of acne?
how can i get rid of my acne like i tried acne free and face wash but it dosnt clear up and i wear make up not alot but coverup and stuff is there anyway that i can clear it up?...

 my hands are super dry!!! what can i do to make them not so dry?
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 I have a question about my feet...?
Well every time I get new shoes, my feet sorta stink up the shoes. My feet don't regularly stink, but after a couple of days wearing my shoes, my feet start to stink and so does my shoes.

Does it hurt when stitches are removed?
They are the regular stitches, not the ones that dissolve

yep cuz its still pokes of open flesh

spades =D
yea it stings

Arctic Fox Girl
no it feels weird and you might wanna throw up... i didn't

Joseph S
It might sting mildly, due to some surrounding tissue being opened. It shouldn't hurt to the point of tears.

Laura C
when i was like 8 or something i had 5 stitches in my knee, and when i had them took out, didnt even hurt, i remember i was holding my breath and cringing, the lady finished and i was like have you finished? she was like yeah, so you didn't need to hold your breath after all?!
if it does hurt i reckon it will only be a tiny bit, just think of other things and if your scared hold your hand so you can squeeze it if you think its gonna hurt :)

♥ sohysterical ♥
Nope. It feels funny, but it's not painful.

No it feels relieving. You might feel your skin pull a little bit but there is no pain.

It all depends on how sensitive the area is normally, like the inside of your nose, etc...

>>♡ bbygurl ☮<<
not really it happens fast

All Love
No..You wont even feel them being removed.

They just cut them out..
Like.. The stitching..
They don't cut them out of you..

Nope. Might itch just a little but that's it.

Come on now- you braved it through that tattoo you can handle a little itch!


Not really. I guess it depends on where they are. I've had stitches before and it sort of tickles like when they were putting them in.

Coast Guarder
Not really, they will probably put anesthetic on your cut or put you asleep. That's what they did to me. If not it might sting a little bit, but not to bad.

How funny to hear that question, I had a small surgery on my knee on the 16th and I took my own stitches out yesterday, no lie. Honey it doesnt hurt as long as they or you take your time. After they are snipped they need to be pulled out slow. It really doesnt hurt at all I promise. Good Luck andGod Bless!!!

Nope not really, you can feel it but it doesn't really hurt. As far as I know, at least.

Sarah Lou
You didn't say where they were, but I've had them in all kinds of places and they haven't hurt. I had 8 on the back of my leg 2 mos. ago. I took them out myself. It stung a little,from the alcohol I dabbed on though.

Not at all as long as the doctor has not waited too long to remove them. You will feel an odd sensation (like tugging under the skin), but you should not experience pain.

No, had it done before. Dont hurt at all.

No, you can feel a "pulling" sensation but not pain.

no you can barely feel anything

♪ʞɔoɹ ʇı ʇ?ן♪
no it actually kinda tickles

It can be a little uncomfortable. When I've gotten stitches taken out, I usually feel more of an uncomfortable pressure rather than pain. Trust me, it hurts nowhere near as bad as the shot they gave you before they put the stitches in! Good luck!

Ramon M
nope it doesnt..
don't even worry about it.

jenny maria
it hurts a little but no bad what they use to take them off will make u nervous but its no big deal

nope it doesnt hurt. i got stictches on my eyebrow in 2nd grade and when i got them out, it didnt hurt one bit!

Nope! They hurt more coming in... it feels good to pull them out... Hope this helps!

Mr. Cool
Not at all, but it does feel weird when the little thread slides through the inside of the skin when taking it out ;)

Jairo P
it´s relatively painless
the process is this:
The wound is cleaned with an antiseptic to remove encrusted blood and loosened scar tissue

Sterile forceps are used to pick up the knot of each suture, and then the surgical scissors are used to cut the suture. Forceps are used again to remove the loosened suture and pull the thread from the skin.

i had a surgery 6 months ago and believe me it´s no big deal.

don´t worry it will just last 1 second. =D

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