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I had blackheads on my nose ever since i was 12 in a half...now I am 14..and I have tried EVERYTHING!
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Does coffee age your skin?
I will be 29 next month and I am starting to be concerned about aging flawlessly. Anyway, I just wanted to know if coffee or caffeine will age my skin faster than normal. I drink one cup a day.

i dont know

Coffee can age many things such as your teeth your mouth, etc. I am pretty sure that coffee ages your skin. Instead of drinking coffee everyday I would switch it with tea or juice.

Mr Smarty Pants
it makes you dehydrated
and water is good for your skin to keep it healthy.......so perhaps yes!

Karen S
one cup of coffee a day will not age your skin. Life, and the sun, and stress are more of what you need to be concerned about, with aging your skin.
don't forget to drink enough water each day, and if you drink other caffeinated drinks regularly, (colas, teas, hot chocolate), you need to make sure you get enough water because caffeine, especially in the amounts in coffee and teas are diuretics. If you don't keep your skin hydrated properly your skin will be dryer, and then it will look older.

Not only your skin, but your teeth age too.

No it doesn't

Chris E
the caffeine in coffee can cause your skin to dehydrate and that will make your skin appear older.

drinking coffee is like drinking an energy drink.
its not good for you
drinking coffee speess up your cells or something like that. drinking coffee help you age faster like growing more white hairs because it speeds up the proccesses going on in your body. so to answer your question i would say yes coffee does age your skin because it helps you age faster.

Earl O
I've drank several cups of coffee every day for the past 45 years, and people tell me I don't look my age. I'm 65, and I always get guesses form 39 to 50.

I don't think so. One cup wouldn't hurt you at all.

it makes you dehydrated

If you don't rub coffee over your skin, you will be ok. Just to clue you in one cup of coffee per day will not effect your aging flawlessly. Genetics within your family determine how well you age. How you abuse your body will determine how well you age. Overindulgence on food or alcohol will determine how well you age. One cup of coffee will not.

It gives people wrinkles under their eyes if they drink it to try to stay awake.

Robert S
Only if you bathe in it;-}

coffee stops your growth .

Joe K
No. Nothing to worry about.

Brian M

♥Sexy Mama of 2 cuties♥
ahhhh no...where on earth did you hear that?

If you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, you should be ok. The only bad thing about the coffee is that you can get addicted because of the caffeine.

It's actually more of the opposite. If you drink coffee, one cup full, the caffeine actually reduces 5% drop of your chance of getting skin cancer.

Coffee doesn't but tobacco does.

Caffeine dehydrates your body, that includes your skin. So yes, in a way, coffee ages your skin. But other things like sun, stress, sleep deprivation, air pollution age your skin as well. So if one cup of coffee a day keeps you happier then the overall effect is OK.

don't let it touch your skin - keep it in your mouth!

Coffee is one of the worst things you can drink for your skin. Try to stick to Natural Herbal Teas. Green Tea, has anti-carcinogenic qualities, (use some honey, not refined sugar - no milk). Stay away from Soft drinks, also bad.

Drink lots of water during the day. And as many fresh fruit juices with the pulp as you can. A juice extractor takes the pulp out, but a Blender is better, you get the pulp. I even use the whole skin of an orange, when making orange drink

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