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like for example Neutrogena

I don't want anything oily or ...

okay, i got one yesterday put ice on it this morning && it turned purple! please help!...

l'ɱ βіttɛʀ§ωɛɛt♥ ™
Does Urine get rid of acne?
I was watching TV again LOL
but yeah someone said that Urine gets rid of problems like acne.

Is it true?
Additional Details

Haha! What?!

please answer my question guys http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsMZZ9iguLYllpUrWowi2GLsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080330213410AA8DjEY

I don't think it would be urine is generally pretty acidic...

Amadson L
wow never heard of that

i would imagine so because piss steriles things
maybe coke will, because coke burns everything
did you know coke is sometimes used to clean up the blood from road accidents and that coke is the best toilet cleaner
...i love coke and drink it all the time

Although urine is sterile it does not help acne. Over active oil glands & dirt are what causes the acne so you need a cleansing, toning, moisturizing/sacylic (sp?) acid regimen. Proactive, Neutrogena & Clearsil all have options.

Lol what were you watching? Most likely not.

Got acne? Just let our supervises piss on you're face! just try it! Or you can try our samples bottles in the pissing island.

yes,but you want to let it sit out for a while, so its room temp. And it can't be your pee, because your pee has your toxins in it and it will just cancel out.

I dont think it
is true becaude i is your body's
waste so i dont think it works
aska dermatologist about this

I will never be able to tell you. Go to the drug store buy some thing for it.

I thought urine was only good for jelly fish stings per the TV show Friends...lol

Jasmine A
is this a joke?

Yes it does... in our dreams! ;)

So smear it all over your face. Or better yet, ask your friends and family to do it for you! haha.. Seriously. Get accutane. Worked for me and all my friends.

Dani Kay Valentine

apparently it does work! i've heard the same thing also.

i've got adult acne which is clearing up now and sooooooooo hard to get rid of...i'm using this Vichy stuff! it's about $20(CAD) for the bottle but it works extremely well! it's almost all gone and i've only been using it regularly for about 2 weeks! yippee!
i definately recommend their toner aswell which is about the same price...it's also very gentle on sensitive skin like mine!

I beleive when urine first come out it is sterile( or sterilized) i donk know.. but i think thats why it works for other stuff..
Yuck i just thought about this.. why am i even trying to rationalize this question! LOL its urine.. i highly doubt it gets rid of acne... i dont reccomend anyone trying it. :)

NO. If you do need something to take away acne, buy a natural acne remover. Its way better than the other acne removers packed with chemicals that kills your skin.

That is an old myth, it is said that your first piss of the day helps, because it is perfectly PH balanced to yourself. I think Pro-Active would be better though, I could not fathom putting urine on my face
Piss is also suppose to cure athletes feet and a few other ailments, who discovers this stuff? Maybe Rick James???

miss nanabanana
why dont you ask R-kellys girlfriend.?.

lol no but if you pore in to ear ache it takes away.

monkey urine

I dont know..
can i pee on your face please?

no it doesnt... however if you get a skin care product that you take like a multivitamin, the urine does rid the bacteria underneath the skin.

untrue, urine is an anti-bacterial substance but it would not clear up one's acne problems.

yes - go rub some on your face right now.

I read an article in Cosmo a couple of years ago that said yes, it does. I wonder how much they had to pay the test subjects for this study?

bigjohn B
I do not know. But it should get rid of people you do not like.

baseball glove question asker
yeah. wash your face with warm, fresh urine instead of water.

Black Rainbow

Red Scorpion
Dear Yours Truly Cindy!

Pleasantly you have asked an interesting question. As answer to your question is quite bigger so I deem it wise to make you comprehend the Phenomenon behind Acne and Urine.

Acne is produced by the Hormonal changes/development in the body mostly in the adolescence period. Some people do face this afterwards too based on the complexities with the health of Skin.

When these changes occur due to excess moisture and closed tissue holes skin colour starts changing and then little red pimples get fertilization.

Urine is the wastage of our body which usually contains Urea, Salts and little amount of superfluous enzymes thrown by the Kidneys with a mixture of water.

Looking at this factor one can say that Urine is no more helpful in controlling acne. However, in Hydropathy if you put your daily intake of water to maximum values it is hoped that increase metabolism will through most of your body enzymes and hormones out giving you relief from the Acne.
This therapy has its own limitations too.

In the end the conclusion will bring a slight No to your question dear.

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