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 The arm on my skin is bubbly. What's the problem?
There's tons of little bubbles on both of my forearms, nowhere else. I didn't notice until I was outside mowing lawn. No known allergies and I'm not taking any medications. What's ...

 ugly red bumps on the arms?
so i have red bumps on the back of my arms and my legs, im 95% sure it's not acne. Does anyone know how to get rid of them quickly?
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about the leg part, they just ...

 Omg please please PLEASE HELP?
I am going on holiday tomorrow and i have 4 red blotches on my nose, they look disgusting

I need advice on how to get rid of them overnight? any home remidys that work? I cant go out now ...

 can you have a bath or shower when you've got chicken pox?
my son woke up with them this morning,he's not very happy....

 if my belly button is infected, what do i do?
i cant go to the docter.
and im freaking out.
what do i do?


 what can i do about my acne?
i've treated my acne with stridex and it works great but i have like red spots from where my acne has been and i still have a couple zits what can i do about them the red spots make me look like ...

 Head lice...Need some answers!?
Okay my niece had Head Lice but, the thing is she still has nits. Now if I go over to her house is there a chance that I will get nits which are eggs will that will turn into Lice? im ...

So today I was outside swimming for about 3 hours and got a really bad sunburn. I know I should of used more sunblock. I have a really bad headache and am hurting really bad. Does anyone have any ...

 What are ways of getting rid of acne?
I have acne one my nose,forehead,few on my left cheek.I used acne-free products,toothpaste,and maybe tried to pop them and wash it with alcohol.And each time some go away,more come in.Some of them ...

 I am scratching my skin off!!!?
Hi. I woke up all itchy this morning. I have been this way for two days, allthough the worst of it is comming today! I have scratched my skin off and bleed in places.

Should I go to school?...

 My friend has yellow hands, why?
She's 14 , 15 in less than a week. Shes not fat, she's heal;thy as far as i know, she's quite fit....

I have like 3 little lumps on one of my elbows and they were quite itchy then i took a shower and put moisturising cream on them and now they don't itch, my mum said it looks like ex-ma and she ...

 What's the best acne treatment?
I'm a 14 year old girl. I just recently am getting major breakouts of acne all over my forehead. I never had acne this bad. I don't know what the problem is or how to treat it. I tried all ...

Ive tried everything Clearasil, neutrogena, proactive nothing is working anyone have any ideas for products diet changes or ...

 I have a wart on my right thigh, and I'm afraid it will get bigger. How do I get rid of it? Please Help!?

 ACNE, I saw my dermatoligist today and she gave me?
differen gel and an antibiotic 100mg and I go back in two months and if that does not work then she will try the Acutain I think she said. Do you think the differen gel and antibiotic will work? I ...

 how do I get the burn mark off me?
I was accidently burned by an iron maybe a week or so ago and a thought the mark it left would go away but it's still there how do I get rid of ...

 I've had a blood blister since wednesday and haven't popped it?
will it just go away?
Additional Details
it was a lite purple now it's black??...

 could this mole be cancerous?
sorry, no picture but i have become worried when i noticed a mole on the left side of my neck today...i am fair skinned, and have had the mole all my life and im 18 now...it is raised, and from what ...

 What should I do about my acne?
I am in eleventh grade, and have suffered with acne since eighth grade. I have tried absolutely everything, we've all heard the "I've tried everything" before, but this time, it&#...

Does Proactive Acne medication work?
So i'm a 13 year old girl who has acne and currently i'm using nuetrogena acne stress control stuff. but all my friends say proactive is great and you hear about it online and on tv so much.... Does it really work?

Not Important.
Well I'm having the same problem.

Don't use proactive if you have a lot of acne.

Use a bar of Dove soap !

Morning, & night. Make sure you get sun & swim in the pool !

I promise if will help you out a lot.

Proactive isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It makes your skin either dry or oily.

Hope I helped !

Honestly, I didn't like it. It bleaches your pillows if you go to sleep with it on and it dries out your skin REALLY bad at the beginning, thus creating more acne, and the same thing happens when you stop except it creates a lot of extra oil so then causing more acne.

I actually have ordered, and own proactive. It didn't even help me at all and took FOREVER to do all the steps... I think it is a waste of time and money.
I have been using OXY pads for acne though, and that seems to be working wonders!
Hope this helped!

It does work, but you have to be consistent with it... use it 2x a day. It takes about 2 months to start working at it's best. It might not work for everyone, but it's worth a shot if nothing else has. Also, if your parents are okay with it, ask your doctor for an Acutane prescription. It got rid of my acne for years and I only break out occasionally now.

I have it and it works for me, but it depends on your skin. My cousin said it messed her skin up. Also, I heard that if you stop using it your skin gets worse...but I dunno.

Whitley B
I tried it and it didn't work for me at all. If anything, it made me break out more. I wouldn't waste the money if I was you.

Nellie Lovett/Todd
My friend tried using it once, and she said it doesn't work on all skin types. I haven't tried it, I usually use stuff like Clearisil or Sea breeze. I had good results with those, though.

*Mrs. Malfoy*

The results vary with everyone because everyone's acne is different on each skin. I used to use it back in high school and it did seem to work but my acne wasn't as bad as others.

I believe that Proactiv is good for mild acne but if you have severe acne that would need a prescription by doctor.

Since you're only 13 I think you're too young to go on powerful prescriptions so Proactiv might be OK to use but have in mind that depending on the severity of your acne it might or it might not work.

A big tip I can give you is try to control the oils on your face. Wash your face regularly and don't touch it, this causes more bacteria to get on your skin. Also, if you use makeup do not use oil base foundation because this will clog your pores and cause pimples.

Hope this helped. good luck!

i havent tried proactive
i know that three things together work fantastically
first cetaphil
next clindagel
and lastly epiduo
in that order
the last two are perscription strength and you need a doctors permission
the only thing is the price tag
without insurance and coupons they are like $550 altogether the latter two being the most expensive

YES! I Love proactive, it really, really does work. It is way better than all the other products out there becuase there is no guesswork with it. You simply follow the direction and you will have clear skin. With other products its hard to know what to use with what. Its expensive, but it works and its worth it to me.

I've never had acne, but I'm pretty sure there is no cure for it. I've heard from tons of adults that there isn't. I would just take care of my skin, make sure you moisturize and wear SPF daily

I used to use it a few years back, and it works, but when I ran out, my acne came back twice as bad. Now, your skin is different from my skin, but I use Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit scrub every night and every morning, and my acne has cleared up a lot. Just try something a little cheaper to see if that's all you need. If it doesn't work, then I would consider Proactive. Good luck!

depends on your skin
It works for me
really good actually

[email protected]
yes it does and it makes ur face feel amazing. i nvr really had ache and since i started using it i haven't seem any sign of acne so go buy some NOW!

yes, if you use it consistantly.

use it twice a day. if you get dryness, use an oil free moisturizer.

depends on acne but most of the time it works.

Yes!! it does work!

yes proactive works but it is a pain.u have to make sure to use it everyday

G&J's Mommy
Neutrogena always dries my face out. I love Noxema. It makes your face feel fresh, clean and it helps with break outs.

As far as Proactive goes, I know a few people who have tried it and it didn't work well with their skin. So to answer, I guess it depends on your skin type and its reaction to the treatment.

Good luck.

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