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Does Preparation H Hemmorhoid cream work for Under-Eye Darkcircle???
I was reading and I also post a question cuz I have serious darkcircle under my eyes. And all the question I have read and they post me said to try Preparation H Hemmorhoid cream. Does it really wortk for darkcicle? Have Someone try it already. i want to get rid of my darkcicle under my eyes NEED SOME HELP!!!!!
Additional Details

yeah and dog **** works too!


Teel H
It works for bags under the eyes, and maybe it works for circles...it constricts the blood vessels at the surface of your skin and causes the skin to contract....which is why it works for the wrinkles. I'm not sure about the discolorization.

Adje J
I've heard it does. I'm a second-year teacher but last year all the veteran teachers told me if I got too worn out during my first year to try it. I never had to, but I never saw dark circles under their eyes either!

Suz E. Home BAKER
I think you're mistaken. Hemmorhoidal cream helps reduce puffiness of eyelids but does nothing to lighten dark under-eye circles. I would try to find an over-the-counter treatment made specifically for blotchy skin and/or under-eye circles.

Jennifer B
My mum uses it for her crows feet but not dark circles

No. Save your money. Buy some concealer. Prep. H only works on puffiness around the eye and an ice cube will help puffiness. You can get concealer at a dept. store or the drug store.

it helps fixes both eyes.... : )

CSI in Training
Using a hemmorhoid cream under the eyes can be risky. Read the warnings on the label. The ointment is usually used cosmetically to treat puffiness(just as it helps to decrease the size of hemmoroids)
Using a cool compress on the eyes is a safer and just as effective method for puffiness it will also help prevent those small blood vessels under the eyes from leaking(those dark circles are almost always mild bruising)

My wife went through this. Our doctor said it is an iron deficiency. Eat dark green veggies (spinach,peas,and such...) and take Flintstones vitamins with iron. In a few weeks the circles will go away if you follow through every day.

I've heard that it works for "bags" under they eyes, but never heard about it working for the under-eye darkness.

It will make puffiness go away but will not lighten the circles. Are you getting enough sleep? Sleep deprivation is the #1 cause of the dark circles.

IT WILL NOT get rid of under eye darkness...it WILL get rid of under eye puffiness

what it does is tighten your skin

if u have a hemmorid under ur eye then yes it will work

dark circles is a pigment problem
What Prep H deals with is swelling issues.
They are different issues. Prep H will not help you with discoloration

It works great for puffiness but not the dark circles, you need makeup for those.

you know I have heard that it does and I bought some to try it out, It didn't work for me. Maybe it works for some people.

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