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 how do you lose black heads on your nose?
what do i do i have black heads on my nose......

 Why don't animals get acne?
Seriously i want to know >_>...

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 i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
my arm pit to be exact... it started with a deodorant that i use all the time.. but i switched any way and its still happening.. some times they will be huge pimples almost like a boil.. i sweat a ...

 how can u get rid of sunburn?

 What's wrong with my face?
So, I noticed something earlier. I keep griping because my face is broke out, I've tried everything, blah blah blah but I just realised. My face isn't broke out with pimples. I mean, they�...

I know many people ask this question but I need some answers. And if you dont know of any none prescriction products, do you think I should just go see a derm.??? Thanks!...

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I dont know how to say this but... I have an eye one my nose!...

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 What is Puss made from?
no essays please, just short and simple answers ...

 What can you do about dry cracked skin?
My skin is severly cracked to the point of bleeding. I use lotions but that does nothing. Could this be a vitamin deficiancy or are some people just suseptable to dry skin?...

 Who doesn't use sunscreen?
I don't because it causes cancer. I know the common answer of .....no, the sun causes cancer...but it doesn't!..will probably but your answer.

New studies show that sunscreen may ...

 how to get rid of feet odor?

Additional Details
No stupid answers. Like really GET A LIFE....

 how do you get rid of acne?? plsz help!?!?
hey everyone does anyone have any idea how to get rid of acne??...

 How do you deal with cracked heels? The hard skin on my feet is worse than ever. At 50 years old, it is causin

 can I pierce my ears safely at home with a needle?
I talking about ear ...

 how can you get rid of white heads on the face quick and easy?

Do strawberries make freckles go away.?
I heard they did bt* i dnt know so please try it out and tell me if it works. i think yu have to leave them on for 15 minutes thou.


Hahahaha...yea thats like saying "if I rub a penny on my face, will the freckles come off" haha seriously now?

Just embrace the freckles, I'm sure you are gorgeous!

dude of rock
nope ginger does i think its an analgesic

[email protected]!
No, that's just ridiculous. Just stay out of the sun.

somebody is messing with you..anyway, why would you want to get rid of freckles..they are hot

No... that's a myth.

Ain't Ya Jello?
No they do i have done it ok here is the steps:
1: eat 5-9 strawberries a day
2: once a day smash your face in a straberry short cake
3: watch that show strawberry shortcake fom 1 am-6 am

That is the 3 easy steps
Tell me how it works out

No but makeup does temporarily.

Ida :D
lol no.. freckles are in you skin, and they cant just be removed.. - or well if you have an laser thing then it might be possible, but with strawberries: no!

it's a boy! 6/12/2010!
No but if you cut the strawberry in half and kind of squeeze it to get some of the juice out onto the surface and gently rub the halves onto your face for a couple mins it actually gives your skin a nice natural glow.

no. stay away from the sun.

Noooo... It would take a deep peel at the dermatologist to reduce freckles. Sorry.

Befaniiee Baybee.. <3
No they dont sorry you will just have to put fondation over them if you dont want them to be seen. x

DevynC (girl.)

In principle, you could make an abrasive grinding surface out of strawberries and thus shave your skin off where the freckles are.

Not really a viable option as you would then have a serious injury to your face. Best to not do that.

Of course not.

I don't know if it works or not but here's some info you might find useful:
Applying lemon juice directly on the skin is quite effective in getting rid of freckles. Likewise, application of face masks made from cucumbers and strawberries also decrease the amount of melanin in the skin.

no frecles are part of your skin strawberries dont make them go away


Jean Baptiste Langoratti

James Jones
Strawberries don't, but a bit of my homemade beauty cream will.

Brittneyy :)
no thats not true..freckles are cute..

Ahahhaha. what idiot told you that??

★Death Angel★
DO flying donkeys walk?

keep your freckles their cute :)

No, who would want to remove freckles. They add personality!

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