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Sa sara
Do i have lice, or is it just dandruff?
Im trying to figure out because i have little white things in my hair that could be nits, but my head rarely itches.Usely only when i think about it it itches because im paraniod i have them. And i can flick them out with my finger they dont stick. I also straighten my hair alot and ive heard lice hate heat and i often use hairspray another thing they dislike. and i only wash my hair every other day or two days so its not super clean like lice like.

Tevez in manchester city
The Land of Ice and Snow

Go to a dr to ask

LoL Its hard to tell without seeing "it". If you can "flick it out" then it's probably NOT head lice cause they stick to the hair strands.

Nosmall C
then if it dont stick its dandruff

That's gross.

Use hair spray in the scalp. That'll getem

Saint Misery
You have herpes. now GTFO!

lice and dandruff

cali stunter
well have your mom or sister or sumone check your head
if u scratch and u see just flakes then dandruff but if u see **** crawling around then u have lice

use dandruff shampoox

i suggest to shower everyday, because it could be just dandruff. Use head and shoulders and if it doesn't go away let a doctor or a parent check it out, and get lice shampoo and so on. I am guessing just dandruff because your not showering everyday.

It sounds to me like you do have dandruff, and a sensitive scalp. It would be best to try a shampoo conditioner thats specificaly for this. Head and shoulders etc - I wouldnt worry to much about lice, if your head begins to itch you can use a fine tooth comb to check for lice, but having had experience of dandruff using a comb will just create more bits, and hurt in the long term.

You may have lice, but if the white "things" in your hair don't stick they might not be. When you say it doesn't itch, it might just be lice eggs, because lice eggs are white and mainly stay at the root of your hair. But also with Dandruff, it's normally at the roots, but if you find that it's flaky then it will more than likely be dandruff. Either way, try using anti-dandruff shampoo, and if that doesn't help you, try getting head lice remover stuff, to remove your Dandruff or head lice,

Hope i helped :)

Joshua M
Nits are normally dark in color (see link)

It may be best to have someone comb your hair and watch for movement. You should try a dandruff shampoo today and see if it helps any.

The Lady in the Radiator
Lice are hardy little thing, and probably won't be discourage by some hairspray and hair that's only washed ever second day (I hear that's a myth).

On the plus side, you probably don't have them. If you must know, simply buy a louse comb (white is best), and run it through your hair a couple of times, checking the comb carefully each time. If you have any lice, one will eventually turn up in the comb, and you'll probably be able to see it by it's pale brown, translucent appearance and legs.

It's not pleasant finding out, but you don't want to be a carrier, do you?

If it turn out you do have them, just buy any of the lice removing products available and follow the instructions.

Bored 2 Death
I can't tell you which you have but if I were you I would just start using some lice remover just to make sure. You can never be too sure.

Squish it between your fingernails too.. see what it looks like. If it just kind of flattens out, its most likely dandruff. Do you have someone to check your head just to see if there are actually any lice running around? My guess is it is dandruff because nits usually stick. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Get someone to check your hair under good lighting. Especially around the beck of the neck and the ears, that's where they generally are. Google some pictures and compare what you are finding to them as well. Hopefully all of this will help, and good luck. :)

if there is an immense urge to scratch then its lice if its if your hair is flaky adn gives off little white flakes then its dandruff it could be both

if it is lice mix rubbing alcohol and baby oil and clean your hair out with that
it kills all the bugs and takes them out for you but you have to suffocate yourself for about a minute lol it is a very strong and foul smell

Sounds like dandruff! But, like you, if I think about it too much, I get itchy! You would definitely be itchy if it was lice ( i work in an elementary school...i know!) and the little white pieces would stick to your hair shaft and would be hard to pull off. I would just talk to your hairdresser, or get a good dandruff shampoo. Head & Shoulders is great! Good luck. :)

nikknax (‚ô•him)
lice move. get a comb and starting at your scalp run it through your hair and see what you catch. if the stuff is moving then it has to be lice. thats how my mom found out about my siblings lice

Sounds like just dandruff which is easy to treat. Lice on the other hand a real buggers.
If I were you i'd get a special nit comb to double check if they're just eggs or....nit babies.

Better safe than sorry.

Its Dandruff :) x use a nit comb and make sure (when your in the shower, condition your hair brush threw it with a normal brush then use a nit comb and look after you have done a part of your head, if there are nits then you have nits, if not its Dandruff) just to be on the safe side :) x hope this helps

you can see lice. it has legs. if the stuff in your hair moves and has legs, treat your hair, then wash all your stuff.

Sounds like dandruff. My brother uses Prell shampoo to get rid of dandruff. Try.

Wellllllllllllllllll .......

Since it doesn't stick, it's probably not lice. But if you ever do have lice, don't use pantene or head and shoulders...at least that's what my brother said, i forgot why. Since you don't have lice, at least that's what i think, you can use those brands. You are right they do like clean hair. So to me, I don't think you have lice.

You most likely just have dandruff. A few people in my family also have the same condition, but if it truly bothers you, go to a doctor or check out this site


it sounds like dandruff BUT just was your hair in teatree shampoo because if they are lice it will kill them off.

use head and shoulders or axe dandruff shampoo.. if it still persists then it is head lice.

I'd say dandruff,

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