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 I've recently been diagnosed with pompholyx ezcema (on hands & feet). I've tried all sorts. Any suggestions ?
I've tried the strongest steroid cream but still symptoms persist. Can anyone suggest a cream to help or any other tips, at this stage I will almost try anything !! Thanks....

 itching problem every night ?
well every night, my legs [thigh and side of my knee] and arms and it starts itching really really bad. it happens every night and it gets really red and lil bumps form when i scratch it. when i put ...

 how to get dirt off of your neck?
well my neck has dirt cause i guess i dont wash it like im suppose to so does anybody know to to clean it before school im only in the 8th grade P.S i need to lose some pounds to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELP...

 this is kinda gross, but can you help?
okay.i'll give you all the information possible:
i have been really sick with a sore throat and head cold for the past three days. its finally passing. the palms of my hands have been ...

 Can someone tell me why my armpits feel itchy?
I've been using the same deodorant for 3 years, so I know it's not some kind of allergic reaction. My pits just randomly start itching during the day, and itching them is painful and doesn&#...

 how do you get rid of stretch marks?
Im 15 no im not pregnant and no i never have been but, i use to be overweight! but now i only way 115 pounds. i decided to get my belly button pierced but one problem i have these stretch marks that ...

 Can my little sister go swimming with a wart on her foot?
My sister and I are supposed to go swimming this afternoon and I was wondering if she CAN go swimming?
she went to the doctor today and the doctor, erm, froze it down. IT still has some healing ...

 Cheap way to cure acne?
Okay. I have always had acne and im only 11. It's not severe but it never seems to go completely away...

I have used clearasil (if thats how you spell it)
clean & clear

 How to cure a dry nose caused by tissues?
I've had some sort of awful cold, and my the outside of my nose is completely raw right now from having to blow it so much. I have tried using vaseline to help keep it moist, but was wondering ...

 Acne question?
In two weeks I am leaving for college. I really want my face to be clear when I get there. What ways can I change my lifestyle (such as what foods and drinks I take in) in order to be clearing up ...

 scars on my legs, help!!!!?
ok well during the summer, i went to thailand, and they have ALOT of mosquitos, and i got like tons of bites on my legs, i scratch them so much they bleed they scars come up, the scars on my legs are ...

 how to get rid of blackheads without squeezing them?
i have millions of blackheads on my nose and chin, i squeeze them but then it makes spots. i also have blackheads but they look like spots but without the redness and it hurts if you squeeze them. i&#...

 Acne HELP!!!!!!!!!! ?
I have a lot of breakouts on my forehead and chin. I start school in a week and I want to have clear skin for the first day of school! Any tips, tricks, or solutions will help! Thanks soooo much for ...

 Does the 'taking' of soft drugs lead to hard drugs?

 Is this true (Sunburn question)?
Sunday I went to a Cleveland Indians game and got burned on my chest and my face. My school nurse told me the next day to take the hottest shower I can stand for about 5 minutes, and I was wondering ...

I have gotten about 24 mosquito bites along my calves and some have started to turn hard and red. They all itch like crazy and i want to get RID OF THEM! I have been using caladryl to stop the ...

 I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this?? ?
I have a small lump with two pin size lines like a vampire bite what could of done this. its like a mosquito mark but more bigger and to fang like mars in a line that are just a bit bigger than pin ...

 um...kinda awkard question....?
um, does anyone know how to get rid of warts? I have at least 8 on my left hand!! It's very embarassing. I have tried duck tape, tea tree oil, grapefruit seed oil, proxide, etc. PLEASE HELP!!...

 very itchy skin from tanning??
I just got a month package to go tanning this past week... i've tanned tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. the 1st 2 days i was fine and then my stomach and chest started getting itchy. A...

 acne help?
okay i want clear face by highschool
that is in 3 months.
drink alot of water
use clinique face treatment 2 times a day
wear NO makeup
use medicane prescribed ...

Do baths give you body acne?
Just in the past year I started taking baths 1-2 times a day instead of showers... but i have also developed moderate-severe acne on my back and chest...
is it possible that its because i am bathing not showering? what to do?

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β–β–€β–€β–Όβ–€β–€β–Œ β–Ί JON β—„ β–β–„β–„β–²β–„β–„β–Œ
yes, because you're sitting in your own filth

Jessie K
There is no connection, but showering might help a LITTLE because there is more action on the skin.

Answer mine please? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ausr7g7y2gymIp1qL4ffmynsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090426183123AAaUwN4

yeah sometimes

Its because you might have back problems and you should try to stretch more often

take showers and use a proativ solutin body wash

I wanna know.
It shouldn't, maybe u are doing something else different, and maybe in food.

Buddhist Monkey
n, bcs i hv cn n m chst nd i hvnt tkn a bth n frvr.

Not unless you dont wash your bath tub before taking a bath
try washing the bath tub everytime before you take a bath and see if thats it

Supaaa Girl β™₯
I dont know about that but do you drink lots of pop and how old are you? becuase if you drink lots of pop and as soon as you hit 17 ur horomones go wild usually and then you start to break out and get acne everywhere the caffine in things make you have lots of acne everywhere

I think that If your bath is dirty, It might be a problem.

Also, I'd say taking two showers is better than two baths, on the ecological side and on the hygienic side too.

it could be from bathing, but if you have your bath cleaned regularly you shouldnt have any problems.

yeah because your bath water is dirty from the dirt on you

nope I usually take shower first then a body bath

Ronni J
I would consider this situation a possible yes. It could have something to do with how dirty to water gets or what kind of bath products youre using. I would highly recommend switching back to showers and buying some sort of acne scrub for you back. Biore Body Scrub has helped me TREMENDOSLY!

Acne is caused by blocked pores. So maybe if you're using some kind of oily bath soap liquid, sitting in that liquid is causing your pores to become clogged. I would try switching soaps. If that doesn't work, then it's probably just the fact you're sitting in soapy, dirty water and it is clogging your pores. Try going to back to showers then, if the soap switching doesn't work.

And by the way, per my dermatologist, what you eat has nothing to do with acne. Unless you rub your food all over your face. Or you eat food pumped up with hormones (but i doubt it even then). Acne is caused by hormones that cause your oil and sebum (what causes blocked pores) production to increase. Also, anything else that would clog your pores (too much make-up, dirt, dead skin cells, etc.) I was told that oily skin isn't all that bad...I have oily skin on my nose and my T-Zone...I have bad acne but I don't get it in my oily spots. But washing the area won't help too much either. It's more irritation and it's drying, which doesn't help. Just FYI

Yes they do . You are sitting in all of the dirt and grime that has gathered on you during the day. Go back to showers

To answer your question directly the answer is NO. If you're not comfortable with the baths, start taking showers and see if there is an improvement.

maybe u should stop bathing with out soap. lol. jus ttake a shower once in a while. haha

Angela N
Yes, because the hot steam from the long bath opens your pores and it gets dirty which causes the pimples.

Rachel Z
Taking 1-2 baths a day like that could be drying out your skin and cause irritation which then could cause the Acne.

Also if your using any types of soap or bath salts that could be causing an allergic reaction on your back which could cause Acne.

Taking a shower every other day should take of the build up of dirt or dead skin cells which could be clogging your pores.

well you should not bath or shower more than 1x a day, and it wont give you acne but it will wash away your natural oils and that can cause acne... but that would be to much of either but a bath would take more away because the soaking....how old are you,,,, you might just be at that age where you do not have a choice

There could be many factors that are causing this. For example, consider your age. If you are a teenager, then this is something that is normal, as your hormones are raging.

Think about the material of shirts, blankets, sheets, and pillows that you are wearing or laying on. If you are wearing shirts that are either very thick or a non-breathing material, you may start to sweat. Acne occurs when the pores clog up with sweat, oil, and other debris. Since we're talking about clothing, you may want to look into finding a different laundry detergent. Your skin may be sensitive or developing an allergy. Allergies can occur at any given time as you go through life. How about pets? Are they laying on your clean laundry? Pet Dander is a very common allergen for humans. Either way, wear clothing that is more loose-fitting and enables your pores to breathe - especially to bed. Also, tie your hair back if it's really long so your skin is not absorbing its oils.

Closely look at your health and hygiene. Think about your stress level as well. High stress and anything that is disturbing or brings on a strong emotion can cause breakouts of acne. Make sure you are taking in vitamins from either food, or regular vitamins. Eliminate greasy, oily, sweet, and fatty foods from your diet for a while so your acne disappears quickly.

For one, go back to taking showers, as switching to baths is more likely than not the cause of your problem. The oils in the soap may be soaking, along with your own natural body oils, into your skin and clogging it up. If you've investigated every other option, then see your doctor, an Skin Doctor, or an Allergist.


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