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Hayley L
Do I need to shave my head, to get rid of lice?
We tried Nix, and it's been four days. We're still finding live lice.

if u have thick hair then u will have to shave it. if u dont want to do that there is a very unorthodox way of killing the lice buy pouring kerosene on your hair. but i wouldnt advise it

NO WAY! Try some other product then. I've had lice and ridding of it requires nothing but patience.

WiNe & ChEeSe
Did you wipe EVERYTHING DOWN in your home & car?
Did you WASH EVERYTHING in HOT WATER that you were near in your home?
Did you or the person that ran the LICE COMB thru your hair take thier time & get EVERY STRAND of your hair?
Are you still around the person/s that you caught this from? (did they treat properly)?
Did you treat your hair & the home twice?
These are all necessary or you will never get rid of the infestation.
Getting rid of Lice is pure hell.

Chirag Ashok
no u dont need to shave your hair
you get lice shampoos you just shampoo it on your hair keep it on for 3 mins or so and you will see that they die at the same time
its a cheap shampoo

Franky Brawn
Wash it frequently....

dye your hair
or seperate your hair and put mayonaise in it and leave it for like 3 hours then get a metal lice comb and take the eggs and bugs out
then get lice medicine and do that and put vigegir in your hair wash it like shampoo
then take the comb again do it EVERYDAY and comb out the eggs and bugs trust me it works i had lice alot from my stupid cousin
bleach your brushes pillowcases blankets wahs clothes ANYTHING that you have contact with

No.. i know this sounds weird but i promise you 100% you can get rid of them with out combing and this stupid treatments buy front line you can it from the pet shop like for $30 the stuff you use in your pets coat for fleas few drops of that in your hair a few days later there all gone my mom tried it on me and my sister having such long hair combing was terrible =( i know weird but honestly worked

That's a pretty drastic situation.

I'd maybe hit up a doctor and see if you can get something stronger. But that's still kind of frightening.

This a theory but...can you hang out underwater for an hour or so. With a snorkel or course. But drown the little buggers.

no this is what u r going to need to do. Put MAYO all over ur hair i mean all over ur scalp and everything then wrap your hair and put a shower cap on. sleep with it, in the morning wash it out. By morning u wont have lice anymore

You shouldn't HAVE to..but before you resort to something like that, I would talk to your doctor and tell them that the shampoo you're using isn't working and maybe they have an alternative for you..

Unless it doesnt matter to you, I mean shaving your head certianly would HELP..but it would probably be easier if you didn't have to go through that embarassment.

no, just try another lice shampoo. also, you should try "denerex" i think thats how you spell it..? well its a dandruf shampoo but its incredibly strong. good luck!

After going through all the store treatments, we switched to an old-fashioned mayonnaise treatment. Get real mayonnaise and cover the hair thickly so that it "smothers" the lice. Wrap the head tightly with Saran Wrap. Wear for two hours. Good part--it's also good for the hair. The link below provides more details.

indiana girl
soak your hair in listerine for an hair. rinse. soak your hair in vinegar for an hour. rinse. works like a charm. trust me that store bought stuff didn't work at all but my doctor (and amish books) suggested this. mouthwash kills the lice. vinegar strips glue off of the eggs so they come right out. your hair will be super soft afterwards too!

You might have to do it more then once.. but thats the only other way to get rid of them. Better then the shaved head idea.

no lice can hold on to your clothes. this site says how to get rid of it. http://www.getridofthings.com/get-rid-of-head-lice.htm

NO there is a special shampoo call riddex. then you need to clean all sheets pillow cases, couches carpets (i think) but clean everythig and if there are other people in you house hold then they need to shampoo too. hope i helped.

No Try a different brand... Ask at the Pharmacy

Not at all. Keep repeating the treatment and regularly use the fine comb to tease them out. Use a conditioning shampoo, it makes your hair smoother and they slide off more easily onto the comb. When you're clear add a few drops of vinegar to your regular shampoo for a few days to keep them away and make sure you wash all of your bedclothes and any clothes that have come into contact with your head or neck. No need to shave your head, you'll get 'em eventually.

wash your hair then put conditioner in your hair then slide a comb threw your hair do this repeatedly and the lice should go don't shave your head !

no you can go to publix or walgreens even to get treatments for lice.
theyre on the same isle as shampoos usually

I know this sounds weired, and if you dont beleive me then go online and look it up, but use mayo....also get rid of anything in your room that could of had lice on it, like pillow, sheets, blanket, and maybe the matress itself since u have had it for a while....i remeber when i was 5 and i got it...i had to get rid of my barney stuffed animal =( haha

no, you can pick up lice shampoo at a wrie-aid, or wal-mart or something. just use it when it says to and the lice will be gone!
Another thing to do is to get a plastic matress cover and pillow case, because lice may also lay there eggs there and will become almost impossibe to get rid of.

Go to the doctor, or get a shampoo for it.

1. Be prepared to fight a long battle. Adult lice and immature lice are pretty easy to get rid of, but their eggs are much harder to get rid of, and it is with these nits that the most problems crop up. People can think that they are rid of lice, but then get another case of lice from just a couple of eggs. Constant vigilance will be necessary to win this battle.
2. Buy a quality lice treatment (also known as a pediculicide). You should be able to buy one over the counter at a local drug store. You should also get a quality nit comb (a normal comb is not fine enough to remove nits and lice from hair); a flea comb for pets may also be used.
3. Apply the lice treatment to the hair. Be sure to follow the treatment instructions, especially regarding the duration the treatment should be left on the hair and how it should be removed. You may need to buy another bottle to treat someone with very long hair.
4. Remove the treatment from the hair as directed. Note that you should not shampoo or condition the hair with normal shampoo or conditioner for 1-2 days following treatment.
5. Make sure the person with the lice then changes into clean clothes following the treatment.
6. Wait 8-12 hours (or as directed). Use the nit comb to remove the dead lice (and any ones still living) from the hair. If you find lots of live lice at this point, you may need a more effective pediculicide; contact your doctor for a recommendation.
7. Comb the hair with the nit comb and carefully check the scalp of the infested person every 2-3 days. Continue this process for 2 or 3 weeks to ensure that all of the lice are gone. Most lice treatments require a second application after about 10 days to kill any lice that may have hatched since the initial treatment.
8. Clean all of the infected person's contaminated belongings: clothes, towels, and bedding will need to be washed in hot water, and their mattress and room vacuumed thoroughly. Use the hottest setting on the dryer and dry for the longest time you can without harming the fabric.
9. Or you could...
10. Buy a cheap conditioner from your local supermarket. Also get a nit comb.
11. Rub the conditioner into the person's hair. Make sure you use enough conditioner.
12. Slide the nit comb through the hair quite hardly (to make sure you get the nits out) Make sure you do this until you are sure you have done enough.
13. Go round the hair with your fingers just to double check.
14. Finally, wash out your hair, making sure there is no more conditioner in the hair.

kezia ♥
no no,
just get a different shampoo.
try to stay out of the sun.


this will do that job...good luck

Try washing again with the nix, and make sure you wash all your bedding and clothes. and even the couch cushions, and wash your combs and brushes with the nix. lice can live in all these places, so they can keep getting in your hair.

What I did was color my hair, and it worked! I just colored it my normal brown color put a shower cap on and it really got rid of a lot of them!

Miss Ann Thrope
Try using Rid and be sure to thoroughly wash all towels and bedding.

Insomniacs Dream
great now my head is itchy ,

no you don't just keep it on for an hour and then rinse. how did you get lice in the first place?

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