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 i shaved my back .. 2 days later i got these itchy small red bumps?
this is the first time (and last!!) that i shave my back .. 2 days later i got small red bumps and they itch! (not much tho) some of them have white puss ... and they are spread like a rash ..

 How can you get rid of warts?
If I have a couple of warts on my knee then does anyone a way to get rid of them?...

 there is dots on my nose?
there are skin colour dots all over my nose. im sure it isn't pimples because its been there quite a long time. almost 3 years at least. they aren't quite visable but when you go close up ...

 How to get whiter skin?

Yeah, so I'm wondering something. How could I get whiter skin? Please don't tell me to ask Michael Jackson; I don't have his number.
Additional Details

 How many of you have a writing callus or bump of some sort?
I'm just curious, I have had a bump for like 8 years on my right ring finger from writing....

 Why don't asians have acne?

Additional Details
It's just everytime I see someone who is Asian, their skin seems to be pretty clear....
And they even get spicy food and still get no pimples T_T...

 how do you lose black heads on your nose?
what do i do i have black heads on my nose......

 Why don't animals get acne?
Seriously i want to know >_>...

 my lips have been dry for the past two days. what can i do stop it?

 How can I get rid of my acne, I don't have THAT much but it's noticeable and I don't like it?
I am 14 and have acne on my forehead, the side of my forehead, on my nose, chin, and on my cheeks. So pretty much everywhere. I even have found a little around my collar bone. It's not an ...

 i've been getting really bad rashes under my arms....?
my arm pit to be exact... it started with a deodorant that i use all the time.. but i switched any way and its still happening.. some times they will be huge pimples almost like a boil.. i sweat a ...

 how can u get rid of sunburn?

 What's wrong with my face?
So, I noticed something earlier. I keep griping because my face is broke out, I've tried everything, blah blah blah but I just realised. My face isn't broke out with pimples. I mean, they�...

I know many people ask this question but I need some answers. And if you dont know of any none prescriction products, do you think I should just go see a derm.??? Thanks!...

 What kind of acne do i have? (Pictures Included)?

 Does coffee age your skin?
I will be 29 next month and I am starting to be concerned about aging flawlessly. Anyway, I just wanted to know if coffee or caffeine will age my skin faster than normal. I drink one cup a day....

 I have a little problem that is really embarassing...?
I dont know how to say this but... I have an eye one my nose!...

 How do you get rid of FOOT ODOR?
i liek wearing flats,sandles during summer and at skewl and i hate when my feet smell its so emabrassing! any way to prevent this?...

 What is Puss made from?
no essays please, just short and simple answers ...

 What can you do about dry cracked skin?
My skin is severly cracked to the point of bleeding. I use lotions but that does nothing. Could this be a vitamin deficiancy or are some people just suseptable to dry skin?...

Kristen W
Do I have a baby face? ?
I am 13 but someone thought I was 14 then someone else thought I was 12

ur a fat a$$ baby faced FREAK!

Hey I know you ~ your mom is Yvonne right? I went to high school w/ her ~ she is GREAT

You look 13 but a guess that is one or two off isn't really a bad guess

Laura D
Girl, your face looks like you are about 14. Be confident!!! Don't listen to what other people say, they probably just want to make yiu think that so you will shy from your naturak beauty! Try getting some blue eyeshadow, or vibrant green. And some eyeliner. I will compliment your gorgeous skin tone. Good luck(:


posting your picture on here is kind of a bad idea....
but anyways. I can't tell, cuz you have to see your face and your whole body.
i'm 16, and a junior in high school.
people always ask if i'm 13, or in junior high.
i'm very skinny and average height, and i just look young.
it's no big, though, cuz you look cute in your pic.

♥ aLeXiS bEeZyS ♥
i dont y them beezyz r laughin at u but u kinda do but not that much

Ya but you look your age

yes but you have nice eyes!

But in a totally cute way! ;)

yes. honestly, you look 11

Random 22


omg you look 7!!!! No offense. But look on the bright side, when your friends look 50 you will still look 44!!! lOl my face is a baby face too so no worries, ok.

Yes you have a baby face, but thats not a bad thing and it looks cute on you IMO.

I think you look about 14, but I have kind of a hard time telling teenagers age because I'm toooo old:(

umm,, u look 13 to me...lol

mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081010165021AAh87Gx

Yep, I'm sorry, but you do look like your 12.
Keep that to your advantage, it's cute.

great costume

yea u kinda do


yeah yeah

Yes you definetly do...you are so cute!!

saturdays child
No, that is not a baby face at all - and both guesses were very close so what is the problem? It's not like anyone guessed you were 9.

cUt[ii] m[ii]cH00
13 LOL

rofl yes you do :D

LeAnn C
well it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. it is just who you are. so don't let any one else say who you really are. if that is specific enough for you than ok

You look very young, but your a very beautiful little girl. Now you be very careful on line sweetie, but have a great time!!!!!

I wouldn't say a baby face! But a young girl about the age as my daughter!

Ed the freshman (5 MoRe DaYs)

You look your age.

And girl... posting your age and photo? Your name also says "Kristen W" Not exactly a habit you want to get into. Girl, be a little more conscious of your actions.

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