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 how to get rid of acne?
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 does anyone else out there have a scar on your stomach from surgery??? please help?
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 Does Pepsi cure acne?

 Does the acne medicine- PROACTIV really work. My daughter just began using it, she's almost 13.?

 I have black dots on my nose and they're not freckles. what are they and how do they go away?
I got them when i reached my teenage years. i really don't know what they are but I know they are not freckles because they are bumpy. I thought they were blackheads but I realized that I use ...

 IMPORTANT!!! 10 points...?
what r some good ways to fight acne??...

Are freckles poisonous?
Somebody once told me that freckles contain poison and can explode. He also said that if too many explode, you could die. Is this true?
Additional Details
I don't think they do but someone told me they are and can explode, and I just wanted to make sure, because I happen to have a lot of them

Kung Fu Panda
if they are my back is cancerous

nope, whoever told you is lying:)

They are more potent than 27 black mamba snakes.


Yes, and redheads (also known as gingers) are Satan's spawn

No, but some freckles or moles can be cancerous or dangerous in some way but not like that. If your scared have your doctor look at your freckles and moles.

This is definatley not true! i have freakles on my face and my arms and i am twenty years old and still havent exploded. if something sounds so bizzare and crazy i wouldnt listen to them.

on the backs of Aussie frogs?

I only wish, otherwise people would fear me like the devil. I happen to be covered in an innumerable amount of freckles.

Mrs Ethel Zimmermann
No, you must be very easily led if you believed that.

No this isn't true. Freckles are, however, a sign of sun damage. Freckled skin should be very meticulously protected from the sun.

freckles are a natural part of your body and can cause no harm except it may cause low confidenceand self esteem but could not kill you unless disinfected by poison

Susan .S.
Freckels cna be genetic or obtained from having much sunlight. Nothing dangerous or poisonous. Think of them as beauty marks!!

Yes, they are poisonous, just a simple poke can result in fatal consequences. If you have freckles, you must be careful not to move about too much or they may rupture all over your Wendy's burger.

No not at all

Kevin L
Not even remotely possible.

Are you gulible?
Cuz umm NO


Sarah Thompson
i hope not ! :0

It's absolute rubbish!

No freckles aren't poisonous.

2nd Generation NKOTB Fan <3
OMG whoever the frig told you that is really retarded! Freckles are like beauty marks, they are meant to be there, they are caused by the sun...they are not dangerous nor will they kill you.

did you also know Websters removed the word naive from the print copies of their dictionary?

hun bun
wow, of course not.
either that person was badly informed and naive, or they were just joking.

but they're not poisonous nor explosive, don't worry.
freckles are just different coloured pigments.
i think they're lovely :)

haha, no thats not true. i have freckles all over me, im not dead.

hahahahahah no

wat r u kidding me???

Patrick H
Nope! I have freckles and their very friendly.

Ummm, no.

Look around you at all the ginger kids, a.k.a. redheads with tons of freckles. Now, would they still be alive if freckles were poisonous? Obviously they are NOT poisonous.

The only thing I can think of here is that freckles indicate sun damage to you skin, which could (in theory) be related to your odds of developing skin cancer. But freckles don't explode.

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