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Acne problem.... Why do I only get acne on my forehead, chin, and around my mouth?
I have flawless skin on my cheeks but my acne is bad in the other spots. Does anyone know why?? Thx!

i took a shower
no i don't but i hear sandpaper works great for getting rid of acne!

Fiona H
hi, i'm a beautician. ^-^ for your knowledge, in my experience this occurs due to several reasons:
1. if acne present upon your forehead is because of you working overstress and have blood circulation problem. drink more and sleep more could help.

2. if you have acne on your nose, this might due to your spine problem or digestion (stomach) problem ;-)

3. if acne occurs on your chin, it's a sign of showing women having their monthly period coming soon...hehe.

i hope these could help although i'm not very sure if these are the answers you're looking for or are they exactly correct or the opposite...

it is possible to get acne anywhere on your skin.
that just sounds like something to ask your doctor.

YOu eat too much oily food. don't eat cheezits or goldfish. Those have alot of oil. No fried foods. That's why you get acne. Too much oil intake. It's bad for oyu anyways. Drink more water.

do u put creme on the areas where there acne?

thats where you sweat? who knows its different for every1!
was your face in those places in the morning and before u sleep!

Christian P
Ya its called puberty

It's because you have combination skin. Your forehead and chin are on the oilier side. I have the same problem. My chin is the worst! My friends used to laugh at me all the time because I ONLY got zits on my chin. You'll have to just pick up a combination skin cleanser. I absolutely love the Johnson and Johnson Clear Skin products. They work great and cost little. They have this spot treatment stuff that kicks A--! It's great.

I know why people get acne on their forehead a lot. It's because of washing your hair. When you wash your hair with conditioner and it's pretty greasy and when it gets on your forehead you tend to get acne there. The best thing to do is try not to let shampoo and conditioner get on your forehead and wash your face very well.

Hope that helped (:

That area is called the T-Zone. Your forehead, nose, and chin make a big T your face. A lot of people only get acne on that area.

The best thing against acne is Vitamin A !

Just buy the vitamin bottle.

and i was all acne free!


drink A LOT of water (it'll flush all the dirt and everything out of your pores from the inside)

as for the outside what i do is: I use st. ive's face scrub because it makes it soft (it gets all the dead skin off) without all the chemicals and some non-oiling lotion

hope it helps

maybe it is caused by stress. you should try neutrogena because they have a test that you take to see what kind of skin treatment you need.

Chanel F
Skin is really weird.
I only get zits on my forehead and between my eye brows.
Its just where your skin is the most oily, thats all.

If you're touching your face, you transfer dirt and bacteria to it. That's what causes blackheads (a sebum clog to the pore that is darkened with dirt) They can get infected in pores and become acne. So it's pretty much that if you have bangs, you'll get more acne around your hairline and forehead, and if you touch your face often, you most likely get acne on your chin and around your mouth.

those are partas where ur skin is oily
take better care of those areas

Tanner (gettin' by)
Chances are (and it's like this in most cases) those are the oiliest parts of your face. Now, they could just be the dirtiest parts of your face, but if you wash them at night and in the morning then chances are they're just oily. And you can't help that, there's nothing that will keep your face from getting oily, it's just all about how much oil your face feels like putting out every day. If I were you I'd just go to the bathroom every now and then during school and wipe the oily parts of your face with toilet tissue or something. (Sounds stupid, but i'm being serious, it SHOULD help some.)

If I remember correctly, that is called your T-zone.
This area is obviously more oily than the rest of your skin, therefore bacteria are growing and causing your acne.

on the forehead most likely because of hair laying on it. The grease of your hair can cause that. Keep your hand away from your face as much as possible as the grease on your hands cause acne too. Clean your face as often as possible to keep it to a minimum also.

try proactiv solutions! jk

Pop em' baby!

That's exactly the same thing that I used to have. I got a dermatologists, and she told me this was really common. This area is called your "T-Zone." It's a very common area that can get oily easily. There's no real reason for why you get it in this area, but it's very common, so don't worry! At least you don't have it on your whole face :)

You should really go to a dermatologist and they can help you clear it up. I hope i helped!

Jess N
It's called the "T-zone". You are oiliest in these areas. I've noticed on people's chins, sometimes it's from their cell phones...everyone should clean their cell phones.

mrs. taylor lautner
these places are where dirt gather and especially on the forehead because of your hairline

Amy A
Your skin is probably oilier on your forehead, chin, and mouth area. This makes it easier for the pores in your skin in those regions to clog, which causes acne.

You could try acne treatments in those areas to see if it helps - benzoyl peroxide is a good place to start.

oil..you prob have bangs- forehead ......mouth and chin idk? but it will go away once you grow up...clean and clear stuff works good!

those are the oiliest places your fingers have oils on them and when you touch your face it starts up acne when your touching acne with oily fingers it makes them worse. leave your zits alone and use astringent on the places that have acne

stephanie b
no one really nos why but when it comes to pimples every1 is diffrent i would get skin id. it helped me so much!!!

It's your T-zone. This is where the most oil and dirt generally builds up. Use some salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide creme on it and it should clear it up.

thats just how you are.
everyone is different.

acne is common in what doctors call the t- zone area which includes your forehead, the area in between your eye brows and down to the tip of your nose. As for the chin and mouth area, its probably because you touch your face in these areas a lot, often without even realizing it.
Just make sure you wash your face twice a day and use toner to clear up skin.

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