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SkaterChick. (:
Acne please help just fast tips.?
What is some good things to try and also home remedies?
Additional Details
Proactive hasnt helped me.

Wash your face twice a day with normal soap, before going to bed rubb you acne with alcohol and buy clean & clear special soap to prevent more acne form coming and get rid o the present one.
U can get rid of the swelling buy putting hot tea bags on your face and if you have big white-heads put toothpaste on them , let ir rest overnight and for the morning it will be gone!

Ryan M
I answer this all the time.

Rubbing Alcohol. It dries your skin up and kills all of the bacteria, both of which are causes of acne. Although over-using it might make your skin too dry, it is far better than pimples. Moisturizing is easier than degreasing.

confused girl
Merle Norman has a great acne system called clear complexion. They also have a little zit zapper gel you can put on anywhere anytime. Its clear and dries it up quick.

Make sure you cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

Also if you can get on birth control pills. I used to have horrible skin and and it has helped clear a lot of the acne up but I still have a few here and there but its WAY better.

Good luck!

Don't ever squeeze em. No matter how bad they are. Don't worry about what anyone else says, cause you will only make it look worse. Just enjoy your self. Look for cleaning solutions or topical creams with "Benzyl" as an ingredient. I forgot the name of this other acid they use, but its supposed to not do anything to your skin, but go underneath it, which is pretty neat if you are targeting those big ones that hurt a lot but don't have much of an appearance on top.

Oxy. aply twice a day. It's so good!

Andrew F
Milk of Magnesia! Spread it over your whole face every night, like a facial mask.


After you wash your face, apply some tooth paste for about 15 minutes. It will sting a bit, but you shall see the results!

proactive helped me a lot
other things you can do at home:
wash your face in the morning & before bed
drink lots of water its really good for your skin
not a lot of sugar or greasy foods, fruits&vegtables also help

ive honestly had acne for many years from the age of 11 and I'm now 21 and I found nothing works... until I bought proactive, its the first thing where I can actually see a difference, and it makes my skin feel sooo much better

Max C
Proactive or Aveda


not proactive... its a waste of money. trust me i tried it. I just use clean n clear products... works for me but everyone is different... good luck finding something that works for you!

I think the best thing is to find out what type of skin type you have; either dry, oily or a combination. This would allow you to get a remedy that best suits your face in the long term and not the short term. Try the Neutrogena webiste or the Clean and Clear website.

Proactive , and in the mantin=me you can use Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne wash grapefruit with the salicyclic acid and ask your Doc. To prescribe Duac topical gel for acne treatment . The gel isnt really fastworking but you will see a difference and when you keep using it it will prevent any future breakouts and wash your face 2 times a day moring and night and whenever you sweat if you get a chance , tone and mositureize. best of luck .

the best thing that i have tried are spot treatments if there is a need to get rid of something as fast as possible. For long term care, cleaning once a day at the end of the day with acne cleansing wipes work the best for me. Also i have never tried it, but my friend uses astringent for her face and it seems to work alright. Facial scrubs are also nice for clearing blackheads and making your face smooth.

Toothpaste... Put a drop on each zit and leave it on overnight.
Also egg whites.. makes the puss inside evaperate... Leave On all night and wash off in the morning

There are many treatments, finding the right one for you takes some professional help, perhaps.

Ryan P
go to beauticontrol.com and look for the acne prone skin set i think its called all clear or clear or something, anyways it works brilliantly, u ahve to get it from a consultant but you can get a link to someone with their website on that site i think. if your in canada usa or portugal your good, they dont have it anywhere else. and if u get it stick with it 100% dotn miss any treatments, give 6 weeks for full results. i used it . it worked amazingly well. www.beautipage.ca/winnipegspamaster is one of them you can buy off line from they can ship it anywhere , u can pay by credit card on the website. ( im a consultant for that company ) lol :)

Abstact Zombie
wash ur face before u go to school or in the morning, mid day and night, helps a load. jsut with waer, or maybe soap. acne products don't work :p

toothpaste for big pimples and blemishis.

Proactive works good

and wash face every nightt.

Exercise, and eat well.

Try Avene Cleanense K, and gel cleanser (you can get it at Shoppers Drug Mart here in Canada). It's expensive but works wonders fast.

Mary Kay Clarifying Mask Formula 3. Works fantastically, it's about $11.

Also do a scrub every morning ( I know most people say not to do that, but it works ). Make a mixture of honey and brown sugar.

It's been working wonders for me.
Hope this helps! :)

get older, it worked for me and it will work for you too but anything else will just hide it, i had acne for 10 years and one day you'll wake up with less and less, stop paying attention to it.

Indrojeet S
try proactive it might work

take thumB AND index finger squeeze pimple head until pimple pops
clean excess pimple juice which might oouze from the pore of the skin
once this has been accomplished upon all pimples wash face with warm water and much soap to asure all natural oils with in the skin produced by the bodies funcitiong capabilities to make oil have been washed thougrhly. repeat if nessacary.
this goes for black heads as well more pressure when using thumb and index finger may be needed to asure good squeezing effect as to push out all black head matter wash as stated .

Use a deep cleaning mask once in a while.
Wash face twice a day with a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide.
Dampen cotton ball/pad with an astringent or toner.
Mosturize with an oil free product.
Try not to pop/pick at bumps.
Don't use pore-clogging make-up.
Don't touch your face.

plain fat free yogurt on face (greek style yogurt is best )
mixed with a drop of lemon

works for me

toothpaste. like just the plain kind. it dries it out.

life = love = happiness
honey.....it worked for my sister

toothpaste overnight on a zit helps tons
strawberrie juice reduces redness no lie... but freshly squeezed
hot steam opens pores
pro-activ actualy works if u use it consistently
ummm not wearing makeup but thats a hard thing 2 do

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