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 How can I make my acne go away within a week?
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ACNE! please help..i cant take it. easy 10 points?

Okay so,
I Have mainly whiteheads and blackheads,
but I've been using Differin for about 4 weeks,
and over this past week, my acne started getting WAY worse.
instead of just whiteheads and blackheads, im getting cysts and other big acne all over my chin. AND my left cheek, (which never had acne before) is now covered in little and big bumps. But basically, now my WHOLE face is covered with tiny bumps like everywhere.
I know that Differin its suppose to get worse before better,
so does this mean that its working??? PLEASE ANSWER!
&+ how long will it take for it to start getting better????
ALSO, do youu have any tips on treating acne?
please helpp. im desperate. i cant take my acne much longer.
anddd i have scoliosis, therefore i cant just eat fruits and vegetables to help my acne and i absolutely cant cut out dairy products because i need to them for my scoliosis. so what should i do? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

oh yeah, do clay masks help clear acne at all?
and if so, which one would you reccamend?

silence~i kill you. is back!
neutrogena or proactive lol

there is nothing you can do sorry

*cusp of magic*
Trust me....glutathione and Vitamin C it will take it away naturally...just try it. If it doesn't work email me and i will mail you 200 dollars

All natural products work for me, I use one completely made of sea salts.

My friend has been using SkinID. It has been killing her acne!! http://www.skinid.com/econsumer/clearskin/index.view is the website you want to go to. Take a quiz, and it assigns the exact products that will help your skin.

Good Luck!

try relaxing more acne comes from stress and if u dont want to calm down try face washing everyday with proactive it might work
or you can try facials

What you are experiencing is purging. Purging occurs when whichever medication you are taking brings the gunk, dirt, oil, or bacteria that is under the surface of your skin in your pores to the surface, pushing it out and away. Purging occurs in places where you would normally break out. You should give Differin a full 6-8 weeks to see how you respond to it.

Also, use light cleansers that don't dry your skin out, because retinoid products can dry your skin up bad and dry skin can get clogged in your pores and cause you to break out. Use a light moisturizer but use more in places where you get especially dry. If you wear makeup, try removing it with an oil cleanser instead of a soap, which can be drying. Oil cleansers I like are MAC Cleanse Off Oil or DHC Olive Oil Oil Cleanser (dhccare.com). Be sure to use sunscreen on a daily basis, even if you think there is no sun out. Differin can make your skin sensitive to light. Have you tried Acne.org? They have a ton of info on acne and treatments you can use/buy to help you out.

I hope this helps you out!

ich liebe tokio hotel fur immer
well, for acne that isnt that bad, put a lil rubbing alchohol on it with a qtip, only the small ones though, otherwise it just irritates it, i do that 2 times a day && it goes away in like, the next day

tea tree oil

I have never used Differin because I don't trust it-along with proactive and all of those different acne face washes. masks usually help soften your skin. don't use toothpaste either..such a lie! It causes your skin to be very dry and you don't want that for your zits. GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST as soon as you can. You'll be happy you did! but in the meantime, try out using a GENTLE face wash, such as Aveeno face wash (about $7 at Target) and use their lotion afterward.

you should go to a doctor and let them give u a perscription...thats wat i did, and the medicine they gave me works very WELL!

okay i find that cleansers are too harsh on skin and therefore the ingredients that are supposed to "heal" only make worse because with cleansers you get

a) dryness - which looks even worse than pimples, especially when worn with makeup.
b) irratation or redness - self explanitory
c) sometimes can cause more breakouts.

i had really really bad acne and tried everything under the sun.
i even went out and bought the whole vichy line for like 300 bucks total ... it worked at first but i found that it dried my skin out a lot....

this may sound crazy, but i now just use soap.
like a bar of soap.
all my pimples are gone, and it costs like 5$ maximum for a box...

boys go here :) :

Luis S
use hot water to open up your pores clean your face with alcohol mixed with water and then wait for a minite rinse your face with cold water...

thats what i do

i dont think that stuff actually works .. i use this stuff called benzaclin. it works AMAZING like.. over night you can see differneces int eh morning. it really does work. you should try it out!

just c
no drop diffrin and start using noxema use the pad in the blue container with the orange lid and any kind of noxema wash it helped me and believe me nothin could help me before i used it

your probably allergic to differin. try something with different things in it that differin.

Nickname... So yeah.
If it's really severe then go see a doctor who specializes in that kinda stuff and he'll give you treatment or advice on what to do. If it's only a few zits and you're freaking out, stop freaking out, calm down, and use proactiv or something, It's exactly how the commercials say it is, it really helps!

honestly i have found that all acne removers just ruin your face.
it gets worse and dries up your skin
so just wash your face every night with hot water and soap and then
rub it with a little alcohol.
good luck

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