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 Is it good or bad that your face stings when you put on moisturizer or lotion?

 what would happen if i put wart remover on a zit?
just ...

 what did you use to clear you your acne?
ive tryed everything and im soo tired of this. i have gone on accutane and everything. it helped but then it came right back again and its worse. i dont want to have to go on it again. any ...

 How to get rid of stretch marks?
I've had stretch marks on my arms for a while now an I really want to get ri of them. I'm 99% sure they're from growth as I am a teenager an tend to have growth spurts. Help is much ...

 What is the best way to treat a 2nd degree burn at home?
I have a pretty painful 2nd degree burn on the side of my arm.

I'll go to the doctor if I have to, but I'd prefer to try and treat it at home.

What's the best ...

 My sunburn started peeling...?
So i had a sunburn on my shoulders from water country and then 6 days later[now] it started peeling...and i could not but to help peel it off too. Now it's all red, wrinkled. and stings a bit. W...

 what do the white spots on your finger nails mean?
the little white spots you have on your finger nails. they kind of look like blobs of white paint under your nail....

 What would you use on a freshly peeled scab ?
from your face that was a zit before but now its just a red spot on your t zone thats like an open wound and sensitive..
like what would you put on there right now? especially to prevent it ...

 Do I have a baby face? ?
I am 13 but someone thought I was 14 then someone else thought I was 12

 My nose is red and burns from blowing it all day. Any suggestions?

Additional Details
yes, from wiping it all day....

 One of my friends used my lip gloss today...?
Which is fine, but she gets major cold sores. And now I'm afraid to put on that lip gloss because I don't want to get them!! Would I get cold sores if I used the stuff????
Additional D...

 What do blackheads look like?
And how do I know if I have them?...

It was extremely small solid brown and it stings/itchs like an ant bite, I live in Ga, any clue if this is potentially serious??...

 How do you get rid of mosquito bites?
I went camping recently and happened to get my legs completely covered in mosquito bites. They swelled up and turned into big red bumps all over. Being summer time, i'd like to be able to wear ...

 Do strawberries make freckles go away.?
I heard they did bt* i dnt know so please try it out and tell me if it works. i think yu have to leave them on for 15 minutes thou....

 whats good for really rough hands.?
My hands are usually rough cracked and they bleed. How do I get that to stop. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
Additional Details
i also have add (NOT ADHD!!!) and i take medication ...

 why does my skin turn red when I run?

Additional Details
I notice it on my legs, specifically at the ankles and above my knees....

 What's the fastest way to get rid of a cold sore?
I have one in the center of my lips that is full blown. (WAY past the tingling stage) No needles please!...

 I popped a zit right now?
ok i was annoyed by my zit under my bottom lip. so i popped it with cotton swabs. then i watched my face with hot/warm water then gently wiped my face and applied the oxy alcohol pads. but was this a ...

 i shaved my back .. 2 days later i got these itchy small red bumps?
this is the first time (and last!!) that i shave my back .. 2 days later i got small red bumps and they itch! (not much tho) some of them have white puss ... and they are spread like a rash ..

A couple of years ago i started cutting because of deppression.?
i stopped cutting for a while, but lately i started doing it again. what should i do?
Additional Details
i stopped but now i started again. i started in the first place because i think i'm fat and ugly. i cut on my hips and hands so nobody really asumes it's what it is.

i like girls!!!!
GET HELP!!!!! answer mine http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AmwGZCapjo.YJllarPYMnDvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090504195224AARD8oW

Stop? You know it's just you doing it for attention. There's no disease that makes you cut yourself. So just quit. No one thinks it's deep, or amazing, or feels pity. They just think you're nuts. So quit.

The Magician
fined a hoby an outlet tio take the pain out another way. i smoke pot and listen to the beatles and cake ( cake is a band )

Get some mental help

What I'd recommend is definitely talking to some body. Developing the habit of self mutilation is really dangerous.

There are people you can talk to, treatments you can get, don't let it go unresolved, or it could wind up doing serious damage.

you should talk to your parents and ask them to help you and get you a doctor to talk to. you dont want to end up in ten years covered with scars for some silly thing i promise you wont remember

i used to cut as well. i was really bad. i ended up going to the hospital and got the help i needed, it really did help. you need to tell someone and get the help that you need. it is worth it in the end you will feel so much better. get put on meds they work. ive been on meds for a while now and i feel so much better.

have you told your parents? or any good friends? they would know you best.. have you thought about seing a counselor or something? you should try to help yourself whats making you depressed? is there anything specific causing it? if there is than you should try to make that better if you do that than depression might stop which will stop you from doing things like this..

see a professional

You need to see a Doctor before you cut a little too deep. You no doubt have some issues.

Find a better outlet. Seriously, slashing away at yourself isn't going to solve any of your problems, you'll just have scars and those problems behind them.

find a friend who you can trust, and tell them your troubles. I got one of my friends to stop cutting herself, and she's told me that talking her problems over is much more effective than cutting. Needless to say, you might not like talking things over as much, but seriously, you need to find a better way to vent your emotions.

Kate Kovacs
I understand.
I need some help too?

Bonnie S
seek counseling it is a cry for help something is really bothering you inside and you need to get to the bottom of what it is because even if you are in the denial stages of thinking you are cutting because you like it there is something wrong, get help asap

i truly believe that the only way you can get rid of a addiction is to get a new one such as smoking. smoking is better than cutting and relives stress burns 200 calories a day. theres also drugs and alcohol

stop cutting. you get nasty scars from it

David Davidson III
That's not a skin condition.

Also, an hero.

umm u really need to stop doing that, trust me one day u're gonna cut urself so bad u're gonna bleed to death, and u're probably gonna hurt ur parents and ur friends by doing that, so u better stop cuz its bad, and only people with no life do it... so go out there and start enjoying life, stop cutting

Bianca R
tell your parents and get some help

If your not taking medication you should its a clinch in the brain chemistry. Take Zoloft it is the best the only side effect is you libido will dwindle. Don't cut yourself hun....don't do that to yourself. Take the medication soon because whatever you choose to take can take a few weeks or couple monthes to kick in. Don't be ashamed of meds they work.

OWN who you are! you don't need to cut yourself to prove you feel bad or depressed. tell your friends and ask for their help. talking can do wonders!!!

Ctrl Alt WTF
Stop because cutting your self can lead to several skin conditions and expose you to infections that can KILL YOU!

cutting yourself is a way to express yourself so find some thing to take off that urge like... a sport, musical instrument, video games, even something like pen spinning(try that link below its really fun and point less at the same time)

diana z
ur an awesome person and u need to realize that.
find the cause of ur depression
is it love, work, e.t.c.?
tell someone who's trusted and they'll find help for u.
ur fantastic and wat ur doing is going to hurt those who love you

Stop ! you are most likely to pretty for that ! Just think when you get married or even in a serious relationship you will have to tell them what that is and why and you will be embarrassed . You stopped before I am sure you can do it again . Bite your nails or something else that can be replaced not something that scars for life .

Okay so I used to pick my head, cause I had bad dandruff and crap and then it was just a nervous habit thing. My- wash hair often and don't touch scalp is like your- go to counseling and work it out, because it's bad to hurt yourself like that, get a different outlet. Don't focus on the problem that made you start it in the first place. Just talk to people you can trust and love about it. And don't get bored and lonely. Get involved. Best of luck.

thats too bad. i went thru the same thing, but now i have scars.. and cannot wear t shirts and DIE of heat in the summer.
stop now.. tell a friend to hold you accountable.
ill pray for you and hope you can overcome this before you have to live with it for your whole life.

this is not good. consult a doctor or tell your parents or anyone. take antidepressents

see a psychiatrist. it is possible to have different "waves" of depression. you might want to also request more antidepressants of the cause of it IS depression.


not only is it not a good way to cope with things, it can turn the most beautiful skin ugly. Since we're both girls, we should be more mindful of our physical appearance (not obsess over).

Find the reason why you're cutting in the first place and replace cutting with some other activity like jogging, writing in journals, or learn and play an instument. FIND ANOTHER OUTLET rather than cutting.

have you considered group therapy?

I was in therapy for a time and it helped me a lot with depression. Maybe you should give it a chance. I hope you feel better.

Dig Daddy
see if you can make pretty designs (ie like tribal cuts) then you will be cool

Put band aids on it. Use the blood in rituals, or in red ink pens. Do it publicly and protest evil in your community, or family so you can use it as a tool. You need love, and attention just like everyone else does, and you have found a powerful way to express that. Congratulations. No; I doubt it is because of the depression. I've met rich and poor people who are unloved.

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