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Chris S
It was extremely small solid brown and it stings/itchs like an ant bite, I live in Ga, any clue if this is potentially serious??

Contact a doctor who knows you can be allergic to its bite if its venomous

He who laughs last didn't ge
do i look like a doctor????

I'm Angry
It could be a brown recluse. This species of spider has a distinctive violin shaped marking on the thorax and has a toxin that destroys skin tissue causing lesions. I would definitely try to find the spider that bit you and seek medical help if it is a recluse. Do you live in the southwest?

Jeffrey G

Classy Redneck
maybe a crevice spider or jumping spider. if it was solid brown, you shouldnt worry much but if not, it may have been brown recluse. if so, get to a hospital fast before that part of your body rots and falls off

Liz O
Google 'spiders' and see if you can find one that looks like it because it could be dangerous to just ignore the bite. You should go to the doctor and let him check it out.

Yes you will turn into Spiderman!

Go to the doctor it could be a brown recluse spider and they are no joke

u don't kno me
Chill you won't become Spider-Man, or Woman

13 year old prodigy
it is called the brown recluse. if it bites you a large chunk of your skin will disintegrate. what ever you do DO NOT TOUCH YOUR INSIDES! somewhat recomended to see a doctor.

Continuing from what JAWS just told you my dads friend uncle cousins sons daughters friend got bit by one while working for AT&T. he opend a file cabinet and it bit him. i live in CA

Nope just put on some spray that is used for bights/itching and it should go away soon.
I was once bitten by a redback and the pain went away naturally

justkidding. but yeah seriously go to the doctor
might be serious
might not
maybe youll become spider man
answer mine?

depends if it's a brown recluse. they can cause serious necrotic tissue damage.

Lex N
if it was you would be dead right now..no i dont think its serious..i woke up and i had few small bites on my body from a spider...

Sounds like your typical spider bite. Wash well. Apply antibiotic ointment. Bite may become bull's-eye with a small blister in the center. If the bite becomes larger & you experience more than just the minor irritation you are experiencing now, then head to the nearest emergency room.

spiderman, spiderman, where'd he come from, spiderman!

Got to see emergency deparment.

probably not. if it starts to swell a lot and doesn't stop swelling or if the swelling doesn;'t go down, go see a doctor

Well, if you notice any serious changes in the next hour, like blisters, you might wanna go to emergency room. You will probably know if you need to go. If it is nothing more than an itch then probably not.

uhoh now ur gonna turn into spider man...oh wait wrong color spider.

As others said, the Brown Recluse is very common in states from Georgia to Texas. It can easily kill someone or cause serious problems, its one of the most poisonous spiders on earth. So make sure it wasnt that one.

Heres a picture of what a recluse bite did to someones hand:

swoosh the affected area

Natalie D
chris! don't die! it might have been the brown recluse, which is a fairly dangerous spider. go to the emerrgency room and describe the spider to a doctor there, and they will be able to help you. they can only save your life if you go now though, so hurry!!

OH MY GOSH! You're going to turn into spider man! All joking aside, there are almost 20,000 spider species, and all of them have a venom. Some spider venoms are more powerful than others. Fortunately, most spiders are not dangerous because their fangs are either too short or too fragile to penetrate human skin. Spiders rarely bite more than once so multiple bites are usually caused by insects such as fleas, bedbugs, ticks, mites and biting flies. Did it look anything like this? http://deboradale.files.wordpress.com/2008/06/brown-recluse-spider.jpg If it did then then look here http://www.brownreclusespider.org/brown-recluse-spider.htm

daniel g
3 days ago??
should be about cleared up by now.

sorry cant help u
gd luck with that

The Geek
omg...you're going to die!

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