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answer my question
I had blackheads on my nose ever since i was 12 in a half...now I am 14..and I have tried EVERYTHING!
I have tried those biore strips...waste of money
clean n clear pads...waste of money
washed my face every 10 minutes..waste of my time..
Then one time a new product came out , clean and clear black head eraser..i bought it for $30...when i tried it blood came of my pores..after a week i got this permanet marking on my pores on..black bumps on my nose...it looks nasty..plz help!!!

Get proactive. Works like a friggin charm.

Its the simplest thing, just squeez them, get all the oil out and then clean you face! Or go in the steam room, that works wonders.

Have you tried those Biore' strips for removing blackheads? They're unbelievable. You put a strip across your nose....wait a few....and then tear it off. Out comes every single blackhead.

***Just reread your question and you HAVE tried the strips. I don't undersand why they didn't work because they really do. Did you buy a different brand? Because I tried the Ponds brand it they didn't work



bar of soap LATHER like hummmmmmmp onto your nose leave for agessssssss wash off and agaiiiiiinnnnnn and agaaaaaaaiiiin if u want to see gd results i have no spots or black heads :)

I am 21 and I suffer from acne! that's not meant to upset you only to let you know you're not alone. because you're so young you can start now to protect your skin. all you can do is wash your face with Salicylic Acid scrub ( like st Ive's!) 2 times a week. if you scrub every day then it will weaken your skin making it worse. then use a foaming wash with salicylic acid..you can try benzoyl peroxide but i'm allergic to it and it only caused a rash for me. Black heads are caused because there's oil and dirt on your face and you need to wash it before you go to bed and also when you wake up in the morning. blackheads look *black* because your pores are clogged with oil. i wouldn't bother with those biore strips or the other gimmick marketing products even though they're fun! but i think that's pretty much it..Fun! .. and don't stress, stress causes your hormones to act up..! if you get a *Teen facial* then that should also help clear your pores out, but you have to do this almost every month..anyway..again you're young! so maybe these don't apply to you but good luck!

Lizzie P
Boil a pot of water, take it off the heat, put a rag over your head and stick your head in the pot. It will steam your face and should rid you off those troublesome blackheads!

i would suggest the natural way. wash your face with any regular soap bar. Pretend they aren't there and wash your face once a day when taking a shower. don't put cover up on them because that will just put more junk in the infected pores. DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE! moisturize them... but not too much. I suggest ALBA sea moss moisturizer... the advanced, hypo-allergenic. don't eat a lot of junk food. Eat lots af fruits and veggies. Try the organic/ natural foods... that means, READ THE INGREDIENTS!!!!! IF YOU CAN"T READ IT DON"T EAT IT!!!! again, try to use less make up and don't cover them up... if you pretend like they aren't there no body will care. trust me, i know. last time... like adam and eve would fix it... pretend like it isn't there, don't cover up, all natural foods (no junk food), don't touch your face very often, and wash your face while in the shower daily... taking showers daily can help get rid of execive oil (if you don't take showers daily don't use a lot of conditioner and put it on the ends of your hair not the scalp) (but put it on your scalp sometimes otherwise it'll dry up.

Martin Imac
Hi. It may be time to see your doctor to recommend a dermatologist.
Because some treatments can cause acne to go inwards rather like an ingrown hair

biore skin strips
You wet it then rip it off your nose

buy a facial scrub at the pharmacy and "Oil of Olay's" pore cleanser facial scrub. wash your face in circular motion and gently every night before bed, then apply some cold face cream. That will make your face look clean and pure, plus, you're face will shine and glow. You won't need those expensive treatments, its the same effect at a much lower cost.
OH yeah and .....


Even people who do not have the misfortune of getting acne or pimples sometimes had to deal with black heads. How to get rid of black heads is a question that gets asked a lot. Depending on your skin tone and your situation there can be a lot of different answers but generally there are a few tips you can follow regardless of your skin condition that will help you eliminate black heads.

Black heads do not discriminate based on age; you can get blackheads as an adolescent as well as an adult. Unfortunately, this can be a continual problem that few people know how to deal with. Here are some 6 tips will help you with your question of how to get rid of black heads.

1. Change your pillow case as often as possible, oil can build up on your pillow and while you are sleeping can get on your face. If you remember to change your pillow case once every night or every two to three days this will help alleviate any issues if you have a black heads.

2. When you're taking a shower close all the doors and turn the shower water on as hot as you possibly can stand it. The steam will help open up the pores and can loosen the black head. This can also be accomplished by buying a facial steamer which is specifically made to open up facial pores.

3. Wash your face twice daily, any more than that and you run the risk of replacing the oil on your face that is caused by your skin drying out. Always make sure that you wash before you go to bed with a gentle soap.

4. Try to avoid eating any junk food, although it's never been proven that certain foods will cause acne and blackheads certain foods will increase the probability that you will get acne and blackheads. There is no hard and fast rule about what you should eat but it if you stay away from the junk food and eat a healthy diet you'll be less prone to blackheads.

5. After washing your face make sure this use of clean towel to dry your face off. A previously used towel may contain oil and dirt and will only worsen the symptoms. After washing your face the last thing you want to do is replace it with oil and dirt and changing towels on a daily basis will help with this.

6. Pay close attention to the areas that you can get the most blackheads and make sure that you watch or treat them little more thoroughly. One of the areas that people generally don't pay much attention to when getting blackheads is their nose, your nose can be one of the most infected areas simply cleanse it thoroughly.

Getting rid of blackheads can sometimes seem impossible but if you follow these tips it should help.-

"The Little Chef"
ok. don't worry I had them too. Wash your face day and night, with clearisil face wash. Get the ones with the exfoliating beads in it, it works away the dirt, and eventually exposes the blackheads, and they just come out.

No One Cares
Girl I feel your pain the same thing happened to me and I guess try proactive, but it didn't work for me but it's worked for some of my friends so try it. Hope that helps!

Tatyana :)
blackhead remover from neutrogena

i have the same problem/:

I'm sorry but the fact that your nose started bleeding from clean and clear is actually hilarious. Anyway, I totally agree with you about the Biore strips, they just hurt your your nose and makes it itch like mad!. You might want to try a clay mask or something, because it draws out the sebum (extra oil) and dirt in your skin. I'm going to give you two websites that I love and are awesome, because they are reliable and use all natural botanical ingredients and the most up to date skin technology.



They have laser dermatology. The pretty much pull the blackheads out, it's GROSS and then cleanse your face. It works but you have to to it a few times a year and it's expensive. You can't really completely get rid of blackheads. To minimize how large they are use a cleanser for that, wash with warm water and rinse with cold. Warm/Hot water opens your pores so you can clean them and the cold water shocks the skin and they close.

weird, i just use this cream that has little specs in it which help clean

i dont have a lot of blackheads in general, but if i do the cream helps

Joe P
just pop the crap out of them.

Pro active

Dr.Matthews, C.
as a dr maybe lol

Everyone is different, but this worked for me. Either steam your face or immediately after a shower, towel dry your face quickly and put on a peel off mask. The trick is getting it onto your skin before your pores close back up.

[ Sooh ]
mash a banana on a plastic bowl, mash it real good till it gets to like a paste ... put some of it on ur blackheads, wait 15 or 20 minutes and then rinse it off ... proceed with some good lotion for blackheads ! neutrogena has some great lotions!
do that twice a day, in the morning and at night for about a month, youll see a major difference! :D

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