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Dawn R
if you have chlamydia for over a year can you still have kids?

I would hope so or the world would drop drastically in population.

It depends really... You'd have to go to ur doctor to find that out.
Chlamydia is an awful thing and can really affect fertility so get to your doc asap!!

Ava's Mummy
It only really affects women and only if she developed PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) caused by the chlamydia, this can cause her fallopian tube to scar and become blocked permanently.

only ur doctor can let u know.. unfortunately.. ive heard of cases where women could not have children after a few months of not knowing they had it..

it juss is a individual thing... ive heard of women bein able to have children after 2 yrs of chlamydia.. its just.. very scary .. thats why its always best to get tested..

if u are askin this question for a friend or for urself whos goin thru this..good luck to u and hope ull be okay.. its unfortunate that stds can do much more harm in women as supposed to a man..

I dont know if you can have it that long and not have some sort of symptoms. Yes, it does scar you and can lead to infertility. But no way of knowing until you are tested for infertility.

Al LeGator
As others indicated there is a chance of infertility but it's not generally going to be an all or nothing proposition if it's only been a year;but that will depend on the amount of scarring inside.

From http://www.smart2ask.org/popups/Chlamydia.htm

"The longterm effect on many females is the chronic (long lasting) pain of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and/or infertility (not being able to have a baby). As well, is a woman has Chlamydia when she is pregnant, she may have an ectopic pregnancy (the fetus starts growing outside the womb) or a premature baby. "

There's more info there.

It depends. chlamydia can lead to a condition called pelvic inflammatory disease, this is what leads to infertility not the chlamydia itself. The problem is that PID often goes undetected because there are usually no symptoms and doctors dont test for it usually. If you have had PID once, then the likelyhood of you becoming infertile is around 13%. The doctors wont test your fertility until you are trying to become pregnant so until then just always use condoms and have regular STI tests. You can ask for a pelvic examination which will check for PID, however it wont tell you if you've had it in the past only if youve still got it. Its worth getting it done though because PID often involves more than 1 type of bacteria so needs a combination of antibiotics, not just the ones used to treat chlamydia. good luckx

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