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The doc said it will go bad in 7-10 days......

if its old pee and you freeze it will it pass the test even though its old pee????

Additional Details
my parents are using a home drug test i believe its called First Check...i jus need to know if it will pass with old pee if i freeze the pee....what would i need to do to prepare the pee for the test

Yes- the reason it wouldnt work at an actual drug testing place is because they check the temperature to make sure it is exactly right. I doubt your parents will be that extreme.

I love Def Leppard
uh no.. Im calling your mother! LOL

Dude, move out.

Magdaly G
well it depends on what type of drug you use. if its marijuana then you can drink a gallon of water and pass it because marijuana attaches to fat therefor if you drink water it will stay in your upper part of your body and it wont be detected. but if its other drugs then i would recommend looking up the days that it stays in your system so you can be ready and not consume any drugs prior to your test. the freezing pee will not work trust me this will be disgusting to defrost. just put it in the fridge. make one of your drug free friends pee in cups for you. well these are just some suggestion. good luck.

Can't believe this :)

L i n x
DONT DO ANYTHING U SHOULDNT, thats how u will pass the test.

LMFAO i have neva had to do dat so i wouldnt no lmfao dats just a lil sad man
BEST OF LUCK (ur gonna need it)

it wont work, it has to be fresh.

You would not be in this predicament if you would not have decided to smoke pot.

Freezing your pee will NOT work. Your parents will know. Also, pot will stay in your system for 30 days. You will test positive for 30 days.

I suggest that you stop using illegal drugs before you wind up having to deal with more serious consequences than just having your parents do a drug test.

You may say "It's only pot", but I have news for you-- It is an ILLEGAL drug, and it is dangerous. People who use pot wind up in jail or on probation. That includes RANDOM drug tests. People who fail drug tests while on probation for drug posession or other drug related offenses could be sent back to jail. You could also become addicted to the drug.

Dear BluNTSMo,

I know u don't want to disappoint your parents.The answers you need are in your heart.Take a deep look inside.Perhaps you can take a chance & be honest with them.They might even understand.If you still choose to deceive them make sure the specimen is close to body temperature 98.6 degrees Farenheit when you take the test. Good luck.

Easy, stop smoking, idiot!

Nonya B
get nerd too pee in a cup for u at school or else ur failing that **** sissy tell them wats up

Ok listen you wouldn't have that problem if you just wouldn't do that stuff.That stuff is bad for you. And no im no some old person trying to tell you this. Im 18 and ive stayed far away from that stuff. I just don't c what yall c in it. And you wouldn't have to worry about passing some drug test if you never done drugs. Thats common sense.

I think the easiest thing for you to do is seriously to tell your parents, "I'll take the test, but I'll fail. I just want you to know that I quit a week ago." You have to give your parents some credit. I'm sure they're reasonable people. They sense you're a liar so they bought a test. They'll appreciate the honesty.

Alyssa L.
ughhh... i doubt it.... your screwed...sorry!

If you were to freeze your pee, is there a chance that mommy and daddy would find it? After all would you not store it in their freezer. Honey, did you change your lemonade recipe?

seems like you are trying to hide something or get away with something you are not supposed to. why cant you make fresh pee

No, because your mother is going to find it in the freezer. If she doesn't accidentally melt it into your chicken soup, then she'll confront you on it and you'll look like a fool. Think about things for a second. If you rather go to the extreme of freezing pee to pass a drug test than quit, then you really do have a drug problem.

lol, brett I love your answer... <SIGH> some kids just don't get it

Jin L
Not that easy - freezing pee for a test won't work... your parents will be expecting body temperature pee when they do the test. Frozen pee is a terrible idea.

Brett K
For some reason, I feel better about myself.

yes it will pass as long as the test is just one of the simple tests that get dipped into your pee, and then a color shows up on pH paper.

if the sample is being sent to a lab however, this will not work because they can do a specific gravity test that is pretty much testing for impure/tampered/old urine samples.

You will be fine unless the testers are looking to spend around $300 to anallyze your test.

Also, even many simple tests have a range of temperature that the urine must fall under, so you want to mak e sure there still aren't any ice chunks floating around... :-).

oh and i just read that bit about it being your parent's test....
you are fine!!! just stir and make it a good temp, but i don't think it needs to be in that range.

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